Watch as Nancy Pelosi Comes Unhinged on the Floor of the House

All representative Tom Marino (R-PA) had to do was call out Pelosi and Democrats for their failure to act on immigration in order to set Pelosi off and have her initiate a standing confrontation with the “country lawyer.”

Marino, who rightly accused the minority leader of the house of mismanaging immigration issues, had Pelosi storming across the floor of the house, wagging her finger, and hurling insults at the Pennsylvania lawmaker, for merely pointing out the truth.

This comes on the tail of lawmakers finally agreeing on a comprehensive bill to help secure the border from more illegal immigrants.

Watch Pelosi go after Marino.


  1. Chandler says:

    Pelosi ;
    is nothing more than a bag of hot air and a traitor, that has out stayed her welcome in this country.
    Let us not forget the other two traitors. Reid and Holder, along with so many more that Obama has placed into our government.The intent of all of these people is to turn our country into a socialist/communist/Muslim country. If you think other wise you will get what you deserve in the end.

  2. Harold says:

    Piglosy gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘idiot’, or is it communist and Obama teat sucker?

    • Chandler says:

      I believe you have a valid opinion of the woman that has stayed in politics far to long.
      Reid is suffering from the same thing as all the lifers on both sides of the isle are.
      We must rid our Congress of the politicians that have 8 or more years in office .
      I call it forced term limits as they would rather destroy our government than to give up the power of the office.

    • Dawn Harsley says:

      I believe “insane” is the word. This woman is clearly off her rocker. Too many years of drug use has fried her brain. When she is speaking sometime, look at her eyes.

  3. harry snodgrass says:

    IF you have a dog in the house it should be house broke,,but the democrats having problem with NANCY PELOSI they can not house broken her// I say get a liters box maybe more thin one or two>>>>>Have a nice smell democrats,,who going to be the next RAT>>>nancy pelosl>>>

    • Chandler says:

      Not if we the people do our job to weed out the old lame politicians that have been in office for ever. It is time that we the people weed out the lifers on both sides of the isle.
      Out founding father did not want lifers in the Congress. They stated that come in do good for a short while then get out and go back to what you wee doing before you got in to serve.
      Does that tell you that a job for life should not of been allowed? It does to me. So it is time to change there mind set, no matter what or how nice or how good they are they DO NOT DESERVE A JOB FOR LIFE, NO ONE DESERVES A JOB FOR LIFE, NO ONE.
      If the politician is bad in his first 4 years out if good in for another 4 years. But not a life time job ever again.

  4. jbftskj says:

    N.P.: a study in barely controlled ‘liberal” or “progressive” or “Socialist” hysteria. Pathetic case, and there are several others akin to her in Congress.

    • Chandler says:

      You could not be any more on target with this simple statement.

  5. Chandler says:

    And the right meaning for TERM LIMITS FORCED. No more than eight years total then out never to return.
    To many are now millionaires at our expense with outlandish benefits to boot.No more lifers on either side of the isle.

    • patriot 86 says:

      Yup totally agree 8 years and your gone with no lifetime perks ‘ thaen maybe these assholes would get something done.

      • Chandler says:

        Even if they keep going the way that they are now, it can’t hurt to clip wings. The status quo is not except-able, never has been.for a government to take care of business.

      • W.C. says:

        If voters would use their brains at the polls, we could impose term limits. There’s no law that says voters have to keep voting the same, greedy slugs into office no matter how often or how badly they screw us over. However, that’s like saying if a frog had long legs he wouldn’t bump his rear every time he hops.

        • M. MOLNAR says:

          You have found the crux of our problem…if voters were smart enough. Our general masses AREN’T smart enough. The general intelligence of our Nation has slumped big time probably because we have many illegal Latinos (not from the recent flood but from years passed) with little to no education. And then there is the general young adult population that barely made it through school. I can tell you as a public high school teacher, I watched fellow teachers discuss failing students and deciding to “pass them through” the system on to the next grade because they didn’t want to deal any more with that kid. This happened more than you realize. I told the teachers who were disgusted with what was happening with those students that one day our Country will suffer because our population will NOT be able to understand what is happening to them. Well, here we are!

          How do you re-educate the masses and educate the illiterate population when the govt smiles and hands them welfare stamps, cell phones, housing, etc. How do you explain that “nothing is free, there always are obligations to those who hand them their monies?”

          We are at that cross street now and unless that portion of our population is educated abt the pitfalls of “owing” this govt, they will continue to vote in their providers to nurture their lives. How do we educate these people?
          Any suggestions because this IS a huge part of our problem.

