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The Biggest Tea Party Win of 2014

The Biggest Tea Party Win of 2014

If anyone thought the Tea Party movement or candidates were going away anytime soon – well, think again. In the biggest upset of the 2014 primary season, economics professor and Tea Party candidate Dave Brat defeated the second most powerful Republican in the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor. With just over 65,000 total votes cast in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, […]


Tea Party Candidate in Kansas Is Obama’s Cousin… But That’s Not the Strangest Part of this Campaign

In another example of truth being stranger than fiction, Dr. Milton Wolf — the Tea Party challenger to long-time Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts — is President Obama’s 2nd cousin. Wolf’s mother was a cousin to Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. However, this fact alone isn’t the strangest part of this campaign. As they say in marketing, “But wait, there’s more.” […]