The Biggest Threat To The Second Amendment EVER?

15275725_sCurrently working it’s way through the courts is a potentially devastating lawsuit that was described by a Detroit News op-ed as possibly the greatest threat to the second amendment ever. This is the same gun manufacturer liability issue Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been fighting about. Since the progressives can’t get what they want through the legislative process they have resorted to the courts.

The Detroit News:

Perhaps the biggest threat ever to the Second Amendment is working its way through the state courts in Connecticut.

A judge there is allowing a wrongful death lawsuit to proceed against Remington Arms Co., which made one of the weapons used by Adam Lanza to kill 26 children and staffers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

The lawsuit, filed by nine victim families, claims Remington is liable for making and selling to the public a rifle unfit for civilian use.

The claim plays right into the anti-gun lobby’s latest end-around of the Constitution. It follows the strategy laid out in last week’s Democratic debate by Hillary Clinton, who wants to open up both gun manufacturers and gun retailers to product liability lawsuits.

While Clinton chortles derisively whenever it’s pointed out that the threat of such litigation would become an effective ban on gun sales, and ultimately on gun ownership, that is precisely the desired outcome.

Clinton’s charge that gunmakers enjoy unique protection from liability isn’t true. All manufacturers of defect-free, legal goods enjoy a broad shield against damage resulting from the intentional misuse of their products.

Even Bernie Sanders the socialist agrees that gun manufacturers should not be sued simply because their products can be misused by people. Bernie has a D- rating with the NRA but Hillary has a rating of F.

This case could easily wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Elections have consequences and for the second amendment the election of 2016 could be critical.