          • impeachemall says:

            Your supercilious bigotry knows no bounds…. Shame on you!

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Get off your high horse and get back to reality. There is no bigotry but what your very own brain read into this. People like you tend to put their own thoughts on top of other’s blogs…you so miss the point. You are why our country is faltering because you REFUSE to see what is really happening here. You try to cover up your ignorance by claiming others as being bigots, when in reality, you are the biggest bigot of all.
            Try learning the facts and looking at this event with different eyes– outside your little protective box of name calling.
            We all need to be smarter than accepting the totally biased media as a source of information. When the SHTF, you will not know what happened to you or your loved ones.

            What happened in Missouri can happen again in any other poor black town across the nation…the issue isn’t with me being a bigot, but with this govt’s inappropriate policies that have hurt our society, not bettered it. Get it right!
            I have had black friends all my life that came from different classes of highly educated down to barely making it. Believe me, even the highly educated Blacks will tell you that they will distance themselves from the poor Blacks because the poor blacks are self destructive…that’s coming from their own race.
            Do the research, read books, articles all over this nation. Our problem with this faction of our population is soon to be overwhelming…if you aren’t educated to the real reasons behind those riots, then you, too, will become a statistic as their unrest boils over.

          • Chandler says:

            There you go again with your superior than though attitude, Where did you get such a ridiculous attitude, You jump to one person to another acting like you are such a hot shot when you are just a little turd and not that smart I will say.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Compliments, compliments. You are such a smooth talker…not. Keep up the great debate Mr. Small man. Obama is lovin your arrogant attitude – just like him. You two could write your memoirs together. Aren’t you Special???????

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            Poem by R. Kipling I remember reading in high school, (’70) “…and after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins, when all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for their sins, as surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the Gods of the copybook headings, with terror and slaughter return.” I guess more than a few people believe “It just can’t happen Here”. Wishing you a better tomorrow…

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            And the masses didn’t think our Nation would be attacked inside our borders…and 9/11 happened. This scenario has been created to destroy our Nation. Bho has had this hidden agenda since he stepped into office in 2008.

            I have been blogging about this since then and have seen Americans slowly waking up to this intruder’s actions in our country. But the clueless die hard liberals still think they elected a gem to the White House albeit he isn’t even a U.S. natural citizen. His one desire is to cut America off at her knees and he is achieving this through his mass executive orders and with behind the doors legislation.

            I guess the hardest thing for me to understand is why Americans believed his lies…and still do sometimes. I can tell you that from Day One, nothing but LIES have come from his mouth…and he continues as I write this. If ALL AMERICANS- INCLUDING LIBERALS-DON’T WAKE UP, WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE A COUNTRY OF FREEDOMS, BUT ONE OF CONTROL BY THIS GOVT.
            It’s one thing to just not be aware, but it’s another thing to REFUSE TO SEE that someone is holding your head under the water.

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            I seem to remember Carl Jung saying something about one of the most common psychological problems in peoples later lives sprang from a lack of comming to grips with the human need to recognize the role of religion in the human mind. It kind’a looks like a LOT of people decided to accept outright Worship of Obama in order to fill this void. I guess I’m whats termed a “Deist”, so I won’t preach toward any one particular church. I think both knowledge and religion are needed in equal measures. I don’t know WHY its so. But either, taken to prohibition of the other, WILL form its own form of dictatorship. Obammunism is still very much alive, though a blight appears to have affected it of late.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            I so agree. Without faith in God, there are no laws or boundaries to live ones life by. Intelligence helps you to get through life, but faith is what guides your actions. When God was removed from the public view and those demonists demanded removal of anything God related, I knew our country was slidding into an abyss. Like you said, we Americans will need not only intelligence, but faith to once again establish America as the strength she once was. Bring God back and you will stabilize our Nation and force those who do not believe in God to leave or be quiet…including those who worship bho, lucifer’s son…TMI for another time.

          • richard hutchinson says:

            Bud i am 77years i have been talking about dam dim.a.rats like them my whole live

          • richard hutchinson says:

            bt what them people that is voteing for them when is does happen the gov well cut them off at. The knees to

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Want to rephrase your thought? Because you write better than that…what is your point?

          • George Sedares says:

            Ah, you revisionists still trying to get Bush out from under this colossal mess we still experience today. We will be another10 years clearing his mess; except for the broken families from his two phony wars and the massive lingering debt. If you can’t deal with the past what makes you think you can control the future ?

