Vicente Fox trolls Trump

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox mocked President Trump in a tweet on Monday, comparing his White House to an episode of “Survivor” with “low ratings.”

“Hey Trump, I’m watching this really bad reality TV show with low ratings called Survivor White House. I can’t change the channel. Sad!” Fox, a frequent Trump critic, tweeted.

Fox’s tweet followed the sudden removal of Anthony Scaramucci from his post as White House communications director after just 10 days on the job.

Scaramucci lost his job on the same day that the new White House chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, was sworn in.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that Scaramucci “felt it was best to give chief of staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.”

But speaking to reporters later at a press briefing, Sanders suggested the president made the call to force him out, calling his exit the result of a “mutually agreed conversation that took place between several people.”


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