Sanders Still Whines About Russia Collusion

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been continuing to whine about President Trump and the Russia collusion the democrats made up.

On NBC’s show “Meet The Press,” Sanders stated that if the FBI’s Robert Mueller finds any sign of collusion it will be “grounds for impeachment.”

Sanders continued saying: “I think there is a process to be followed. Mr. Mueller is doing a good job on his investigation. If Mueller brings forth the clear evidence that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, I think you have grounds for impeachment.”

“Jumping the gun does not do any good. You have to bring the American people onto the issue. If we are going to go forward with the impeachment, I want the American people clearly understand why that is the case, why it makes sense and why it is the right thing to do. I don’t think we are there right now. That’s with the Mueller investigation is all about. And by the way  I am deeply offended by Republicans to trying to discredit Mr. Mueller. When he was FBI director, he was a great guy. Now Republicans don’t like him and it is unfair. ”