These Environmentalist Pay The Price For Believing Their Own Lies

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.33.14 PMThe absurd attempt by several progressive attorney’s general to criminalize speech skeptical of climate change is one of the most under-reported assault’s on the first amendment in our history.

Climate change Mullah, N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schniederman, takes his climate religion so seriously that he thinks he can sue Exxon-Mobile for donating money to groups skeptical of climate change and confiscate communications between skeptical groups.

As the NY Post reports, reality is starting to rain on the progressive climate change parade:

The climate-change “consensus” isn’t as widespread as greenies claim.

Indeed, the claim itself is just another attempt to silence debate. The science is settled, they say. Anyone who disagrees must be a kook, a “denier.”

Schneiderman’s move and the March presser may have won plaudits from the radicals, who hope to end use of all fossil fuel. But it also drew outrage from First Amendment champions and those who saw the probes as an abuse of office.

Lawmakers like House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) questioned the actions of the AGs. Exxon counter-sued.

And this month, attorneys general from 13 other states bashed their counterparts’ gambit as a “grave mistake.” They made clear the hypocrisy and political motives of attacking Exxon: Schneiderman & Co. claim the firm may have fraudulently minimized climate-change risks. But what about, say, renewable-energy companies that might be exaggerating them?

If temperatures rise more slowly than expected (or not at all), they write, “many ‘clean energy’ companies may become less valuable and some may be altogether worthless.” Why aren’t Schneiderman & Co., who claim to be looking out for the public and investors, subpoenaing them?

This is third world banana republic stuff. If clowns like Eric Schniederman are this flamboyant about their lack of respect for the law, imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Instead of investigating actual crimes on Wall Street, Attorney General Schniederman wastes his resources perusing a nonsensical political agenda. Fortunately, lawmakers like Lamar Smith and attorney’s general from other states are fighting back.