Texas BANS Abortion Providers

Once again proving itself to be a leader for true human rights, Texas just moved to strengthen assurance that taxpayers’ money won’t be funding killers of preborn babies.

The Daily Caller reports that the state Senate just voted 21-10 to forbid local and state government agencies from contracting with abortion providers for any purpose.

Texas already bans direct taxpayer funding of abortion, but this new law will help ensure the practice isn’t indirectly subsidized either (funds Planned Parenthood gets for “women’s health,” for instance, free up more money from other sources to go to abortion). The Susan B. Anthony List notes that Planned Parenthood’s increase in federal funding from 2000 to 2013 correlates to a 66% increase in the abortions it performed and a 61% decrease in its adoption referrals.

The Senate also passed two other abortion laws Monday, SB10 and SB73, requiring physicians and facilities to report abortion details and to fine those who don’t comply. Physicians that don’t adhere to reporting requirements face a $500 fine each day they are in violation.

SB 73 requires doctors to ask if minors sought abortions “because of a medical emergency” and if they received parental consent first. SB 10 demands that physicians submit reports to the state health commission when complications occur during an abortion procedure. The report asks information including the patient’s birth year, marital status, race, last menstrual cycle date, number of previous abortions, and any previous births.

The state House has not yet taken up the bill, though it is all-but certain to pass it as well, and pro-life Gov. Greg Abbott is certain to sign it into law.

“Should our tax dollars … fund the culture of death that the abortion industry promotes?” state Sen. Don Huffines asked in support of SB 4. Democrats say yes, but fortunately in Texas, more humane-minded voters soundly outnumber them.

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source: http://thefederalistpapers.org/us/texas-senate-bans-abortion-providers-government-contracts