            I didn’t realize until now that, Buffoonery was the chief goal of the Tea Party !

          • old codger says:

            The debt is ALL, 100% OblowHard and DemonRATZ owed!! PERIOD! They themselves created it “PURE and SIMPLE”!!!!!! DO NOT BLAME BUSH FOR THE “LINGERING DEBT”! Not to mention that Obozo PROMISED TO GET US OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST ASAP!! Hasn’t happened yet!!
            Here’s why the Housing Bubble/ Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac melt down occurred!!!!! “IF” you watch it you may want to hum the tune “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” which is what the the DemoCRAPS were singing while lying to Congress!! You CAN’T lay the Debt crisis on Bush!!!!
            Facts are facts! It’s 100% DemoCRAPS owned! NOT BUSH!!!

          • George Sedares says:

            Very little of you post is correct, as Bush skipped out without paying the check, ( billions for Iraq and Afghanistan ) and still counting !
            Obama hasn’t gotten us completely out because he was honoring Bush and the U.S. commitments. You are an old fool and demean old codgers everywhere…You nut cakes didn’t want us to stay and most of you can’t wait to go back now ! Don’t bend over on a windy day because the hot air can blow through your mouth and ass at the same time ! You sound like a wind tunnel !

          • old codger says:


            Watch the video A–Hole!! You are so full of yourself that “IF” you’re married and have kids I am so terribly sorry for your family having to put up with your egotistical, narcissistic attitude!! I pity ANY family you might have!!
            OblowHard is honoring Bush????? That is about 500,000 metric tons of Bull SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!
            The ONLY “wind tunnel” here is you and your lack of brains!!! You should also be careful when bending over in front of “your Black Messiah” as it is rumored he is gay! You just might get an unexpected pointed intrusion!

          • George Sedares says:

            And yesterday, as you posted your short-sighted message , your GOP led House of Representatives led the push to arm the Syrian rebels ! And prior to that you folks were all in favor of bombing there as well ! AND THEN you say Bush failed to get us out ? ? You clowns can’t make up you own minds.
            For the record, Bush would have had to break treaties and agreements to get us out of the middle east sooner ! Especially Iraq ! You remember Iraq; Bush’s phony war with the WMD, and the mythical labs and Yellow Cake in Africa…. But most importantly don’t forget the thousands of casualties and broken families !

          • old codger says:

            First off you purposely sidestepped the “Massive Debt” reply!! 2ndly you evidently can’t read! Quoting my post; “Not to mention that Obozo PROMISED TO GET US OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST ASAP!! Hasn’t happened yet!!”
            #3 Bush and the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” issue. Bush HAD VERY BAD INTEL!!! The CIA “LIED” to him and he went forward under the “ASSUMPTION” the CIA report was FACTUAL! Now the rumors/ speculation/ facts of the WMD’s go back as far as the 1980’s!!
            Didn’t we have a couple of planes that flew into the Twin Towers??? You kind of left that out also! You are “So Hell Bent” on blaming EVERYTHING on Bush that YOU pick and choose which items to focus on and IGNORE the rest! A TYPICAL LibTURD!!
            Again watch the video!! The “MASSIVE DEBT” falls SQUARELY on the DemonCRAPS!! UNDENIABLE FACTS on the Housing Crisis/ Bubble Bursting/ Massive Debt!!!!!

          • George Sedares says:

            You are a so clueless indeed ! Bush had 9 months of good intelligence leading up to 9-11 and ignored all of it. He and Condi could have stopped or greatly diminished this tragedy on 9-11. How do you propose to slither away from this ? All of the facts and bi-partisan investigations are done, documented and Bush and his star-struck Condi were asleep at the switch ! We are still paying for his mismanagement and Condi will never reappear on the national stage !
            Dpo consider the source of your phony assignment of the debt…. Most of it even today can be directly traced to Bush. Yes Bush did stick Obama with many billions of unpaid debt from his two phony wars and you know it ! In fact Clinton left Bush a surplus and that and billions more followed under Bush and his Harvard MBA miss-management/ expertise. He did in fact run our economy into a ditch. Just check out the calender and realize things cannot be changed instantly. Bush got his tax cuts and never delivered the jobs he specifically promised for passage of these cuts. Did I say specifically ? ? The Repugnants pocketed most of the money instead of reinvesting it also as promised, ( as promised ) and the little guy got screwed again ! The only fine difference, in many cases was; the small business man was throw under the bus as well ! You are one sad loser, across the board !

