Should Trump Have Called Omarosa A Dog?

CNN’s Brian Stelter believes that Americans will “look back at this period with shame” when speaking about the series of events which unfolded with President Donald Trump and Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Stelter said, “Journalists should stand up for decency. Decency is non-partisan.”

“This is another example of a man who should know better acting just plain indecent,” he added. “This tweet about Omarosa, no matter what you think about Omarosa, this is the leader of the free world calling someone ‘a dog,’ in this case an African-American woman a dog. You think about dog whistles, the idea of racial signals being sent through a dog whistle. He’s literally using the dog in this case, also calling her a crazed crying low life. All of those words are dehumanizing. absolutely dehumanizing.”

“I think that’s why Americans are gonna look back at this period with shame, regardless of whether you support President Trump or oppose President Trump. There’s a certain amount of shame that comes from seeing a grown man, a leader of the free world, using this kind of language. Rather than lifting people up, he tears them down. I know that’s not a news story. I know that’s not breaking news this morning, but it is a continuation of a trend of 570 days into the Trump presidency.”