TRUMP’S VOICEMAIL HACKED! Listen To The HILARIOUS Messages Liberal Elites Left For The Donald!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.22.32 PMAs if Donald Trump’s ego isn’t already yuge enough, MSNBC hosts Tamron Hall, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough left Donald Trump some adoring voicemail messages that were just released by a hacker.  These pandering messages are sure to cause embarrassment to Tamron Hall and Mika Brzezinski among their leftist friends.  It almost sounds like Tamron Hall is begging Trump to buy her a new dress, so funny, SO PATHETIC!

From the Daily Caller:

Leaked Donald Trump voicemails reveal MSNBC hosts Tamron Hall, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough cozying up to the New York real estate developer.  The voicemails, which were released Friday, were sent to Gawker by someone saying they hacked Trump.  A source in the TV industry told The Daily Caller the voices seemed authentic, adding, “I’d bet money.” The calls with Tamron Hall are allegedly from 2012 and the Brzezinski and Scarborough ones cannot be dated. In Hall’s voicemail she says, “I celebrated by going to Gucci, and I’m going to use your discount, because there’s a green dress that’s like $3,000, and I need a discount bigger than the one — my discount.” Hall continues to say, “I hope you’re bracing for Romney to get his butt whipped tomorrow by Obama.”  In another one she refers to an unknown YouTube video featuring Trump and says, “I saw the YouTube video today and wanted to chat with you about it and wanted you to know I’m a huge fan and think the world of you. But I think that thing today was not good—not becoming of who I think you are as a person, as a statesman, like your award. I just thought it was just kind of crummy.”

You gotta listen to the messages below!

It is unclear if more messages will be released in the future but we can say for sure that what has been released thus far has been absolutely hilarious!
In the world of MSNBC, Donald Trump is a terrible person until you need a new dress, then suddenly you are a huge fan!  This is the sad state of “journalism” in America.  One thing is for sure, Donald Trump didn’t buy a new dress so share this article with your friends and sign up for our emails!