The Outrageous Reason IRS Corruption Isn’t Going Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.52.51 PMRampant abuse and corruption continues unabated among unionized IRS workers. Employees who don’t “do the union’s bidding” are subjected to investigation and harassment in a toxic environment that includes the highest levels of union power according to a scathing new report from an IRS whistleblower. This report is downright scary. A far left and extremely corrupt union has turned the IRS into a partisan organization.

From the Daily Caller:

Attorney Jane Kim has worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in New York for roughly 12 years. She alleges that in her time working for the tax collection agency, she has seen rampant abuse and corruption from the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU). She tried to expose the abuse, only to be ignored by officials at every level of the union.

“I mean it’s like Jimmy Hoffa-level of abuse and corruption,” Kim told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Colleen Kelley was the national president, I’ve copied letters that she and I have exchanged where she’s basically telling me to go to hell even though I’m telling her all these unbelievable abuses going on here.”

If the union thugs don’t like you, this happens:

“They just go around and tape-record and spying on the other employees so the union can set them up with false allegations and false charges and have them investigated.” Kim said. “They get all the favors, they don’t work, they get all the cash bonuses, they get all the promotions over the hardworking people.”

The union allegedly tried to silence Kim when she first began making accusations in 2014. Labor officials accused her of promoting an unsafe work environment. She was also accused of crafting a written death threat against a steward, but she denied involvement. They also tried to exaggerate her complaints.

But the abuses are hard to stop because democrats love unions:

The IRS has been under increased scrutiny over allegations that officials abuse their power and unfairly target political groups they don’t like. The Senate Finance Committee released a report detailing alleged rampant abuse throughout the agency. Republican Sen. Tim Scott introduced a bill to rein in union power to make the agency less partisan, but it seems to have fallen to the wayside.

As we understand more about how the IRS operates the targeted harassment of conservative groups makes more and more sense. Worse, these unions are almost unstoppable because democrats in congress have their back. If the corruption really is “Jimmy Hoffa-level” as the whistleblower claims then the corruption is systemic throughout the entire organization and will be almost impossible to root out.

Speaking of Jimmy Hoffa, his son is now in charge of the Teamsters union after the previous boss got accused of corruption. When unions go to extremes to harass and intimidate their members it’s red flag that some seriously shady stuff is probably going down.  Jimmy Carter almost nominated a made man (Anthony Scotto) from the Gambino crime family as the U.S. labor secretary. Anthony Scotto was even friends with Robert Kennedy. The point is that democrats turned a blind eye to mob corruption in unions a long time ago. With the protection of democrat politicians many union thugs truly are above the law.

Ted Cruz says the IRS has become so corrupt the entire agency must be disbanded. Scandals like this will bolster his case.