This Liberal Wants Your Taxes Raised, But Won’t Pay the $4.5 Million He Owes

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.19.42 PMIt’s one of those “Do as I say, not as I do,” moments that you can’t help but be shocked and disgusted by.

The “dishonorable” reverend Al Sharpton has championed socialist and progressive politics for years.

Every time he opens up his mouth and lends his support for another liberal champion he asks that you open up your pocket book just a bit wider and cough up your hard-earned money to the government.

So why isn’t Sharpton paying his taxes?

All $4.5 million of them?

The New York Times called attention to Sharpton’s huge tax debt. They wrote:

Indeed, Mr. Sharpton’s influence and visibility have reached new heights this year, fueled by his close relationships with the mayor and the president.

Obscured in his ascent, however, has been his troubling financial past, which continues to shadow his present.

Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.

With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as “abusive,” or “potentially criminal” if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.

That’s how it works if you’re a liberal; make friends with the right people and abscond from all of your real responsibilities. It’s so easy. Don’t pay attention to the law, that’s for peons.

Just do whatever you want, hob-knob, and keep at it until you get elected into office.


Honestly, if Sharpton detests taxes that much why doesn’t he do what Tea Party conservatives have been doing for years; protest and vote for politicians who are going to reduce the tax rate?

It’s a great question. The problem is Sharpton doesn’t have a moral bone in his body, so actually trying to exact change by legal means would be well outside of his M.O.

But don’t you worry, Sharpton wants you to pay your taxes. He would insist you do it.

Without his taxes added into the equation he desperately needs you to pay your fair share.

If you don’t, how else is his idol, Barak Hussein Obama, ever going to fight off the rampant racism alive in the country?

Oh the jokes that could be had at this man’s expense.

Sadly, one thing that is not a joke is the ridiculous amount of money that comes out of your paycheck to pay for ill-advised social programs that Sharpton supports.

So if you want to save money, you’ve got to scrimp and save elsewhere.

There’s good news however. New cost-saving methods are being unveiled every single day.

One such method helps you save thousands a year on power.

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  1. Sam W says:

    Maybe fast Al should be behind bars until he comes up with the MILLIONS he owes the government. Bread and water would be to good for him whilst he is behind bars……..

    • Tom salamonowicz says:

      HIS HEAD.

      • Jarhead says:

        What a waste……wouldn’t two rounds for such a tiny brain be sufficient ?
        And a neck-tie party would cost even less ?
        In any case, the sooner the better.

        • mork says:

          Its easy to miss his brain. His mouth is a bigger target. Our tax payer dollars paid for his surgery to stop his glutonny. I wish that fat pos ate himself to death. That would have been a true contribution to racial peace.

        • Earl says:

          Maybe it’s(his brain) so small one could easily miss.

      • USAPatriotSC says:

        Brain? What brain?

      • MegaMouseGW says:

        One 22 round will do the job much cheaper.

        • patriot 86 says:

          And quieter.

          • Tom salamonowicz says:


          • patriot 86 says:

            Yeah ‘ agreed.

        • james says:

          Feed him to a bunch of pigs… 10-15 should do…

      • gearbox says:

        You only need one ! besides that would be too fast , He should DIE slowly for
        all the damage he has done to this country .
        AMERICA : “The last great hope of earth ” A. Lincoln

        • Tom salamonowicz says:

          CORRECT. (SO THEY SAY)

    • Chandler says:

      There are many in jail for Tax evasion and more on the up and coming dockets. Yet this trash is leading mobs, against the police and the community as well as destroying the businesses.

      • BuddyBoy53 says:

        He is more valuable to Obama spreading hatred than serving time in jail.

        • Chandler says:

          Point taken, You probably are right on.

        • patriot 86 says:

          Just shows how far gone obama is in the moral department .No president worth an ounce of integrity would be seen in broad daylight next to this pile of shit.

          • kruggerx says:

            But at least he is not a convicted War Criminal like the last President. How embarrassing for the American people. Our last president had to cancel a trip to Switzerland last year. The Swiss Government told him if he came they would have to arrest him and extradite him to Malaysia. Because of the treaty the Swiss signed with Malaysia. He along with the VP the Sec. of Defence and 4 others. Were convicted in an INTERNATIONAL Court of War crimes. Remember Abu Grave prison. The photos of violations of the Geneva Convention on treatment of POWs. Well the brass knew it the pentagon knew it so the president knew it, and ALLOWED it to happen. So I now refer to Bush as the “Criminal an Chief”. I can say that honestly. Because it’s TRUE. He who lives in Glass house should not through stones.

      • satin85718 says:

        You just have to be the right color. White in not in this year.

        • Chandler says:

          You know it just might be. I do not think that there is a real slave alive in America for several generations. That was brought here by white slavers but sold by black slavers to the whites white slaver. But will the Black admit to this no they will not. Besides I never had a slave nor anyone in my family and I do not intend to feel guilty about something I nor my family had anything to do about.

          • james says:

            People seem to also skip over the fact that one of the largest slave owners was in fact a black man.

          • Chandler says:

            Good point and they the black communities have been taught to blame everyone but themselves for there situation. But some Blacks saw what was being done and they did not follow the masses into another form of slavery produced by the welfare system.
            It was in fact the Democrats that entitled them to welfare for life. There black leaders pushed the welfare system into play to control the black communities and yes there black leaders had a roll in this misconception. They were taught to except handouts and stay at home and vote Democraut. And from habbit they obeyed there silent masters of manipulation. The continued dependency on government hand outs. If the welfare would stop all together, then they the community as a whole would feel part of the solution not a problem. There asteam would sore to new highs.

          • james says:

            Absolutly… they have been conditioned to believe that this the “white mans” problem and fault. And they don’t think for themselves. Some are lifting that veil though and saying WTF. I just think ite a day late and a dollar short.

          • Chandler says:

            We are in agreement but we still can’t give up or we will go down.

          • james says:

            There is no way I can give up not only am I a single father who swore to my little girl I would never stop fighting for her but I also swore an oath to defend this country and our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I may be a vet but my oath will always be there.

          • Chandler says:

            It will for all true Patriots military and no military. MAY WE SAVE OUR COUNTRY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.

          • kruggerx says:

            Think its not just slavery that oppressed the Black Americans. While our ancestors were building a future and building wealth the Black Americans were dealing with Jim Crow laws being lynched just because of their color all the way in to the sixties. They fought in our wars for decades then came home and some were lynched. Is that what America should be. While yes slavery happened LONG AGO. The depression and subservient treatment of Black Americans STILL goes on today.

