Trump’s Debate Coach Is His Greatest Media Ally

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.28.42 PMFew people did more to help Trump win the nomination than Roger Ailes of Fox News. Now the media mogul who created the most watched cable news network in America, must prepare Donald Trump for the greatest television event in Trump’s career, a debate with Hillary Clinton.

Roger Ailes ran Fox News up until last month when he was forced to resign over a sexual harassment scandal. He is a long time friend of Donald Trump.

ABC News has the story:

Former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes is advising Donald Trump on his debate preparation, but does not have a formal role in the campaign, sources told ABC News.

The two men, who are longtime friends, met last Sunday at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey, according to senior level campaign sources. Trump has also gone to Ailes for advice on debates and the two have continued their relationship through phone calls.

Here’s what the conservative website The Right Scoop has to say about Ailes’ unofficial status:

This official/unofficial status for Ailes is just wordplay to keep the sexual harassment stink off of the Trump campaign. But people are smarter than that. Ailes is either advising Trump or he’s not and that’s what people will pay attention to.

The Trump campaign denies that Alies is working for them. As the Right Scoop points out, the official status doesn’t change the fact that Alies appears to be advising Trump’s debate preparation, but he’s not officially a part of the campaign.

Under the leadership of Ailes, Fox News became what Ted Cruz called the ‘Donald Trump Network.’ With the help of hosts such as Sean Hannity, Trump secured twice as much air time as Ted Cruz did.

Folks like Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity helped Trump get where he is today, their fortunes will ride the Trump train to victory or defeat in November.