This Is Why Trump Is Demanding That Obama Resign In Disgrace

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.50.21 PMDonald Trump issued a twitter ultimatum to Barack Obama, say these magic words or resign! Below is the tweet that Donald Trump sent out after listening to the president’s pathetic response to the Orlando terror attack.

Even those of us who don’t trust Trump at all and see him as bottom feeding mostly liberal con-artist have to give him a little credit for this one. Donald Trump is willing to call out the ridiculous political correctness that has swept this nation.

Progressives live in a wacky echo chamber where they blame conservatives for nearly everything bad that happens but can’t criticize radical Islam. Barack Obama’s response to this tragedy has been to basically blame America instead of the terrorists. Forget about trying to fix the problem of radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama can’t admit it exists. Apparently your right to own guns is the real problem.