          • Chandler says:

            I did not say it was total slavery that was the problem Most whites are not guilty of slavery anyhow ,nor how the blacks were treated it was a handful of mixed races that used the Blacks in slavery. I am sue you know that there were BLACK plantation owners that had Black slaves working for them .
            The Black community have chose the way of free stuff for over 100 years now. For them it is easier to live at the poverty level than to actually work and earn money.
            They would rather get handouts and lay down like a rug for the Democrats, just so they do not have to work for a good living.
            They are the reason that they are down and out just like other races that live in the so called ghettos. Like minded people have a habit of congregating in the same areas and then all of a sudden there is another poor neighborhood. Blacks are not the only ones the rest of the races do the same thing.
            They the blacks ( most ) but not all have learned just sit back vote Democrat and you will have everything you need with out working.
            The thought that whites and all other races but especially the white race is the problem is so far outdated and ridiculous. Right now jobs are hard to come by but that is for everyone not just Blacks
            Maybe if they would get off there ass stop popping out illegal children with different fathers, they would have the time to work and earn a living. and at least get any job to earn money, then I could be a little sympathetic. There is no reason or excuse ever not to at least try to do better for your self but laziness.
            You are giving the blacks in this country excuses not solutions. If that is a picture of you and your family you appear to be doing quite well. So maybe you could influence the Black communities into different thinking and actions so they can move forward.Instead of blaming others all the time.

        • kruggerx says:

          Unless you are on the Hill inDC So many up there from both parties have been caught. Just happens that the last one just resigned after pleading guilty of tax fraud. He also was using Illegal immigrants inhis business. No payroll taxes on them. Plus slave wages, a GOP dream.

    • gearbox says:

      He gained fame and fortune lying under oath , and the misery of others ! A totally
      despicable low life form . Belongs in jail or as I would prefer DEAD !

  2. Dennis B Anderson says:

    This guy Al Sharpton is the devils advocate. He even looks evil. He should be behind bars now. You can see the type of low lifes Obie has been hanging out with. Known terrorist at the white house, to letting them go.

  3. David in MA says:

    I wonder, has his salary been attached, has his tax refund been attached, has he ever been drawn into court on this?
    I would have been!
    Arrest this criminal! (along with charlie rangel)

    • Chandler says:

      NO, I would bet he is still a millionaire with off shore accounts.

      • elmcqueen3 says:

        He’s another Bernie Madoff of a different color!

        • Chandler says:

          Good point!!

        • kruggerx says:

          Yea Bernie was a big time contributor of the GOP.

          • elmcqueen3 says:

            Don’t you wish!

    • Robert Brennan says:

      He is Obama’s friend!

      • Chandler says:

        I do not think that Obama has any real friends, just people he uses.

    • Boatswas says:

      If you don’t pay enough to receive a refund, they can’t take any money owed from your refund.

      • kruggerx says:

        Facebook like refunds. They made BILLIONS in 2012 but received a $47 million dollar refund. Got to love those tax laws. At least if your a millionaire.

    • ConsultantInAction says:

      You are just scratching the service; How about Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen
      as well as the White House aide that is responsible for the utilizing of the IRS to Politically and Vengefully those with the Conservative in their Title… They should all be accountable.
      If you or I were to owe as little as 500 dollars, they be on like White on Rice….
      Good Black Americans are taking the Rap for all those acting out over Ferguson…
      Obama has Totally Used the Office of President just as the Mayor of Detroit and the Mayor of New Orleans have done. To further his own Ideological Leftist Agenda….
      America has wiped out all of the Civil Rights Gains over the last 50 years….Good Job Obama….You have accomplished more to destroy America than any Foreign Enemy ever has…. Obama’s a Disgrace. He took what would have been a Great Accomplishment, America Electing a Black President and Destroyed it…. He’s a Total Failure.

      • kruggerx says:

        What about the tax policies that allow GE to funnel their money to a subsidiary off shore. No taxes due. Then that subsidiary invest the money in banks and stocks on wall street. So the money is in this country being used to increase wealth, but NO taxes EVER paid on those profits. I found out a lot by researching those funds the Republicans want to repatriot tax FREE. That is just another smoke screen. 73% of that money is all ready in US Banks. Bweing used every day to invest and increase wealth. The wealth that is created is ALSO not taxable. So while Sharpton’s Non-Profit owes taxes. The GOP uses this to hide the fact that their “job Creator” Tax policies are just a wealth building policy for the top 2%.

    • ConsultantInAction says:

      It’s hare to attach Drug Money… It’s Hard to attach Illegal Money… It’s Hard to attach Welfare Fraud… And how do you attach money that’s Stolen from the American Tax Payers…. Besides, the IRS is in his Hip Pocket as well. When the DOJ is on his side, the IRS is on his side and the President is on his Side, what can we as AMERICANS expect? Really Not Much….He’s simply above the law.
      But all this will change in 2016,
      Hillary, Bill, Elizabeth Warren, they’ll be so busy spewing B.S Liberal Rhetoric, all the while the R’s destroy themselves in Primaries. The Primaries give fuel to the Liberal Rhetoric. Politics is Dirty and the Left are experts at using what the R’s give them during the Primaries. Americans need to be prudent while deciphering all the Rhetoric. Only believe one tenth of what you see and nothing of what is put out my the Media.
      Attach Al Sharpton? Not a Chance until after 2016….Then he should be taken to Sierra Leone…Let him go there to assist them. And, AFRICA wants nothing to do with Black Americans…Their too corrupt…..

      • kruggerx says:

        I want the $300 million back from wall street CEOs. The money they took form us the tax payers for their personal accounts. In 2008 from Bush & 2009 from Obama. Wall Street received $1.5 Trillion in “Too Big To Fail” bail out. Both years the executives of those investment banks took year end bounses, totaling more then 300 million. President Obama told us “nothing I can do, it’s contractual” . President Bush HID the facts. He knew if the American public knew the government would be hard pressed to do it again. So Obama did it again, but atleast he came out and told us that Wall Street Execs were stealing from us. then you republicans nominated an Investment Banker for president. After all the tax money that profession stole form the American people what made you think we would vote against our best interest. Do you really think that the GOP cares about you the American worker? NOT If they did instead of an amendment to the spending bill allowing the bankers to risk federally insured money AGAIN, they would have added a jobs bill. Or a Keystone pipe line amendment. But they won in Nov. by lying and saying they would stop Obama from signing his EO. What a joke and the electorate voted for them. Then they went on vacation after the election. The GOP is the worse of 2 parties. So I an Independent. Both sides suck. the liberals are too liberal and the conservatives are just greedy Fascists.

  4. Richard Helsel says:

    I can’t wait to see the day when this piece of trash is thrown under the bus and end s up in a cold dark stinky shit hole of a cell eating roach shit, this is putting it mildly.

  5. RONALD HATT says:

    Doesn’t it just “figger”, that this “skinny” black pig, is one of Obama’s best frenz? They seem “so right” fo each uttha… 2 “black eyed peas” from da same pod?

  6. Standandfight says:

    Perfect example of the Obutsmear government.

  7. Mike W says:

    The irony is, the only way Socialism works is when EVERYONE works and EVERYONE pays into the system.

  8. conservmrs says:

    How does he get away with it ????? – especially with our Precious RINO’S possibly protecting him along with the Dems!!!! A TRUE slap in the face to all of us schmucks paying taxes through the nose. SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!!!!!!!
    He is living off the fat of the land while trying to destroy our Country! No outrage???????
    NO MORE support of Republicans till JAIL TIME for the likes of Lois Lerner and other Democrat Lawbreakers!!!!!!

    • Chandler says:

      Yes it is and it is time for the legal citizens to act, not just complain. I ask the same thing WHERE IS THE LEGAL CITIZENS OUTRAGE, TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LAST OF THE GREAT COUNTRIES? THERE IS NONE THAT I CAN SEE.

