Trump’s Not A Hillary Plant, But It Might Be Worse…

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-47-28-pmIs Donald Trump a plant for Hillary Clinton? The answer is absolutely not, but the truth might be even more disturbing. A recent report claims that Trump is plotting to start his own Trump News Network with his son in law Jared Kushner. If that doesn’t send chills down your spine let me remind you who Jared Kushner is:

Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump and runs the New York Observer Magazine, he is wealthy enough to run his own magazine because his father, Charles Kushner, is a corrupt real estate developer. Charles Kushner also happens to be a mega-bundler for the Democrat party and Hillary Clinton.

Like Trump, Charles took full advantage of tax payer money to make hundreds of millions in New York City real estate but he might have broken a few laws along the way. As a result, he got charged with tampering with federal witnesses.

It gets worse, the witnesses were his own brother and sister. He literally paid a hooker to secretly film herself sleeping with his bother. Charles sent the video to his own sister to intimidate his own freaking family to stop them from working with the government. No problems though, when it was time for Kushner to face the music for his crimes, Trump’s buddy Chris Christie (the acting N.J. attorney general at the time) let him off with a slap on the wrist.

Apparently, Charles Kushner is mad that he even got a slap on the wrist: rumor says his son, Jared, used his influence over Trump to stop Christie from becoming VP.

Trump might start his own news network with money from one of the most corrupt and powerful Hillary Clinton donors in America, what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s put all the facts together:

  1. Trump and the Clintons were great friend, they didn’t just hang out at Trump’s wedding, they hung out a bunch of other times too. In fact they hung out so often that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump become best friends.
  2. Trump tried really hard to help Hillary and Nancy Pelosi win. He didn’t just give money (to both Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation), he went around worshiping and praising Hillary. He even continued to sing her praises when Obama decided to make her secretary of State.
  3. Trump asked Bill Clinton if he should run for president.  Wikileaks tell us why Trump discussed his options with Clinton. Trump wanted to make sure that the Clintons would do everything in their power to help him win the Republican nomination. Hillary’s surrogates were making it clear that they preferred Trump since he was the weakest candidate. Wikileak’s emails show that Democrats were pressuring the media to cover Trump more often in order to “take him seriously”. That’s why Trump asked Bill Clinton if he should run, he wanted to make sure the Clintons would pressure the media to help him win the Republican nomination (and they did).
  4. If the Trump News Network becomes reality it will be funded by Hillary’s top money bundler Charles Kushner. Charles and Jared Kushner already use their liberal magazine, The New York Observer to attack conservatives (they endorsed Trump but relentlessly destroy authentic conservatives).

So am I saying Trump is a plant? No. If Trump was a plant, he wouldn’t be attacking Hillary so viciously. Trump wants to win.

However, Trump could be worse than a plant. Not only will he hand the election to Hillary Clinton, he might also create a crooked media company that will fight and destroy the few intellectually honest Republicans left in the party. Trump and Jared Kushner are already doing this by attacking the few authentic voices that remain: Eric Erickson, National Review, Steven Hayes, Glen Beck, and Steve Deace. The crooked Kushner family can use the Trump News Network to make sure their isn’t a decent law-abiding or conservative Republican left in the party.

If the Trump News Network becomes a reality, Trump might become something worse than a plant who simply hands one election to the enemy. Trump could divide and destroy the entire conservative movement, he won’t be a plant. He’ll be an asteroid that blows everything to hell.