Trump Wants To Slash Legal Immigration

President Trump has actually thrown his support behind a worthwhile proposal to reduce legal immigration.

The bill, which was initially put forward by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA), is called the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act. The president hailed it as “the most significant reform to our immigration system in half a century.”

“The RAISE Act will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars,” Trump said.

Here are five things you need to know about it.

1. The RAISE Act would end chain migration and the visa lottery, which would make immigration based almost entirely on working ability. Chain migration is the concept of immigrants being let in on the basis of family reunification rather than working skills. Under the RAISE Act, immediate family members can apply for green cards under family reunification, otherwise, immigrants would only be allowed in on the basis of a point system. Robert VerBruggen of National Review explains: (H/T: Hot Air)

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