Scenes From The Apocalypse? (The DNC Footage The Media Doesn’t Want You To See)

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.33.50 AMIf you thought the protestors inside the DNC were out of control, just wait until you see the nutcases who congregated outside. The short montage below starts with pro-Bernie Sanders protestors yelling for Hillary to be jailed. Hey, fair enough! Then they start to get crazy.

Just look at what the Philadelphia Police had to deal with.

Check it out:

To wrap it up, you get to watch a communist punk light his pants on fire trying to burn the American flag.

The scene with all the Bernie zombies screaming and pawing at the gate looks like something from a science fiction movie. It’s something everyone really needs to see. For years, the media has been trying to portray Republicans as unreasonable, they find that one idiot in the crowd and trying to make it look like he represents everyone.

Meanwhile, at many of these far left rallies, it’s hard to find anyone who looks sane. How many American flags did Republican protestors burn this year? It’s absurd that the media ignores this behavior. Share this article with your friends and let them see what really went down outside the DNC.