The Truth About the Border Crisis


“All of the good that was done [on the border] after 9/11 up to now has been reversed singlehandedly.”

According to Ronald Colburn, deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, our nation’s southern border is now more vulnerable than it has been in the past two decades – all because of Barack Obama’s policies.

By now, Americans are well aware of the national security crisis on our southern border.

But what they have not yet heard – or seen – is the situation on the ground through the eyes of the men and women fighting on the front lines.

That is, until now.

Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party organization, has embarked on an ambitious effort to document and give voice to the U.S. Border patrol and local law enforcement as they confront this tidal wave of illegal immigration.

Right now, a crew of filmmakers is on the ground in Texas, following the local sheriffs and border patrol agents as they deal with the mess Washington has dropped on their doorstep.

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These law enforcement officers are the tip of the spear. But their hope is that this documentary will bring the true consequences of the Obama administration’s border blunder to national attention and spur the American people to action.

According to Tea Party Patriots, this documentary will be “powerful,” and will “explain how Obama’s illegal immigration camps are terrible places that could explode in violence at any time, document how our border patrol agents are overwhelmed and not allowed to do their jobs, and demonstrate how people are dying in the desperate rush to cross our unsecured border.”

In a word, according to Tea Party Patriots, “this documentary will shock the American people.”

By now, most American are aware that tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children enter the country every single month from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Tragically, many never finish the trip north, succumbing to starvation, dehydration, or illness; or falling prey to kidnappers or human traffickers.

The Obama administration, which opened the gates to this flood of illegals in 2012, has not so much as lifted a finger to secure the border. All they have done is demand yet more cash from the American people to house and ultimately settle these children in the U.S.

And Tea Party Patriots firmly believes that this documentary project will be the key to forcing Washington to end this crisis and bring true reform to our border and our immigration system.

“But we can’t complete this documentary without the help of grassroots patriots across America,” says co-founder and national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin.

“Tea Party Patriots is and always has been a grassroots organization, funded by grassroots Americans who care about protecting the future of our country.”

Martin added that Tea Party Patriots must raise over $1 million to complete production, distribution, and publicity for this important film.

“Every little bit helps,” she said. “This could truly be the watershed moment for our immigration crisis. But we have to get the American people involved.”

You can help Tea Party Patriots complete this important project. Click here right now to support this documentary.