Sheriff Joe Says Obama “in Bed with Mexico” (VIDEO)

Speaking to Fox News, Sheriff Joe Arpaio says there’s something fishy going on with the Obama administration and this whole border crisis.

Sheriff Joe is no fan of the administration. That being said, he finds it suspect the U.S. hasn’t done more to enlist Mexico in helping curb the tide of immigrants.

“Why doesn’t he [Obama] have a summit meeting in Mexico City where Mexico is the most critical country regarding all this?” asked Arpaio. “Why do we always leave Mexico out? Why isn’t the Mexican president invited to the White House also?”

He also thinks Mexico is complicit in what’s taking place.

If they were neighborly they would do something in Mexico and crack down on the illegal drug traffic and the illegal immigration instead of criticizing our country all the time. If you want to be a good neighbor that’s what you do.

I’m not criticizing Mexico in a sense, but there’s something fishy going on with this administration in bed with Mexico.

His interview can been in this video below.