The Most Out-Of-Touch Politician in Washington

You’ve probably seen the Dos Equis beer commercials for the Most Interesting Man in the World.

A recent statement by a long-time U.S. Senator has led us to nominate him for a similar but less-flattering title: The Most Out-Of-Touch Politician in Washington.

That’s quite an accomplishment given the stiff competition for clueless (and outright dumb) statements from our CongressCritters the past few years.

If you’ll recall, during the ObamaCare debate Nancy Pelosi famously said that we “have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

More recently, the math-challenged Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee declared that our Constitution has been around for 400 years.

And the “Honorable” Corinne Brown gave us a rousing rendition on the House floor of “Go Gata,” praising the University of Florida football team for another national championship.

It’s obvious that our elected officials in Washington seem to live in a parallel universe. The longer they serve, the more out-of-touch they become with the real world. That’s why this latest statement is so dumbfounding. It makes you wonder whether this guy has ever traveled outside of Washington D.C.

Here’s the quote that lead us to nominate this six-term Senator for the title of The Most Out-Of-Touch Politician in Washington:

“The Tea Party is something I don’t really know a lot about… It’s a free country. We have open opportunities for people to participate in the election process.”

The winner? Senator Thad Cochran, Republican from Mississippi.

I know you’re busy, Senator, it’s no big deal. This Tea Party group you don’t know much about is “merely” the group that helped Republicans re-take the House in 2010… and has been a political force around the country for the past five years.

Cochran has served in Congress for 42 years; six in the House and 36 in the Senate. He’s running for a seventh Senate term and his GOP primary opponent, Chris McDaniel, is supported by the Tea Party.

During a campaign stop at Nucor Steel in Flowood, the Senator admitted he didn’t know much about his primary opponent, either.

“Really haven’t looked at his characteristics. I’m just running my campaign, based on my qualifications to continue to serve as a United States Senator.”

McDaniel quickly responded to these incredible statements:

“The idea that he doesn’t know me or is not paying attention goes to show he hasn’t been in the state very often. Anyone who refuses to balance the budget is out of touch. Anyone who votes for tax increases is out of touch. The people of this state have demanded that he be a conservative. To that extent, yes his record is not conservative. So he’s out of touch.”

Cochran responded by saying: “He’s wrong. He’s flat wrong. I’m as in touch with the people of Mississippi as an elected official can be.”

Well, Thad, if this is what you consider to be “in touch,” I’d hate to consider what you think “out of touch” looks like.

Incredibly, Senator Cochran repeated these remarks to a television reporter about a month later:

“I know I said I didn’t know much about the Tea Party. And I didn’t. I heard – I read – newspaper articles about ’em. And that’s about all I knew. It’s kinda like Will Rogers… all he knew was from what he read in the papers.”

This is another example why entrenched Establishment politicians should be voted out of office.

If Mississippi Republicans agree in this June’s primary, we’ll gladly nominate someone else to replace Thad Cochran as the Most Out-Of-Touch Politician in Washington.