Trump Couldn’t Possibly Spend Less On TV Ads

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.39.51 PMHillary Clinton spent $52 million on TV ads while Jill Stein and Gary Johnson spent tens of thousands, but Trump spent nothing. That’s right, Donald Trump didn’t pay for a single TV advisement! Since Trump knows how to generate media attention without paying for advertising, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Trump waits until the week before the election to run TV ads.

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According to an analysis by NBC News, the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign has spent $52 million on television ads, many of which have been concentrated in the battleground states that will be critical in determining the outcome of the election.

The Trump campaign, by comparison, has spent zero dollars.

Even the two third-party presidential candidates, Green Party nominee Jill Stein and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, have outspent Trump, the GOP nominee. Stein’s campaign has spent $189,000, while Johnson’s campaign has spent $15,000.

When outside groups are factored in, Clinton’s advantage over Trump grows to $91 million to $8.2 million in TV ad spending.

The largest pro-Clinton super-PAC, Priorities USA, has spent $37 million.

Meanwhile, the largest pro-Trump super-PAC, Rebuilding America Now, has spent $5 million. The National Rifle Association has spent $3.2 million in TV advertising for Trump.

Trump simply doesn’t need as much money to run his campaign, he has far fewer campaign employees. It will be very interesting to see how Trump does spend his money if the TV advertising drought continues. In 2012, over $763 million was spent on advertising out of a total of nearly $1.3 billion spent for the Obama and Romney campaigns. Trump raised $80 million last month alone. If Trump continues to raise massive amounts of money, what will he spend it on?

Looking at how Trump has been spending money thus far, it’s tough to see what component of the campaign Trump will beef up. He might add more advisors, pollsters, or campaign staff, but since he ignores the advice of the “experts” regularly, it’s not clear that would do much good.  The unorthodox campaign spending of Trump is something we’ll be watching closely as the election moves on.