      • BuddyBoy53 says:

        But they sure came out to defend Duck Dynasty for that marriage statement. Same time they were cutting disabled vets benefits and not one word from anyone about that. America has her priorities severely upside down.

        • Chandler says:

          This corrupt government is making there life grand. While encouraging and bringing the welfare people equal or surpassing the middle income hard working people.
          Barack Hussein Obama in my opinion is nothing more than a Communist/Muslim Dictator. Bent on the destruction of the Country he was placed in as President. He will not stop, unless the legal citizens stop him.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Never so true words have been spoken. 100% correct.

          • Chandler says:

            There are more like us that know and think the way we do, than the Demorats that are on this site to disrupt.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            They have to be getting paid by the radicals to display such ignorance. No one, unless they were mentally ill, would do that for free especially in a public forum. Second thought, liberals and mental illness are one in the same. Yes, they could be doing it for free.

          • Chandler says:

            Nice job you caught yourself and answered your own question, way to go.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            It gets so confusing when the mentally ill are running the asylum…

          • Chandler says:

            Yes it does !!

          • shamu9 says:

            When the Welfare Stops, the Recipients Revolt, and the U.N. Blue Helmets are called in, all the White Bleedin’ Heart Lib “Gun Control” Freaks, are gonna wanna be Friends with us Conservative, 2d Amendment “Terrorists”!!

          • Chandler says:

            Good post and observations.

          • Chandler says:

            We can only hope. What I do not understand where is the outrage from the ones that served prison time or are still in prison for Tax evasion????????????

          • shamu9 says:

            You Want this to Stop?? Get RID of Georg Soros/Schwartz, and his “Open Society”, or whatever the NAZI “Jew” calls his NWO Lib Organization.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:


          • Chandler says:

            No put the blame on who it belongs . That is the Democrat party of communist/Socialist,Muslims,Atheist and Homosexuals that have infiltrated our government for the past 4o + years.
            Along with Barack Hussein Obama, Holder, and the tax fraud Sharpton and others in Obama’s cabinet and in our government.
            That is how we change the course of this country.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            You just named who Soros and the Open Society is… the blame was placed exactly where it belongs, the money train that supports it.

          • Chandler says:

            Ok !!

          • Mark Owen says:

            It is the same as Detroit, Run into the ground by black controlled city govt.
            I worked there 10 years watched it go downhill while being led by black controlled infrastructure. Look now Barack Obama, Charlie Rangel, Elija the liah Cummings, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackoffson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Mo money Sharpton and last but not least that talking points bitch Rice. I hope the new Congress can take them all down. This can and will be a great country again, once we get out from under this BLACK cloud!

          • Chandler says:

            Barack Hussein Obama is not criminal because he is black He is a black criminal by choice. and so are the others you mentioned. There is good and and bad in all races. The color of his skin has nothing to do with his bad behavior. Nor is the race a standard for who is criminal and who is not a criminal. And yes America can and will become great Country again hopefully sooner than later.

          • gearbox says:

            G. Soros calls it the” one world order” ! He is the puppet master and
            obama isa the puppet !
            What about that waste in n.y.c. ? the mayor — De-blab-zero hes another
            communist waste !

          • gearbox says:

            I agree 100 % !

          • james says:

            Chandler.. from what ive read you seem to see a lot more than most. Step back and look at the whole picture since oblamo has been in, hell include Clintons time too… just to add flavor the patriot act was drafted by Joe Biden. Anyways, its genius what the dems are doing. Just look at not just the rift today but all the scandalso and lies about a to z…. genius! They couldn’t screw us any better without us begging for it. The messed up part is we willing walked our stupid asses to this point.

          • Chandler says:

            We seam to move from one disaster to another and allow our politicians to lead us into destruction.
            When will the people the legal citizens of this country wake up to what is going on .
            I have no real expectations for recovery if things are not seen for what they are. A disaster of our own making allowing politicians have jobs for life.
            As well as most of the judicial system that has the real power to do something and yet does little if anything at all to aid America or her legal citizens..

          • james says:

            Best legal system money can buy…

          • Chandler says:

            Afraid so, the problem we pay them good money to do the right thing and they take money to do the wrong thing, in my opinion.

          • Chandler says:

            I have, and I agree with you. It is the legal citizens fault the the Politicians and the Judicial system has failed us by design. We lack the courage to stop this distruction by our own government.

      • BuddyBoy53 says:

        The legal citizens are too busy working so the illegals can live for free. They are holding two jobs just to pay the electric bill. They don’t have time to protest and no one is offering to pay them to do it.

        • Chandler says:

          You are correct, but who is at fault that is not holding this corrupt government accountable. Are we not the government and congresses bosses per the constitution?

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Unfortunately voter fraud and corruption is ruling us now. We have a one party system. The party of Corruption riles by sociopathic malignant personalities. One world Government under the New World Order back by the UN. funded by Soros. Open Borders at a time of war, no sovereignty, dispersing the US Treasury throughout the world while Americans watch the middle class disappear. Saul Alinsky in the White House and heading the DOJ. Protests against the police are headed by communist organizations and no one speaking for the masses.

            We are far beyond a system for the people by the people.

          • Chandler says:

            No argument from where i am sitting !! No one that I know is riddled with COMPLACENCY. We have our eyes wide open, It is just we are a small minority and the masses refuse to jump in and do anything. What can a handfull do for the masses if they refuse to get off ther asses and stop crying???? NOTHING at all.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            The Revolutionary War was fought by only 3% of the people. It looks as though history will repeat itself. Iran fell by only 10% of fanatics. The rest of the country did nothing to try and stop it. Small minorities can make huge strides defending freedom and destroying it.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Cliven Bundy, a simple cattle rancher, showed what can happen when people say enough is enough. They try and instill fear in everyone by all the NSA spying going on but they can’t even stop someone posting their attempts on social media to assassinate cops in NYC. People need to stand up, stop being afraid of their own shadows and stop the madness. Why is the Tea Party not arranging a massive march against corruption?
            I really feel Obama’s lawlessness is a cash cow for email spams begging for donations to try and stop hm. We have laws for that specifically created to stop crimes against the American people but we also have a complicit Congress in this treason.

          • gearbox says:

            We gotta start shooting looters and anyone who commits civil
            disobedience ! and causes property damage .

    • patriot 86 says:

      He may get away with it in this life but after he’s dead and goes to the afterlife HE’S F****D.

    • Gene Husky says:

      While we still have our weapons,we need to take them to washington…..

      • gearbox says:

        See how far you get !

        • Gene Husky says:

          There is well over a million in one of the malitias waiting for the right time.There are other smaller ones.

  9. Chandler says:

    Al Sharpton is a criminal and so is Barack Hussein Obama and Holder.
    They with there red-rick have caused criminal behavior from criminal fringe groups.
    I have never seen such a criminal element that resides in the White House of the United States of America.

