The Other Race Where Trump Keeps Losing (YUGE PROBLEM)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.33.03 AMAfter sweeping five states in a row Donald Trump just came out and said it: “I consider myself the presumptive nominee.” If Donald Trump doesn’t reach 1,237 delegates he will be very close but there’s a yuge YUGE problem. While he has been winning delegates for the first ballot, he has been getting absolutely crushed in the battle for delegates for the second or third ballot.

From Politico:

It’s halftime in the hustle for loyal convention delegates. By the weekend, more than 1,300 will have been elected in county, state or congressional district elections or selected by local Republican leaders. So far, Cruz has consistently dominated these contests, securing slots for hundreds of loyalists to the convention in Cleveland in July. Trump, on the other hand, has consistently flopped.

A Politico analysis suggests the mogul is headed for an even rougher second half, limiting his opportunities to survive a contested convention and dramatically raising the stakes of his quest to secure the nomination outright.

The Trump Campaign has been downright incompetent in delegate selection thus far:

In short, there are few opportunities for Trump to make up ground he’s lost to Cruz in the delegate hunt.

“Based on what we see so far, probably half the people sitting in the seats bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot aren’t for Trump,” said Charlie Black, a veteran Republican operative handling convention strategy for Ohio Gov. Kasich. “I don’t see any way he can come back from that.”

That sentiment was bolstered by anti-Trump forces, who predict the mogul would lose 200 to 300 delegate votes on a second ballot at a contested convention.

“I have seen no indication that the Trump campaign has paid any attention to who the delegates are being elected into these delegate slots at conventions,” added Katie Packer, founder of the anti-Trump Our Principles PAC. “They not only haven’t been successful but in many cases appear to not even know who their people are.”

Trump won’t admit it but the rules thus far have actually been rigged in HIS favor. The rules for the first ballot have given Trump a bonus, as explained here. The rules for the second ballot favor candidates who organize a ground game and Donald Trump simply didn’t do that. If Donald Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot he will be in YUGE trouble and he can’t blame the rules because he inexplicably refused to invest in delegate selection.
In his victory speech after sweeping all five states on Super Tuesday Donald Trump admitted that ignoring the second ballot might have been a “mistake.” A huge mistake that could still cost him the election. For a guy who prides himself on his organizational prowess it’s a pretty inexcusable mistake as well.