Venezuela Can Draft Residents And Force Them To Do This… (This Is Getting Scary!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.41.27 PMBernie Sanders, Oliver Stone, and Sean Penn used to worshiped Venezuela. Unlike the welfare-capitalism seen in Scandinavia, Venezuela had actual democratic socialism! They completely and totally rejected the concept of supply and demand and ran wild with anti-market policies such as price controls that are all the rage with Bernie Sanders fans.

Now that the entire country is in shambles the Venezuelan government is getting desperate, scary desperate!

Just look at what they can force citizens to do now, from The Daily Caller:

In a desperate effort to cope with worsening food shortages, the government of Venezuela has approved a new law that allows the government to force citizens into agricultural labor.

According to Vice News, the law, approved by President Nicholas Maduro’s government last week, empowers the government to conscript both public and private-sector workers to join agricultural work teams for 60-day periods. The conscription can be renewed repeatedly, meaning the government could potentially force workers to permanently become agricultural workers with no ability to return to their old jobs.

Officially, the government will still pay these workers their old work salaries, creating a system comparable to medieval serfdom. But with Venezuela in the grip of hyperinflation, it’s not clear what these workers will be able to buy with their salaries.

Forced labor in the fields, who could have predicted it would get this bad? Ohh right, EVERY conservative on earth knew these policies would lead to disaster while Hollywood morons still think that price controls work. Something tells me that Bernie Sanders supporting hipsters, who refuse to do any job other than work in an air-conditioned coffee shop, won’t be too thrilled with the end result of democratic socialism if it is ever tried in America.

Store shelves are empty. People are leaving the country to search for food. The Venezuelan government is literally blaming America, capitalism, and greedy corporations for their problems. Leftist never learn.