    Obama has put less than stellar judges into the Supreme court and in federal courts. Because of this we have a Supreme court and Federal judges that refuses to do there jobs.
    I feel that the justices should not have a job for life and they should be vetted by legal citizens of the United States of America, to make sure that they don’t have a personal agenda. When the Supreme court is in session and you can see some of them sleeping then you know something is wrong with this system.
    If the Congress of the United States is so week that they change our laws and add amendments on our Constitution to gain benefits and make laws to exempt themselves from those laws something has to change. Our forefathers plainly stated that Congress will make no laws that they exempt themselves from.


    • mork says:

      Thats what happens when you put schmiggers in charge. Vote for a real man Dr. Ben Carson.

      • Chandler says:

        I did not put this creep in office, I warned what would happen if he was elected. But he has surpassed his evil dealings with the aid of the Congress and Judicial branch. The three branches of government have turned to special interest and ignored the will of the people. Now is the time to turn the tables. Push your Congress men and women into IMPEACHMENT OF the trash in the White House. DO NOT LET HIM ” Barack Hussein Obama “, GET BY WITH HIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, AND THE DEVISION OF THIS COUNTRY and LEGAL CITIZENS ANY LONGER. Congress forced Nixon why not this trash?????????

        • patriot 86 says:

          Yup I never voted for him either ; this is on all the stupid liberal piles of shit for being so braindead ‘TWICE.

          • Chandler says:

            I did not vote for him the first or second time but believe me I would vote for impeachment and criminal charges for Barack Hussein Obama and Holder and Sharpton and Rice and several others of his cabinet and his followers in the IRS and other government and civilian agencies.

          • patriot 86 says:

            As would I brother ‘ god bless.

          • Chandler says:

            Hope your Christmas was great and for the New Year you and your family have Happiness and health.

          • patriot 86 says:

            Yeah to you as well.

          • Chandler says:


    • BuddyBoy53 says:

      Congress is doing a great job. In the new budget the gave themselves a $1,000.00 a month “luxury car” bonus. That’s what people get for social security to live on all month… Think about it. 1% cost of living raise for social security and they get a bonus like that for a luxury car when their salaries are in the $200,000 range? And they call what we paid for all our lives “entitlements” that need to be cut. When will America wake up and March against this tyranny.. Somehow our public servants have turned into “Royalty” and we have become peons.

      • Chandler says:

        Again another valid point, You are oh so correct.

      • Chandler says:

        I have been touting the arrogance of the Congress now for years and years. The Congress has a bill for the citizens to vote on for more money for them, we vote No. And they already passed a larger pay raise in a obscure not connected bill there pay raise twice the amount we voted down. This crap is on going how else have they made themselves millionaires and live in the life of luxury. They are crooks liars, thieves and the longer they are in office the more they give themselves. Something gotta give and we should force term limits on all government workers. No if and or but.

      • james says:

        Lets not leave out the fact that the dEMS and Obama decided not to increase vet benefits by 1.5% like promised. Instead its like only up to and not to exceed 1% for cost of living.

        • BuddyBoy53 says:

          Yes, as a disabled Vet I am losing my home of 14 years to a $900.00 a month electric bill and I don’t even heat my home.
          My credit will be ruined and I will not be able to find a place to live because of it.

          My electric bill alone has gone up 50% and is expected to rise another 80% but as Congress raises their cost of living expenses 15% along with 1,000.00 a month luxury car perks, it is our so called “entitlements” they look to cut!

          The VA crippled my lower spine during an exam and refuses to take responsibility for it yet I am supposed to honor my financial commitments to the bank when the banks can’t pay their bills and they get bailouts. The system is broke and it’s tearing this nation apart.

          Too bad tar and feathering went out of fashion. Many a politician were run out of town that way in the old days.

          • james says:

            I too am a disabled vet and all this crap has hit my family like a boulder. This man Dave Hein helped me save myhome…[email protected]…18008270611… I have a va loan and almost lost my home. Don’t know if he can help you but its worth a try. Ill keep you in my families prayers brother.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Thank you so much but my home is already in short sale mode to avoid foreclosure.

            Since the VA crippled my back, I can no longer supplement my income.

            I was renting out rooms for the last few years to avoid this but the economy is so bad that I lost the renters I had because they moved back in with their parents. They could not afford to pay rent anymore and they were working two jobs. Then came the people answering the ads that had no first, last or security deposit and were wanting one room for four people. Eventually people stopped answering the ads for rooms but hey, the economy is booming!

            Thank you for your prayers, I will need all I can get. My prayers are with you and yours as well…

          • Chandler says:

            I am glad to hear you news, May your New year bring you and your family health and happiness.

          • Chandler says:

            All I can say to you is to go to the Wounded Warriors site and ask for help.
            I believe it is

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            I have always worked things out on my own and will continue to do so. There are too many, worse off than me, (as bad off as I am) that need help for me to take away from others when the resources are so limited. Improvise, adapt and overcome will always remain in my blood…

          • Chandler says:

            I find that touching but if you need help then Ask. A need is a need and Wounded Warriors are there so is the will also help I am sure.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Thank you Chandler, your words are sitting with me. i think if i contact them I can at least find out if there is any group out there that are fighting for a change in the laws. They only gave me 6 months to prove my case at which time i was fighting an aggressive rare cancer, an amputation, a divorce, a fight with my insurance company that did not want to pay my disability rider on my home owners insurance, and an added back injury caused by the VA that has me on morphine and Baclofen.

            The VA investigated and denied the claim without even so much as contacting my primary care physician or the Doctor I went to immediately after my injury outside the VA. or witnesses.

            Could not find legal representation due to the fact that congress passed a law making it impossible for lawyers to make any money off a veterans case It was touted as a law to protect us but has resulted in a law where no one will defend a case against the VA.

            Maybe, since it’s too late for me I can somehow make a change by getting my story out. I highly doubt it because every agency i have gone to including my Congressman has resulted in not so much as a letter of response.

            I will try. Thank you.

          • Chandler says:

            I am sorry to hear of your misfortune, sometimes things happen and we do not understand.
            But there is a reason and you will find out at a later down the road what that reason is.
            Good luck hope you will find peace and happiness in the coming New Year.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Thank you Chandler and my wishes are the same for you and yours.. Have a happy and healthy New Year.
            i am using my misfortune to help others. I finished my book based on the past three years of research I conducted on cancer and how I beat it without Radiation or Chemo based only on an organic diet and the elimination of processed foods. i never let a negative event affect me without turning it positive in some way, shape, or form.

            Have a great upcoming year..

          • Chandler says:

            Thanks, right back at you,

          • Chandler says:

            Ok !!

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            FYI, I just emailed them. Thank you.

          • Chandler says:

            Your welcome, I hope the best for you.

    • james says:

      Clinton was almost as bad renting out the Lincoln bedroom to criminals.

      • Chandler says:

        No argument from me on that point.

  10. Bama Bill says:

    Those that listen to him are hopeless. They are to un-educated by our wonder public school system, and think gangs and drugs are “The Greatest”. I helped put all of them in prison that I could. Even “Grass” changes your brain, and I’ve never seen anyone on drugs that was intelligent, or a hard worker. Just a lazy ass punk that only thinks about how to get “High” without working.

    Sharpton makes no sense, thinks he is “Above” the law. Guess he grew up listening to Mayor Young in Detroit. Young said on TV, “There ain’t nothing wrong with breaking the law, except being dumb enough to get caught”!

