Video Proves Obama is Intent on Exploiting Americans

Jonathan Gruber is already one of America’s least favorite people, and it’s only getting worse for him.

That’s because he and his boss relied on exploitation to make sure Obamacare was passed. They assumed Americans were too stupid to know Obamacare is a rotten deal.

And in a new video filmed at the University of Rhode Island, he says that they relied on exploiting Americans to get Obamacare passed into law.

“It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter,” Gruber said

Lots of Americans are dumb, but if Americans were that stupid, they would have kept Democrats in office for another term longer. But they didn’t.

Watch the video and tell us what you think below.


  1. marla1 says:

    There is nothing I would rather do than read the obiturary of this administration in the white house and be rid of the career political leeches!!

    • USAForever48 says:

      Me, too, Marla. Me, too!!!!! And the sooner, the better.

      • SniperToo says:

        I will drink to that. Cheers!

    • SniperToo says:

      You are not alone and many of us do.

      • Daniel Spickard says:

        If we can do it, I’ll bring the beer for all!

    • wandrako says:

      All of them.

      • patriot 86 says:

        Yup ‘ every last lying SOB .

    • Daniel Spickard says:

      I agree with you! They should all be marched out onto the front lawn, and be hung!

  2. Jason Golff says:

    He is a loud mouth little narcissistic little typical left winged I know it all little bastard. He should be put in jail for fraud along with anybody that was involved in this fraud. That includes Obama,Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. If we started enforcing the laws fairly and equally across the board all this crap would come to a screeching halt..

  3. william couch says:

    Back in the mid to late ’60’s, Dr.’s Told everybody that the use of hard drugs would cause brain/ chromosome damage and everyone laughed!! Now we’re reaping the benefits of the drug use of the times. LIBRATURDS, DEMOCRAPS!!!!! And homosexual presidents, that are not even born here, destroying this once great country. Someone wrote a book “What if there was no AMERICA”. Now we know!!!!

    • SniperToo says:

      William, you took the thoughts and words right out of my mind/mouth. I am 65 years old and I have been saying the same thing for years about the second generation of hippies from the 60s/70s. It’s true, this is why these idiots have a upside down/side ways thinking about everything. Also, by the time I left high school and college; the true facts about our country’s history, world history, old fashion math (2+2=4 not 5); the difference between right and wrong and it’s NOT cool to lie about everything was thrown out and CHAOS AND BRAIN WASHING was in. Just recently in the New England Medical Journal and research out of England has confirmed that NOW pot can actually cause the frontal lobe of the brain to turn into mush over time (daily use, etc.). We are actually allowing mental nano brains, asylum inmates, to run this country into hell in a hand basket. Supper, I also read the book from D’Sousa. Loved the chapter about the south western states, plus parts of California, Utah and Colorado being purchased by our government for 15 billion from the Mexican government. I quote that every time some upstart ignorant Mexican gets in my face about how we, the whites, stole their country. I remind them about the Treaty of Guadulupe Hildalgo (1846-1848). You should see how they get this deer in the headlights look”. LOL

      • william couch says:

        I know about the treaty, and do the same thing, and I do it in their language. They don’t if they should [email protected] and to fall back in it. I’m 67.

        • SniperToo says:

          Great, keep it up every time you have the chance. Love it!

      • JerryN says:

        I do the same – with one extra:
        If you want to buy it back, you need to pay for the property improvements. When we bought it, it was mostly scrub and desert from Santa Fe to San Diego. We’ve added Billions in infrastructure including dams, nuclear power plants, etc. that make the area livable. Come up with an amount, maybe several Trillion, and we can talk. Otherwise shut the F*** up!

      • Paul Dragotto says:


        • SniperToo says:

          Learn to spell right, your smoking is affecting your spelling bee efforts.

          Incurable brain virus’s? I rest my case.

    • Saltporkdoc says:

      I agree with william couch’s assessment of our current situation. I would add one other demographic cadre to those ruining the country…those who burned their Draft Cards and/or fled to Canada to avoid serving…and President Carter for pardoning them.

