Was Ron Paul Right? Have Neocons Taken Over the Tea Party?

In February of 2010 Ron Paul warned that his grass roots effort at creating the Tea Party was already being high-jacked by a Neocon takeover.

He implied that the defining principles of the Tea Party movement had more to do with ending the Federal Reserve and cutting down on the size of the government than it ever had to do with taking up arms against Iran and a host of other external enemies.

Paul said his first cause for concern was the decision to promote Sarah Palin as the new face of the Tea Party.

Paul said that the new position of the Tea Party under Palin wishes for:

“More troops in Afghanistan, bombing Yemen and bombing Pakistan and thinking about going into Iran… that’s the infiltration philosophically of different positions.”

Now many of those who have a voice of influence in the media see the Tea Party being nearly identical to the establishment Republican party.

In a recent televised show between Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, the two sparred on what the present state of the Tea Party is and how it differs from the original views that Paul began with.

Rather than speak to the idea of a Neocon takeover, Coulter simply stated that she feels the Tea Party has been taken over by “shysters and con men.”

She is far more concerned with people positioning themselves as Tea Partyers for a fast buck than she is about the dissolution of core Tea Party values. In fact, she claims that Tea Party patriots should NOT fight against establishment Republicans.

Nowhere in the video below do either Hannity or Coulter make mention of the fact that many in the Tea Party movement are ideologically similar to many established Republicans.

That’s certainly a cause for concern.

The Tea Party should always be seen as a voice for freedom and liberty. The Tea Party should be known for its desire to end the Fed, stop unjust wars, and rectify years of out of control government spending.

Many times, that means the Tea Party should be running against big government Republican incumbents.

You can watch Hannity and Coulter talk about the Tea Party here: