Trump Calls Berlin a “Purely Religious Attack”

Leave it to President-elect Donald Trump to ask the question on everyone’s minds.

As the Western world grappled with yet another Islamic terrorist attack the heart of Europe – this one in the run-up to one of Christianity’s holiest days – Trump took to Twitter last week to give voice to the outrage Americans feel after eight years of Barack Obama’s appeasement of radical Islam.

And it came just as word was spreading that Italian police had killed the monster believed to be responsible for the outrage.

In a pair of Twitter postings Friday, Trump accurately described the Berlin market attack as the work of a terrorist engaged in the ultimate clash of cultures. While liberals prattle about “root causes,” and the administration of Barack Obama shamefully rewards terrorist thugs at the expense of our friends in Israel, Trump laid out the main motive for the attack, then asked the question at the heart of it all.


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