      • william couch says:

        I’m 67, had a senior moment and forgot about those HUMANOID’S…………

  4. J Ernst says:

    The trouble with making “economic sense” is that 95% of high schooler’s, & 79% of first two-year college students will NEVER take any course in economics that isn’t REQUIRED as CORE CURRICULUM!!!
    Therefore, as this guy said, “The dumb amerikan voter”, IS IGNORANT regarding anything beyond understanding balancing a checkbook and paying their bills.
    The “health care” bill is a TAX SCHEDULE 18 INCHES THICK!!!!
    I say again, the HEALTH CARE BILL IS 18 INCHES THICK!!!
    NO ONE has read it in its entirety!!!
    NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what’s in there/it UNLESS you are a CPA!!! With an MBA!!!
    The average American is too busy trying to survive than to avail themselves the time to read this TAX BILL.
    The ONLY effect this TAX BILL has is that IT BUTTRESSES the NEED for the IRS to continue to EXIST!!! PERIOD!!!
    Maybe we’ll go back to the days when there were DEBTORS PRISONS!!! Then the government can put U.S. all to work like in CHINA IN THE 50’s, 60’s, 70’s……..

    • Gerry Costa says:

      Obviously Congress didn’t have the time to read it either but they passed it. William Couch is right ‘ WHERE DID AMERICA GO

      • Valor says:

        Just remember, that Congress passed this Obamanation without one single Republican vote in either the House OR the Senate. The Demorats own Obama Care, lock stock and barrel. Where did America go? Down the tube with a totally ignorant electorate that votes either on charisma or because a candidate has a “R” or “D” after their name, not on where they came from and what they actually stand for.

        • simmss says:

          Yha, and all the idiot democrats who voted for this, all got voted out. All of them. Remember that you little dumb demo rats.

        • Laddyboy says:

          Valor: The Representatives are NOT SUPPOSED to vote by what they “FEEL”. Their RESPONSIBILITY is to vote how their Constituents tell them how to vote. The DemocRATs have been voting how the DemocRATic Peoples’ Party TELL them how to vote. They have turned their backs on We The People. These “Professional Polititions” MUST be removed from ALL government Office Positions for the rest of their lives.

      • Laddyboy says:

        Gerry Costa: ‘mr. gruber’ called Americans “stupid”. The only Ones who passed the obamacare law were the DemocRATs in congress. I have to agree with ‘mr. gruber’, in this case, that the DemocRATs in congress are “stupid and ignorant”.

    • Robert Myles says:

      Debtor Prison is an evil thing, we are more than close enough to being a Communist Government now don’t give the bastards more ideas on ways to take complete control over us. I agree that all too many of us are too busy struggling to stay a head of the Bills which keep going up as wages go down

    • william couch says:

      Doctorate, in economics…………………..

    • SniperToo says:

      J Ernst – your right and sad but true. These very same one’s that he is talking about should NOT EVER be allowed to go near a voting booth. I blame our government and the unionized commie teachers for brain washing down these people and the government for allowing t-o-o-o-o many non English speaking immigrants into this country with the same uneducated mentality. These people DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about our economics, capitalism and especially about our great history of this nation. All 3rd/4th world countries brain wash their own. These people do not even know their own true history of their own countries either. This is truly criminal and pure corruption.

  5. Gerry Costa says:

    How many trips did this clown make to the White House and all the focus is on him — when all the time the real culprits are obama,pelosi,kerry — oh hell guess we can include the whole demoRATic party. This clown is just another fall gut for this administration.

    • rivahmitch says:

      Don’t leave out the Repugs who just affirmed the betrayals by voting money for them.

  6. rivahmitch says:

    Actually, that Bozo, Pelosi and Reid (among others) are still breathing shows that Americans are that stupid.

  7. Cindy says:

    This is a left wing, communist, liar. He helped Obama put our health care in the total disaster it is today. What is amazing to me is that Congress and the Senate passed that trillion dollar spending bill last week packed full of crap that WE have to pay for. Why?? Why do we have a country that is so weak against this unlawful, liar of a president. It is almost laughable that after all the lies he has told this country that we are paying for his vacation RIGHT NOW in hawaii! WAKE UP people and admit that this guy is a total communist, liar, muslim and a betrayal to every American. Wake the hell up and tell your Congressman and Senators the first of January that they better get it together and vote to HELP US!!!

    • Valor says:

      Right on the mark! But don’t count on the spineless Republicans. They are terrified of being called racist if they go after Obama. Only two things can save this nation. Devine intervention, or public revolution. Neither is likely because the nation has kicked God out of the public square, and the public is for the most part a bunch of ignorant idiots with no guts.

