Trump Wants Flynn Back

According to The Daily Beast, sources from within the Trump Administration assert that President Trump not only has remained in communication with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn since Fllynn’s resignation, but even wants Flynn to return to the administration after the investigation into Flynn’s ties with Russia have concluded.

One White House official stated, “Trump feels really, really, really bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over, Flynn can come back.”

Even Trump communicating with Flynn is problematic, as it could lead to allegations of conspiracy, witness tampering or coordination, and Trump’s attorneys have reportedly warned him against doing so, but Trump has done exactly that, according to a Yahoo News  report that was confirmed by multiple White House and administration sources.

Flynn had reportedly informed the Trump transition team that he was under investigation over undisclosed lobbying on behalf of a foreign government before Trump chose him as national security advisor, but Trump ignored the alleged warning and appointed him anyway.

Michael Ledeen, co-author of Flynn’s 2016 book, The Field of Fight, told The Daily Beast, “He did not want to be National Security Adviser. He didn’t want to be in the government. He wanted to go back to private life. But Trump insisted on it. He likes him; he trusted him; he was comfortable with him.”

A senior Trump administration official echoed that Flynn was “reluctant but honored” when Trump made the offer.

Another source told The Daily Beast that Flynn did not want the National Security Adviser post, but rather Director of National Intelligence or director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


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