    Only trouble with putting him in prison, “0” would pardon him! Find out where he gets his money, and “Follow the trail”.

    • Chandler says:

      They listen to him for that is there mentality. They want to riot plunder and kill.

  11. bikerdogred1 says:

    A low life who the blacks portray as a somebody,they can’t figure why time is going back on them.The illegals are already pass them,they are really lost.

    • David in MA says:

      I wonder, if when the illegals start getting “their benefits” if rev al will start running his mouth for them and abandon the black hood for the brown barrio.
      In a way that would be justice to the black folks who sent their nickels & dimes to rev al….. BTW: Has anyone ever seen his diploma from divinity school?

      • Don says:

        He is a self appointed Rev. no schooling just racial HATE.

    • Chandler says:

      No our country is the looser and we are letting it happen. Step by Step inch by inch.

  12. larry says:

    and confiscate all his wealth and i mean everything even gold or silver in his teeth tom salamnowicz you know it surprises me that they let this shit go. but the sent a goon squad to the bundy ranch locked and loaded ready to kill. seem there’s a double standard here that every american should be more than up set about

    • Chandler says:

      As long as Barack Hussein Obama is in power, we have not rights. But what our State Government gives us. Concentrate on your State government and the lawful power you can gain against the thuggery of this illegal Government.
      Work with your State Government and let them know, ‘ WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE “!

  13. Jarhead says:

    When your a member of the POLITICAL ELITE you don’t need to pay any stinking taxes. According to the IRS there are over 100,000 FED/GOV employees who owe over ONE BILLION in taxes…..and they are still eligible for one of the many huge cash bonuses for cooking the books, or keeping their mouth shut or DEATH BY DELAY – – – so successful in killing Disabled Veterans in AZ. And not a peep in the press about someone being arrested, charged or even fired for that kind of criminal behavior. Uncle Sam proves once again that crime does indeed pay.

    • Chandler says:

      You are correct and you can pass laws and exempt your self and family from that laws. Like O bummer care.

    • Chandler says:

      Well said jarhead, well said.

  14. shearwater says:

    The Lord will get him! “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.”

  15. craig says:

    What does 4.5 million in tax debt get you……81 visits to the white house.

    • Chandler says:

      Or more, who is counting?

  16. Freedom Fighter says:

    Hang Him!

  17. Hotnike says:

    From reading the comments I see some animosity. GOOD. Couldn’t happen to a more evil ASS!!

  18. Oscar Pearson says:

    So I have one question – Why isn’t the IRS throwing this slug in jail?

    • Chandler says:

      In three words Barack Hussein Obama.

  19. Don C. Hayward says:

    It is a long held common sense belief that you are “judged” by the company you keep. Unfortunately the voter seems oblivious to the fact that Obama has consorted with criminals since his entry into politics and probably long before. Al Sharpton in the White House is like having Castro as an advisor. It is a travesty to the Republic and all that it stands for.
    There are people in the world that should be granted an exit visa and Sharpton fills that requirement.

    • Chandler says:

      Hell he is a criminal himself, and not sure about what I think is, ” a phoney family ” After all the Homosexual community said that he was one of them?????????

      • Christopher Allen says:

        How many of you are going to keep on with the “homosexual” bashing? I think most of you are “straight” closet cases! Don’t “lump” all people in with your sick thinking!

        This country is going to hell because of attitudes such as this; and only adding more division! Get over yourselves!
        If you had been molested, or whatever, i could understand it, but 99% of molesters are “straight” people, men and women alike!
        Just because you don’t understand, don’t “judge”!
        Leave it the fuck alone, and be concerned with what is truly happening with OUR
        Country, and who is doing it!
        I fought for MY Country, and i am, as you label it “gay”, but, the word is far from the truth, even though i was created, just as you, by GOD!
        Now take your Bible thumping, judging ass somewhere and do some good for OUR Country, instead of being concerned with who someone really Loves, just like you!
        Actually, i am not “gay”, i am not “straight”, i am not “bi-sexual”, or whatever; i am me, and i Love who i do, as i do; that is my right, and you can’t take that away!
        As i said, GOD created me, just as HE did you; and JESUS died for me and saved me, just like HE did you!
        Get over it, and try to right the true wrongs in the world, HIS World, before there isn’t one left!
        I, for one, will be so glad when JESUS comes back and stops the madness!

        • Chandler says:

          If you can’t see the truth that is not our fault !!! The Homosexual community have gotten overbearing and have become a special interest group. That is the truth. I do not care what you do in your personal life I don’t want to see the ludicrousness of gay parades and actions on the streets anymore than any other bad behavior.. I have the right to my opinion and I will keep stating it as you will.

          • Christopher Allen says:

            I agree that the “homosexual community” has become very overbearing, but, you have never, nor will you ever, see me, on any street or in a parade, nor do i push my life, not lifestyle, on anyone! I am just tired of everybody “lumping” everyone together when it’s not so! I was, as i said, created by GOD, just as you, but, you see, you can’t accept that, and don’t believe that GOD would created a man that could Love another man, but HE did!
            As far as the labeling, you have done quite a bit of that yourself!
            Peace man, i wish you the best, and only ask for the same; i don’t expect anymore rights than anyone else has! Whether you or anyone else doesn’t think so, it’s OUR GOD given rights, just as they are your’s!

          • Chandler says:

            Christopher did I say you or name anyone, no I did not.
            I went out of my way not to be specific on anyone or anything just in general terms.
            I am not lumping anyone in, it was as I said general terms. I do not want to get personal and get into your way of life or anyone else’ s.
            It is not my way and I do not feel that I have to be involved in anything I choose not to.
            You did admit how overbearing that they have become and that was my point. The H.C. has become vocal and obnoxious at every turn.
            As I said for the past 6 + years and they need to act appropriate while outside there homes as everyone else does. That is not to much to ask.

          • Christopher Allen says:

            As well Chandler; i don’t know who you call the “homosexual community”, but, just because some idiot says it, doesn’t make it so! Actually, i would be ashamed if he were GAY! I can’t stand the POS!

      • gearbox says:

        Joan Rivers said that barrack was gay and moochchele was a tranny before
        she wound up in the hospital and died soon after ! ??????

        • Chandler says:

          I do not know anything about Joan Rivers and that comment, never heard it!!!

        • Chandler says:

          Joan Rivers is a comedian, I have not idea if this was said in jest or real. I just never heard this, so I do not know. Maybe or maybe not.

  20. e.alexander says:

    Sharpton is such a low life. a vulture, an attention whore like BO. They are the rotting stench of the USA. They would both steal anything of value from a dead man’s body.
    Shapton’s NO Reverend. He’s more like the devil’s deacon. Pure evil and it shows.
    People have to be idiots to watch him.

    • Chandler says:

      Or to follow him anywhere.

  21. Bruce Kaslow says:

    The way this regime operates, Sharpton will be awarded the Freedom medal, Holder will arrange to have his unpaid taxes forgiven, and Obama will be ready with a pardon if justice is done.

