The President Predicts a Border Town Will Fall Under ISIS Control

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.21.16 PMA town along the border of Syria and Turkey is likely to fall into the hands of ISIS militants Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said.

Kobani is a small town on the South Eastern side of Turkey and is falling under increasing attack. Erdogan says the only way to prevent ISIS from taking over is to launch a ground operation against the fighters.

Making a televised speech, Erdogan said, “The terror will not be over… unless we cooperate for a ground operation. Months have passed but no results have been achieved. Kobani is about to fall.”

ISIS has pounded the town mercilessly and it’s estimated more than 400 people have died in a few weeks of fighting.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring organization, believes more than 160,000 people have sought refuge in Kobani, the majority of them being Syrian Kurds.

ISIS has already made several inroads into the town, even conquering some parts of the city as evidenced by large ISIS flags flying from buildings.

Erdogan believes having boots on the ground is the only way to reverse their rapid advancement. So far the United States has lent support from above in the form of multiple airstrikes. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done much to dissuade the jihadists from steadily advancing.

According to Karwan Zabari, a U.S.-based representative of the Kurdish regional government:

If this continues, if there’s no international aid, military aid arriving for the residents of Kobani, and these Kurdish fighters that are fighting in Kobani, it could fall into the hands of ISIS.

The Turkish government doesn’t look favorably upon the Kurds, which has made the situation even more tense.

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