This Is How Putin Can Blackmail Hillary

Russian hackers might have the goods on Hillary Clinton. After hacking into the Clinton foundation’s computers Russian hackers are suspected of uncovered information about donors and financial records. Great, so now Hillary can be blackmailed by the Russians! We can’t be 100Captureputin% sure the hackers were from the Russian military but the that’s what experts suspect.

From the Daily Caller:

Russian hackers infiltrated the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, according to a Bloomberg report Tuesday.

Bloomberg cited three unnamed sources familiar with the matter, and reported that government investigators detected the data breach as recently as last week. Hackers were seeking data from at least 4,000 individuals associated with American politics, including party aides, political advisers, attorneys and Foundation members.

The latest report highlights concerns regarding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s digital security capabilities. Late last week, news broke of a security breach both within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer networks and Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Before the DNC disclosed a major computer breach late last week, U.S. officials informed both political parties and presidential campaigns that “sophisticated hackers were attempting to penetrate their computers.” CrowdStrike, a company hired to investigate the breach on the DNC, said groups codenamed Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear were behind the infiltrations. CrowdStrike says the hackers are likely Russian, and that they are believed to be working for Russia’s military and domestic security services.

If the Russians find anything damning and decide not to go the blackmail route you’ll probably be hearing about what they find this fall. Vladimir Putin seems to prefer Trump for president. Trump is open to leaving Assad in power in Syria for the short term to prioritize fighting ISIS but Hillary wants to fight both Assad and ISIS at the same time. Trump’s willingness to leave Assad in power to help defeat ISIS is much appreciated by Putin. The Chinese government obviously prefers Clinton (they’ve been caught trying to give her illegal donations) but due to Hillary’s extreme hawkishness in Syria, Russia probably prefers Trump.

Imagine if Putin leaks scandalous details of the Clinton’s foundation weeks before the election. The Russian military wouldn’t be wasting their time and valuable resources hacking into Hillary’s foundation if they didn’t think there was something of value to uncover.