    • Chandler says:

      Nothing about this illegal government would surprise me . How does the Congress of the United States of America let a person run for President of the United States???I will tell you it was the Democrat Party ticket for PRESIDENT and the party is not the party of the People, and it has not been for years. It has turned into the party of Communist, Socialist,Muslim,Atheist, and Homosexuals, ” Special Interest Groups ” We have been sold out by the Democrats and the week kneed Republicans. Are we going to continue to let them destroy our country?????

  22. Don says:

    since he is black he thinks he does not have to pay taxes and the tax man wont touch him because his mentor oblamer has told them to leave him alone. but let a white person owe 1000.00 and they are going to jail after their belongings are sold.

    • BuddyBoy53 says:

      Trickle down lawlessness and “Sense of Entitlement” that is making black youths resist arrest and putting them in positions where they get killed by police officers defending themselves. We have a black problem in this country not a police problem.

      • Don says:

        well said!!!

        • BuddyBoy53 says:

          A black youth made an illegal u-turn and nearly broadsided our car the other week. He then chased us down into a parking lot where I got out and confronted him. He backed down when he saw my size and realized I fear nothing but screamed that the laws don’t apply to him only “you” people..
          Pretty much explains where we are headed in America.

          • patriot 86 says:

            You should have stomped the shit out of him and taught him the laws DO apply to him.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            I legally carry concealed so that would not have worked well for me. You can never get involved in a fight when you carry. You have to walk away. The fact that I was a bounty hunter and extremely well versed MMA fighter would not have worked out well for him but regardless of the circumstances, i would have gone to jail for beating his worthless ass and with assault charges on my record would have lost my right to carry. No thanks.

          • patriot 86 says:

            Yeah I hear you ‘ I carry too and agree that disgression is the better part of valor .You made the right choice even though inside i BET YOU WANTED TO GIVE HIM A GOOD BEATDOWN.

          • BuddyBoy53 says:

            Oh yes…

        • BuddyBoy53 says:

          I’m just surprised they haven’t tired to link handcuffs to slavery and pushed for laws banning handcuffing black criminals, calling it racist.
          Calling jails plantations, etc.
          I’m sure that will be next.

  23. billkoch says:

    al and his cohorts jesse, eric, and o have set Black Americans back many years. It was not White Americans or police or republicans or anyone else, but Black Americans and democrats did it. Wake up Black Americans.

  24. BuddyBoy53 says:

    He’s too busy with his 89 meetings with the “Criminal In Chief” as mentor to go to jail…

  25. BackwashBill says:

    Hello folks, been off the grid for awhile do to trying to pay off bills, one being the IRS OF COURSE the other being the huge medical thanks to Obama care.Seeing my cost of living go up 57% over the last two years while my pay increase was less than 1% for the same time,Well lets just say, things have been a challenge. But enough of my problems and lets talk about the big problem that effects all of us.OUR GOVERNMENT !!!! for way to long, before I was born, we the people have not held our elected officials accountable for there actions while in office.Bad bad and big mistake.Lets start there.Let put laws on the books that prevent them from using there get out of jail free cards and put them in jail for there misuse of our trust and resources of this nation

  26. Daniel Francis says:

    Great comedians Abbott and Costello toured USO entertaining troops during WW2 and the Federal Government showed gratitude by allowing the IRS ruin them. Why does the Federal Government allow a divisive hateful race baiter get away with worse?

  27. oat21 says:

    Can somebody explain how a slime bag like Sharpton can get away with owing Obama’s government $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses, gets no penalties, jail time or any punishment but Michael Grimm pleads guilty to a felony count of a $2 million count of tax evasion and is facing a 2 year prison term. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. If Sharpton is allowed to pay his debt down and receive no jail time for this tax evasion then Grimm should be allowed to pay down his tax debt with no jail time. If this is not allowed, I would call it unjust treatment of these 2 people, unfair, unjust and racism.

  28. TAM44 says:

    Breaking the law is a normal thing for this black racist piece of $hit and the IRS is not doing their job in making this charlie range twin look alike piece of $hit pay. We would have to pay or suffer the evil vile treatment they dish out.

    • oat21 says:

      I guess the IRS must be racist.

      • Chandler says:

        Don’t be a IDIOT all your life Democrat.

      • TAM44 says:

        democrats, same thing as al sharpton and charlie rangel are black and get a free pass, you make the call.

    • Chandler says:

      Everyone has to make up there own minds and make a decision. Run away and live with that decision or Stand up and fight for your country before it is to late.
      It is time that we force our politicians to do the right thing or suffer the consequences of defeat and consequences for there actions or lack of actions. There is no in between or choice.

  29. babsan says:

    This RACIST is hard to take.Typical DEMONrat

  30. dltaylor51 says:

    Anyone else would be in prison for owing four and a half mill to the govt.Being a pluged in democrat does have its perk and the only way to stop this favoritism is to unplug as many democrats as possible at every election.

  31. Lightning bolt says:

    Yes all of us would be in jail now however if you are black you can do anything except point a gun at a cop ,but the brainless dropouts don’t realize that.

  32. BuddyBoy53 says:

    This is who is in charge of this country. From the white a house to the DOJ communists and pro-Palestinian, anti Isreal Muslims are causing all the trouble in this country. They have infiltrated the highes offices of this country and your tax dollars are more than likely being spent to pay protest groups to further divide and destroy the country. Where are the defenders of Ameica!?

  33. Ludlow Porch says:

    Where are the debtors prisons of yesteryear? Put this PIG in jail for income tax evasion!

  34. 1911kimber45 says:

    Sharp-tongue should be arrested for inciting riots!
    Then, while he’s sitting in a cell, with all of the low-lifes he claims to represent, he could be brought up on the tax evasion charges!
    Just lock this piece of excrement up!

    • gearbox says:

      Yea – Yea – Yea !

  35. ppeony says:

    He is the 2nd coming of dirt. Someday BLACKS will wake up.STAND UP PUSH BACK at this creep.

  36. volksnut says:

    They convicted Al Capone on tax evasion charges – but that’s when there was some semblance of law and justice in this country –

  37. gordon says:

    most blacks are just as stupid as al a$$ not sharpton oh i forgot lazy and brain dead

  38. BuddyBoy53 says:

    Al Sharpton was in Sears. He was there to protest the fact that most all of the washing machines were white.

    So the clerk called the store manager, who asked, “What’s the problem here, Reverend?”

    Sharpton pointed at the machines and loudly bemoaned the fact that most of them were white.

    The manager replied, “Well, Reverend, it’s true most of the washing machines are white, but if you’ll open the lids, you’ll see that all of the agitators are black.”

  39. Laurence Almand says:

    Just why has this tax cheat been allowed to get away with such behavior? If he were a middle-class citizen he probably would have been prosecuted by now!
    Just why is the IRS allowing this situation? We need an investigation here, and also a reply from the IRS!

    • gearbox says:

      Abolish the IRS and the 16th. amendment ! enable the FAIR TAX !

  40. BuddyBoy53 says:

    If he owes 4 million in back taxes, look at how much money he must be making spreading hatred. Compared to a cop on the beat risking his life to keep the neighborhoods safe, I would say he’s doing really well for himself and crime is actually paying now.

  41. Terry Rushing says:

    Where, oh where is Lois (the louse) Learner when her hard eyed, no nonsense approach to IRS operations when we need her?

