Watch ANGRY Bill Clinton FLIP OUT On Black Lives Matter Protestors

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 9.50.47 PMIt’s all fun and games until black lives matter protestors start interrupting your speeches, isn’t it Bill? Protestors angry about Clinton’s tough crime bill from the 1990’s started interrupting his speech in Philadelphia. Bill Clinton got mad and fought back fiercely in a way that will surprise many guilt ridden white liberals.

This is so funny:

The Clinton’s didn’t have much to say when black lives protestors were shutting down free speech at college campuses or taking over the stage at Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump events. It’s pretty funny how they flip out when they are the target of attack.

Bill Clinton now says that he regrets his exchange with protestors but in the heat of the moment he sounded a lot like a conservative. Clinton said, “You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.” In defending his bi-partisan crime bill, he pointed out that the law locked up brutal murders. That just made the crowd jeer him even louder. Clinton has since tried to walk back his comments.

Hillary needs high turn out from minority voters in November and having her husband fight with them isn’t going to help minority voter enthusiasm. The Clinton’s are truly stuck in a lose-lose situation on this issue.