      • simmss says:

        yes, but God did say, ” if enough pray for their country, I will heal it.” But this president is doing his best to discourage prayer through secular ideas and his muslim buds. We can’t give up.

    • Dannie Poe says:

      Sad to say it: There a many liberal Republicans who like the socialist agenda. They want to continue having power over the voters. It they did not they would have listened to the voters after the mid-term election. Conservatives are the minority in both houses of Congress. There was a time when God and Country meant being a patriot who beleived in the Constitution. No longer the case. Those who were elected(after lying to the voters) have not upheld their oathe of office. This includes the President. It seems that now we have a Goverment playing the role of Nero as the country burns and collapses around us.

      • SniperToo says:

        It’s sad, isn’t it.

    • Laddyboy says:

      Cindy: We The People must hold everyone of the congressmen/women who voted for this back-stabbing manuver responsible. They MUST be removed the next time they want to be voted back into Office.
      Old saying:
      “Once a liar, always a liar.

  8. SniperToo says:

    SOB! How about a well placed drone up his butt?

  9. Robert Myles says:

    I knew long before obama was elected the first time that this person could not be trusted,was inexperienced and there were already questions about his tightly hidden past. He made hundreds of promises that anyone would realize he could not even come close to keeping. He spoke with a forked tongue and played the poor and unemployed like a fine tuned fiddle. Now his latest move with Cuba. There were no earlier warning signs no congressional debates nothing. He merely by Dictatorial Decree changed 50 years of US policy while Charlie Rangel the 3rd longest sitting corrupt Representative from NYC was in Cuba for what no one has heard about. His speech included in Spanish “We are All Americans”. He has answered the question of What if there was no America. The North American Trade Treaty his Border Czar has said we have moved the southern border to Mexico’s border with Guatemala. He has done what he truly set out to do as he says in his own book “Taken America down a notch for it’s Imperial Ways”. He is no more an American Citizen Than Vladimir Putin. His Health care law is unconstitutional and violates the American peoples Right to Choose. The Constitution has nothing about ‘Forcing all to have healthcare’ it is no more a Right than Running people down with a car is. The time has come and gone for Congress to act on his removal, the same goes for the gutless Pentagon JCoS. He has reduced our armed forces to pre-WWII levels. Our navy will soon be using Rowboats if he has his way. The final days of American Greatness are indeed upon us

    • tk-atty says:

      He lies every time he speaks, and according to his religion it is acceptable because he is deceiving the infidels in order to take over their Country. It is called taquirra, and that is what the traitor Jihadist in the White House does everyday.

  10. MARYSWEET says:

    Again I state that gruber may think the American voters are stupid but who voted this albatross into law? NOT THE VOTERS – IT WAS THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS. The public NEVER wanted this but we got stuck with because of the dems and rinos voting it into law.

  11. CTH says:

    Gruber proves once again that he is one of obutthead’s over educated damn fools and lackeys.

  12. Stan Hoffman says:

    Grubber is a slick tonged devil. He says that taking away a tax break on health insurance isn’t creating a new tax. Yes it is. What wasn’t once taxed is now taxed, thus its a new tax. He cites how it will bring in so much extra revenue. Why do they need extra revenue? They are not responsible with the revenue they make now, they won’t be responsible with new revenue. Government needs to be brought into accountability for its actions. Grubber needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  13. disqus_lJapfzCIUh says:

    This Gruber was paid by commie Vermont to be the architect of the commies’ Utopia of nationalized health care system…well….well…they found out this week that they simply CANNOT afford it and the CommieGovernor scrapped it…and Vermont’s population is minute compared to a State like CA or TX…Way to go commies….no….no. .the rest of us do NOT want to pay a penny for you to gloat….Bernie will have a fit…

  14. We are also being destroyed by those voters who recently said “yes, we should get rid of tax paying Americans and bring in illegal aliens; that sounds fair”….and then signed the petition. I am NOT laughing. I am bewildered.

  15. Daniel Spickard says:

    I say that we tell every Republican in congress, you either impeach this whole administration, or we remove you from office, period! See, we do have this thing called recall! If our representative, or senator isn’t doing their job as the constituents think they should, we can have them recalled, and replaced!

  16. William 1 says:

    Wonderful how God exposesliars, thieves, murderers, so easily! Evil?men love darkness-ignorance-better than light-Gods laws-because their deeds-works-are evil-just like their father satan!

  17. needfulthings says:

    Obama care is great and it works just fine. Half the rates went down and have went up and over all rate increases were 1/4 to 1/5 the rate before Obama care was implemented, (which averaged 10% a year pre O.C.). Now 7 Million have Health care they couldn’t afford! Now the Red States your Politician screwed you big time !!!!! Wait till all you State Employee’s in Kansas and New Jersey lose your retirements because those Republican Governors are spending all the retirement monies. Less than 50% funded as of today.

  18. BHR says:

    Obama will do anything he can to ruin AMERICA. Gruber said just what OBAMA and the democrats believe, the voters are stupid and they were right. There has been scandal after scandal and OBAMA has taken the law into his own hands. He is still breaking the law but the congress or any legal part of our government is doing nothing about his corruption. A judge last week said one of Obamas executive order was illegal but he did nothing about revoking it. Even when the courts tell OBAMA he can not do something he keeps on doing what he wants.
    The only way OBAMA will be stopped is for the people to go to the WH and throw him out.
    We will be a government just like Cuba if we keep OBAMA in the government. He has been setting up hidden infrastructure and phony laws by the EPA and other government agencies. Obama has brought AMERICA to its knees financially. Within just 18 to 36 months, according to many experts around the world, Americas government will implode. The government will no longer be able to pay the police and fire departments, no social security, no healthcare (medicaid), no military or any other agency will survive.
    Americas total short term and long term debt is 233 trillion dollars, we the people can never pay that back. AMERICA will become a wasteland.
    Rome collapsed as a major nation in 410 AD by 510 the government was totally gone in the western empire. In just a few years, Rome went from a city of over 1 million to less than 10 thousand. That could very will happen to us.
    The only reason our government is failing, is do to OBAMA and the democrats but the republicans have not done much to make things better. The only reason every person does not have a job is due to poor government leaders.
    We had a large sweep of republicans in the last election. The newly elected have not taken office yet but the party leaders keep doing the same old things that got us into trouble. We need all new leadership.

  19. prm2012 says:

    This whole bunch should be in prison for the fraud put on we the people. Everything is based on lies. Something needs to be done about all this, Congress should and could do something about it .But they are in on it, but they just act like they can’t.After all the talk before the elections, what they were going to do, repeal defund and on and on it goes. Can’t do it, it would great if they were recalled because of the fraud they pulled on the voters. Also take away their pension and spend time in prison.

  20. Francisco Machado says:

    The end purchaser pays all – I do mean all – the taxes. I can’t really imagine anyone finds that hard to understand – that the taxes are part of the cost of mining, manufacturing, shipping and retailing costs. They are the costs of doing business, and are part of the product’s cost to the final buyer. The store from which you buy is taxed on the sale of the item. Sales tax. the government doesn’t give a damn if he collects it from you, as long as he pays it. The retailer certainly gives a damn about that – he passes it on to you. How transparent does it have to be? The cost of taxes gets passed down from level to level – until you pay it when you buy the product. Sales tax is just the final tweak, the last few coins per dollar that the government deems itself entitled. And they are sorely aggrieved that they have not been getting any money in their coffers when you buy something from another state. They’re trying hard to fix that. Watch for them to start taxing every transaction – write a check to pay your ‘phone bill – which is loaded with assorted taxes already – and they’ll nick you a few cents on the dollar for the privilege. And when you literally cannot afford to live, the benevolent government will supply you with what they deem you need. Back to the Middle Ages.

  21. The signs of the end times are everywhere…

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons.

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21)…

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit our Bible Prophecy website at:

  22. J Ernst says:

    WOW, I TOTALLY forgot my U.S. History re; Treaty of Guadulupe Hildalgo. GOOOD REMINDER and very useful. Mexico has ALWAYS received monies from the highest bidders…I’ve been to very beautiful places in that country. And EVERY TIME I came home, I feel like kissing and hugging those officials on MY side of the border!!! There’s NO PLACE like the USA in spirit and intent!!! Maybe it’s just me…….

