Third Party Candidate Almost In Debates

He is almost there. In Colorado he already made it. Gary Johnson needs to be at 15% in national polls to make the presidential debates in September. He just hit 15% in Colorado and is rapidly gaining traction in various battleground states. has more:

In the wild west state of Colorado, Johnson hits the magic 15 (which he must get nationally in at least five polls to get into the presidential debates), up from 13 percent last month. In that state, the addition of Johnson and Stein to the mix cuts five points off Clinton (46 percent to 41) and three off Trump (32 to 29).

Both states show Clinton, obviously, far ahead of her Republican opponent, whose support in both states fell since July.

Johnson is also up from July in Florida, going from 7 percent to 9. And in North Carolina as well, the same jump from 7 to 9. None of those state polls give the slightest bit of encouragement to Trump and the Republicans.

Interestingly, Johnson generally takes more votes from Hillary than he does from Trump. Gary hasn’t done much to pick up the votes of disillusioned constitutional conservatives. Even though much of his libertarian platform should be very appealing to the #NeverTrump crowd, Gary dropped the ball on some religious liberty issues.

If Gary Johnson can gain as much traction with conservatives who don’t like Trump as he already has with Bernie fans who don’t like Hillary he just might be on stage during the presidential debates.