  42. ConsultantInAction says:

    Knowing what we now know about the IRS, I’m surprised they haven’t been sending him Refunds for others Taxes…. After all, if you are a Hard Working American, you must obviously be a Racist.
    If you are not on Welfare, you are a Bigot. If you are not Paying Your Share, you must be a Capitalist, which is the same thing as a Racist.
    Progressives have been collectively been enabling Welfare forever. Clinton and Gingrich, worked to give us Welfare Reform, however since and even during Bush 2’s tenure as President and now Obama’s, Welfare is Rampantly Out of Control.
    Romney talked about the 47% that just do not contribute to America, the Media Ate him alive for the statement, but we now know just how Truthful that statement was.
    Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panthers, The Black Caucus, the NAACP, URBAN LEAGUE, ACLU, are all Anti White. If one were to create an Organization; The White Caucus or the White Panthers or how about the White Brotherhood, why the Media and the DOJ would be all over it. So why is it then these Purely Racist Motivated organizations are permitted? Because we have an out of control Racist Administration.
    Now we have Police all over America under scrutiny by the Dept. of Justice, but who is watching these Racist Organizations, the same organizations that are advocating for Rioting in the Streets, Burning, Looting and Destroying Businesses. These are Criminals, not Protesters.
    Besides, what is it they’re Protesting? The Killing of a Criminal, a Thug, a Strong Armed Robber, one with a Rap Sheet as long as he was Tall? Or how about the Killing of a Man that simply refused to be Arrested, when in fact his Health was dubious at best. He died Accidentally.
    I for one do not agree with the method used to arrest this guy. I would have Tazed him, he more than likely would have died from that as well. He had Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma and was Obese what else is necessary to cause an accidental death. And, you don’t Piss in the Wind, for sure you’ll get wet. He died at his own hands. It is that simple.
    Back to Al Sharpton, he to is a Criminal, he blatantly fails to Pay Withholding, this is not his money. He’s Stealing these folks money. Their FICA, this money is not his to keep. If you or I did this, the IRS would be on us like White on Rice.

    Let’s really explore just what it is the IRS does; For one they are the most Feared Bureaucracy in our System. They are to Collect Taxes, in fact, these folks get to do just about any thing they want to, they Lie, Cheat, Deceive, Coerce, Intimidate and now they Politically get to Block an organization from gaining their 501c4 Status because of a Political Affiliation that is based on Conjecture. If you are a Republican, Tea Party or other Conservative Organization, you are in trouble with the IRS….

    Democrats should be just as Outraged, you know, the R’s are in power, now listen to the Liberals begin to Squeal about the Fairness Doctrine… Sharpton, with the IRS doing nothing to collect what he owes, Hundreds of Visits to the White House, clearly the Agency is Dirty. There needs to be an Overhaul…. All those that aspire to a Political Anything, need to go….
    Lois Lerner and all those associated need to be Prosecuted, dealt a heavy blow, Her Retirement needs to be reduced by at least 25% and placed on Probation… Felonious behavior is a certainty…. All those associated with the Conspiracy, including those in the White House.

    Al Sharpton; Sleaze Bag, Racist, Rabal Rouser, and now add Criminal, oh yeah, he was already tagged with that, he actually served time in a penal institution. An American, he’s not…
    Hey AL, if you want to help the Black Folks, go to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola! America can do with out you or your kind.

    • gearbox says:

      You forgot the unions that give their money chiefly to the DEMocRATS ! also they give
      a large amount to those radical protests , demonstrations and marches ! All those
      professional signs that they carry are probably union made ?

      • ConsultantInAction says:

        Right You Are. However, there is so much more to all this; Please keep in mind, the NEA, National Education Association, they are overtly and Covertly assisting in the Liberal Take Over of our Colleges, they too are spending Tens of Millions of Dollars they Extort from hard working Teachers, even when they wish to remain neutral in the Bidding by the NEA.
        This is also part of the Socialist Workers Party, The American Communist Party. If you have noticed, both of these groups have remained relatively silent in the last several years. Reason being; The Democratic Party is the Mouth Piece for the Left. No longer are Democrats for the Little Guy, not at all, they are however representative of those that are on Welfare, you see the people that have absolutely no skin in the game, they are the ones calling the shots.
        Do you think Conservatives, Land Owners or Small Business Owners got Obama Elected? Of Course Not. It was however, companies like Costco, Microsoft, Amazon, GOOGLE, BOEING, all of the Corporate Giants, the same folks that are being screwed by Government that are supporting these Left Wing Bigots.
        All of those I mentioned, their CEO’s all have Body Guards, and those Guards are carrying Concealed Weapons. These so called Businessmen along with all the folks that are at the Public Trough, they all Vote, but as for Corporate America, these are the ones that give the Millions of Dollars it takes to win elections.
        But none of this matters, reason being; All of our Politicians are in the Pockets of the Lobbyist. Well, that is except for a very few. Most of our Politicians are Lawyers, or as I call them; Professional Parasites. Lawyers first order of business; Dig a Hole to climb out of each day, all the while supposing to be balancing the Justice for All…. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most if not all of them are willing to sell their clients down the chute and for what? Just about anything. Realizing one only has a 50/50 chance when going to court, however when represented, if your lawyer isn’t getting Top Dollar, they deal you away.
        Because these same attorney’s are Law Makers, who do you think they represent? This is an easy one, they represent Lawyers. Ever notice, how everything is written in ways that they have Dual Meaning, Loop Holes, for sure. You see, laws are made for You and I to adhere to, it’s those special folks , the Entitled Ones that there for. Oh, once in a while, a Lawmaker is Elected and really takes his Oath seriously. The Tea Party are just those Folks. They do it for Love of Country, yes, AMERICA and Americans.
        You see, to these folks, we all matter. To these Folks, the Insane Debt that has been accumulating matters. The Disgraceful way our Commander In Chief has been performing, he too doesn’t care. Oh he cares, he cares about the Left, he cares about those that wish to commit crimes, Thugs and Murderers and Why? Because he’s a Rabid Socialist. He was indoctrinated by a Communist Father, a Socialist Mother and educated in his formative years in a Madrasa. Does anyone really believe he cares about AMERICA? No, he does however, he cares about the Revolutionaries of Socialism.
        Can you imagine what it’s going to take to straighten all this out. It will take the Congress, but with a different leader, Boehner is too far to the Left too. Only time will tell if any of this sinks in to those in the House of Representatives or the US Senate…. Only Time will tell, if they get it. We really need for God to Bless America, give us the Light to direct our Elected Officials, to remind them, they represent a Free America, not the Bureaucratic Maze we call Government today… Our Forefathers never intended to create a Government of Bureaucrats by BUREAUCRATS. No, it was intended to be Government of the People, By the People for the People.
        Never forget, our Bureaucrats are represented by Unions, the same Unions that support Anti Government Socialist….. Teddy Roosevelt; “Behind the Ostensible Government, Sits Enthroned a Government acknowledging No Allegiance and Owing No Responsibility to the People” It was Bureaucracy then, in 1905 and it’s even worse today.

        • gearbox says:

          On the money C A ! you should run for office !

