Trump Lets Comey Testify

White House officials announced Monday that President Donald Trump would not invoke executive privilege to stop James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, even though they said the president had the power to block it.

According to Fox News, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement at a press briefing where she told reporters that the president wanted a “thorough investigation of facts.”

“The president’s power to assert executive privilege is very well-established. However, in order to facilitate a swift and thorough examination of the facts sought by the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Trump will not assert executive privilege regarding James Comey’s scheduled testimony,” Huckabee Sanders said, reading a written statement.

Comey’s testimony is expected to focus on a memo he allegedly wrote that said the president had asked him to stop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s relationship with Russia and Turkey.

Since the conversation was private, Trump could have invoked executive privilege. As late as last week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer intimated that might be a possibility.

“That committee hearing was just noticed — it’s got to be reviewed,” Spicer told reporters Friday. “The date for the hearing was just set. I haven’t spoken to counsel yet, I don’t know how they’ll respond.”


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