    RE Med. Weed; Smoking weed was also found to allow and promote the SWAPPING OF HORMONE intensity in MAMMALS!!! YUP, if you’re a man, you get MORE ESTROGEN. If you’re a woman, you get MORE TESTOSTERONE. NOT to mention that your children have a greater risk of being born with myopia.

    As a rated U.S. Aviator, I can UNDERSTAND how Mr. Dragotto “quit” smoking weed of FOURTY YEARS!!! Easy to do the math there sir! As far as I am still aware, the FAA does NOT allow for ANYONE to pass a flight physical with THC in their body!!!
    Nothing personal but, I AM GLAD you are relegated to the THIRD SEAT in the cockpit. Also you ARE aware of cyber interested investigator’s trolling of these and other forum sites…right? Maybe your promotion of your personal weed use will help you, when someone passes “your opinion” about smoking weed. You may just need it AFTER your potential certificate suspension….I mean…DUDE!!! Don’t give up the whole store just to express your opinion!

    The effects of LONG TERM “weed” use can be witnessed every day in our society.

    Re; Our national interests, MY personal opinions: REDUCE the U.S. payments to the UN, Prosecute any and ALL of the Representatives who have voted to reduce, impinge upon, or relingquish OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS to our Maritime Borders a/or our Property Right’s to the UN., Prosecute ANY and ALL representatives who allow International “Law” to override our constitutional and state’s laws regarding the same. Prosecute ANY and ALL persons who DO NOT SECURE OUR BORDERS per OUR U.S. Treaties and interstate agreements.
    That should occupy the senate and congress, the judiciary and the executors for at least 4 years!
    Oh yeah, regarding those peoples who have the privilege of holding DUAL CITIZENSHIP…put in place a TWO YEAR REVIEW/RENEWAL of said status…especially the banksters. Might just find out where the gold went.

  23. Paul Brown says:

    If anything, I strongly believe the demoncraps are the stupidest people on the planet today. They refuse to listen to reason and like to think their own way and they figure that is the gospel truth, well it isn’t truth at all except it is something they made up to get their way and to scare the people. I worked with many and they felt their way was right and wouldn’t listen when I tried to tell them the truth about something, in the end, they found I was right in what I said.

    • Liberty's Advocate says:

      If they are that stupid, Paul, why have they been so successful at undermining our liberties and our societal structure for so long? Could it be they are so ideologically focused and brain washed by the complicit media’s lack of intellectual oversight that every politically correct idea they postulate goes unchallenged? Naturally, they assume they are correct and their intellectual laziness reinforces everything they do, not only in THEIR minds but in the minds of the compliant, unsuspecting public.

      Although it appears they would be wealthy if they had two brain cells they could rub together, their lack of critical thinking skills is what leaves them neck-deep in a trash heap of non-functioning ideas, irrelevancies and a rudderless existence based on moral relativism. Their effectiveness is due primarily to a lack of effective opposition from Conservatives, a lack of options offered to the public as alternatives, inept communication of those ideas offered BY Conservatives (with no help from the MSM), and a leadership structure on BOTH sides drunk on power and not the least interested in preserving the rights of the people they represent.

      It is way past time the people woke up to the fact they are under the yoke of tyranny. That which the MSM and to a degree the “fair and balanced” media view as incompetence on the part of this administration is in reality a very competent and effective attack on America’s moral, societal, religious, economic and defensive underpinnings … weakening significantly the integrity of our freedom-based institutions.

      We had better pray hard because it will take nothing short of a miracle to save this nation from the destructive forces, domestic and international, brought to bear on this country by this treasonous administration, and not resisted by a Congress which is concerned more with political posturing and gaining political advantage than with asserting the principles of freedom they were elected to promote.

  24. Rhonda Hunt says:

    Gruber says that it is a clever way of exploiting the American people,that is not clever at all,its just plain dishonest,they call that lying and a deception,if all the information on the ACA is kept secrete and we don’t know about it,that is not us being dumb on our part,nor is it being clever on his part,its just being a liar and a thief,and using the truth to deceive,but not clever,we saw him testify before congress,and Gruber is the lying little wormy weasel that he sounded like then,there should be a law against lying,wait there is a law that says thou shall not bare false witness against thy neighbor(that is us)so pay back is coming to all these Politicians who believe they are so Clever.—–Jim Hunt

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