          • ConsultantInAction says:

            gearbox; I have served the United States in several areas.
            I also held Office in my Community, but after 3 Terms, I felt that if I had served another Term, it would have been about me. It should never be about us, it should always be about Service to Others and Country.
            I continue to be active, I’m active in local issues, state issues and support Candidates that are True to the Constitution of the United States.
            Most Recent History; The Jimmy Carters, Bill Clintons and Sorry to say, Barack Obama, we as a Country have moved closer and closer to Nikita Kruchev’s statement; “we will Bury You from Within”
            The Democratic Socialist Party is doing it for them. Fear not from abroad, fear more from with in. Sedition by our LEADERS, Treason from our Leaders. When our President goes out of his way to destroy our Military Defenses, Our Men and Women while serving in Combat Theaters, what next?
            There needs to be an Insurrection, it needs to start in the Halls of Congress, where the American People have placed their Trust.
            Then in 2016, AMERICA needs to step up, stand for something, forget about all the Rhetoric spewed by the Left, for this is AMERICA, we can do better. I think Dr. Ben Carson or Mitt Romney can lead us to Victory…. Carson he too is a Great American. And he doesn’t need a Job, unlike the Miserable Excuse we currently have in the White House.
            His White House is filled with “Hey Dudes” all of them are either Has been Liberals or Practicing Communist.

          • gearbox says:

            C,A, I also like Gov, Mike Huckabee ! He likes the fair tax and is
            a common sense guy .

  43. William Keeney says:

    Cain’t do dat, das rasill profillin. Doe’s whity’s owz ME!!!

  44. 1Zooman says:

    Isn’t Sharpton the low alley rat who smeared human excrement on the face of a little black girl and then in court tried to pass it off as the act of a white man? I’m not surprised that a certain mayor and the illegal occupant squatting in the White House kowtow to this sub human anthropoid; birds of a feather…

  45. David Gutierrez Sr. says:

    He is another Al Capone put him in prison for tax evasion no bond no parole no probation and no help from his buddy Obama at all allowed!

  46. Maggietish says:

    Sharpton should be in jail. Those who are when protecting him should be in jail right along with him like Pres. Obama and DeBlasio. The IRS will come after people like us for $50 but they let Sharpton owe millions of dollars and they do oh hung about it. That’s one reason that we have to get rid of the IRS it’s just another example of how corrupt they are. They play these political games at the expense of the American taxpayers. It’s an atrocity for Pres. Obama to be protecting Sharpton and literally providing him a safe haven for his tax abuse. We’ve got a wake up America this is absolutely ludicrous. We need to start putting pressure on those elected officials continuously until the IRS is gone and we have a fair or flat tax. And too, Sharpton should be in jail and all of his assets should be attached and sold for the debt he owes.

  47. thumper79 says:

    i wonder if his file is on the irs missing e-mails? maybe that is why the e-mails are missing?

  48. LEE says:

    If we the American had any balls we should all stop paying our taxes until these scumbags pay up !!!!!!!!the problem with these scumbags is that they have there head in there ass and don’t have enough brains to take it out>>WAKE UP AMERICA

  49. marilyn says:


  50. Robert Brennan says:

    Don’t hold your breath you ugly son of Satan!

  51. simmss says:

    How in the h–l is this man allowed to spew this hate and lies and hypocritical rhetoric like he does? Everyone is sick of this trouble maker so why not have the Federal Government go after him like they did to Martha Stewart, Willy Nelson, Richard Pryor and many others. Pay or end up in the pen. Oh I forgot, we have a leader who wouldn’t want that. By the way, did he ever pay up in that Tawana Brawley case?

  52. Ibcamn says:

    in the NWO,it’s not just who you know,but rather who you blow!right mr obama!hmmm…..

  53. capa760 says:

    Wow, they cry and march for equal rights and when we definitely want them to pay their share of taxes to run the country or to balance a real budget, they suddenly do not understand ‘equal rights’, Deportation or jail for NOT paying his taxes. I do not understand letting him stay, if He is not paying his taxes. Or anyone else setting up Presidential Foundations of whose dollars?

  54. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    He’s a jerk, AND a joke.

  55. David Mangum says:

    rearend Shart-on, why are you not in prison, you none tax paying, race baiting, riot inciting, murder enciting, racist, hater, biggest piece of shit i have ever seen, i would rather talk to satan himself then ever gaze upon your ugly kisser again. i hope you Die soon, burn in hell,

  56. Brian Harvill says:

    While it should be a matter of telling this guy that he pays or goes to jail, that same option should be presented to corporations who pocket BILLIONS and yet pay NOTHING in taxes. That’s hecause of their republican friends but the fact remains that over 60% of corporations pay no taxes at all. So there’s no high moral ground for rightwing extremists to stand on in this regard. And yes, on PAPER, corporate taxes look high. Too bad that there isn’t a corporation that actually pays paper quotations in taxes.

  57. C R Donahue says:

    Isn’t this person a personal associate with the President at this time? That would seem to answer the question rather clearly. Similar to targeting the conservation populace from Cinn. with audits it would seem????

    Is this NOT a most likely possibility Pelosi and/or, Reed?

  58. carolskey says:

    In this administration it’s all about who you know…and who you don’t. How curious that Eric Holder’s replacement has a personal relationship with his wife…and she will make sure that his indictment for Fast and Furious will never take place!

    God please expose all of these liberal fools to Your Light!

    • gearbox says:

      Another good one Carol !
      America : ” Last best hope of earth ” A. Lincoln

  59. Timothy Bales says:

    May GOD have mercy on his soul, because I sure won’t….

  60. Dennis B Anderson says:

    You know what they say? Friends of a fraud remain frauds forever.
    There is no excuse for this government unless we go muslim dictatorship in the near future is there?? Think about it, act on it, Kill this deaseas before it goes to far we cant get back to constitutional american politics.

  61. BuddyBoy53 says:

    No nuclear bomb, open borders or terrorist nation has ever put this country in more danger than leaving this fraud President in office that meets with a criminal 82 times in the White House…

  62. Daniel Nelson says:

    I wonder why this TAX Cheat is not in Jail? I believe that this proves that there are two classes. Those who don’t abide by the law and those who do. Who are the most to abuse the law, why the liberal’s of course, and continue to get away with it because no ones makes these law breakers accountable. PATHETIC

  63. J.B. Young says:

    Why is this sorry bum not in jail?

  64. kruggerx says:

    The main problem is that these are not personal taxes. They are business taxes.Just like the way the Wall Street Insiders TOOK over $150 million from the Wall street Bailout in 2008 for personal year end bonuses. It has nothing to do with what but who you know. Why do so many American fall for the GOP distractions? Yes this man is a waste of TV time. But the GOP Donors that just got permission to risk government insured money AGAIN. So please people stop falling for the rights BS. They have just as many tax cheats and supporters as the Dems. A republican rep. from my state NY, just pled guilty to Tax Fraud, Lying on his taxes and using ILLEGAL immigrant labor. Isn’t it the Republicans that are screaming about the illegal immigrant problem. Isn’t it the GOP that REFUSES to increase penalties on companies that use illegals? This just proves that the GOP are a do as I say not as I do party.

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