          • old codger says:

            YOU STILL HAVEN’T ADDRESSED THE DEBT!! You are so full of it that you MUST have VERY brown hair and eyes! AS you are TOTALLY full of it!
            Oh and tell your Messiah/ Piranha OBLOWHARD to go to Hell!
            You are a pathetic narcissist!

          • George Sedares says:

            You have’t raised a valid issue – your video merely suggests Fanny and Freddy contributed to the debt. It comes from FOX and is slanted, and doesn’t recognize that this was all happening on Bush’s watch- he did next to nothing ! FURTHER- THE TAX CUT SAVINGS WERE NOT BEING REINVESTED AS PROMISED in new jobs, but were being pocketed by the greedy elite GOP’ers to the detriment of the countries economy. Do remember that Bush specifically promised new jobs in exchange for passage of his tax cuts. You absolutely cannot dispute this, it is so well-documented !
            Oh, here is a free-be for you: Bush in his original campaign platform said he absolutely would not engage in Nation Building and then goes into Afghanistan and then follows up with his phony war in Iraq. If none of this makes any sense to you, then you are a totally clueless buffoon !

          • old codger says:

            Oh ye of infantile mentality! Again you are so full of SH!T!!! Where in the name of Sam Hell do you think the “BIG” debt came from??? And you have the audacity to say “your video merely suggests Fanny and Freddy contributed to the debt.” Why did EVERYBODY need to be bailed out??? How’s about when the Housing Bubble BURST/EXPLODED???? Fannie and Freddy WERETHE FREAKING CAUSE!!! Gay blade Barney Franks said ” Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack AREN’T in crisis and went on to say that they, Fannie and Freddy, should do more to encourage loans!! WTH over??? You DID NOT, REPEAT DID NOT watch the clip or you WOULD NOT be making asinine statements!! Fannie and Freddy both sold their high risk loans to the banks! You are one punch drunk, Kool-Aid swilling DemoRat!
            OblowHards speeches said “I will get us out of the Middle East ASAP”!!!! And we’re still friggin there!! OblowHARD also said he’d create jobs!! What happened there???? Not a friggin thing!! That’s what???? Under OblowHard the national debt has MORE then DOUBLED!! Oh yes that’s Bush’s fault too! OblowHard has fought the Keystone pipe line which would make us MORE energy self-sufficient not to mention IT WILL CREATE JOBS!! Obozo and the DemoCRAPS RAMMED down our throats the UN-Affordable Care Act which IS ALSO COSTING jobs!! NOT to mention Obozo started out attacking the Second Amendment, now he and his COMMUNIST/ Socialist cohorts are after the First Amendment!! Here is your statement right back at you “are a totally clueless buffoon!” If Bush is bad according to you, then Obozo is a TOTAL FREAKING WASTE of good air! Maybe if his mother kept her legs closed OR better yet had an abortion, which you DemoRATZ are so in favor of, we WOULD NOT HAVE a completely useless piece of shit in the W.H.!
            It’s pretty sad when Carter states that he thanks Obozo for taking over the title of “The Worst pResident” in the history of the United States of America!! I’ll save you the time on the spelling of pResident! I did it on purpose because he is a “phony resident” of the W.H. and I, for one will not EVER call him President, he is now and ALWAYS will be a “p”hony”R”esident! If there was EVER anything good about him, “IT SURELY TRICKED DOWN HIS MOTHERS LEG” and fell to the ground!
            P.S. You really need to stop watching the Lamestream News Media all they do is glorify a total freaking waste of good air!!!
            Lame Stream News Media:
            CNN – Communist News Network
            CBS – Certified ‘Bama Supporter
            ABC – Accredited ‘Bama Cheerleader
            NBC – National ‘Bama Cheerleader
            MSNBC – Marxist Supporting National ‘Bama Cheerleaders
            PBS-Puerile ‘Bama Supporter. Puerile means childish, silly, immature. By studi30
            What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about ‘Bama WILL NEVER sees air time!! EVER!!!
            “You are an A Typical DemoRAT/ DemonRAT/ Marxist/ Socialist Kool-Aid swiller”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll bet that you blame bush for that too!!

          • George Sedares says:

            WE are still waiting for the jobs Bush premised in return for the tax cuts… Seems to most experts that this alone would have eliminated the need for any bailouts ! We are still waiting for business to reinvest money saved from the tax cuts into jobs also as promised by the Repugnants !
            Think what you will, neither you or the T P or GOP will ever have full control of government because you have looted the spirit and wealth and good will of this nation. You are never to be trusted.

          • old codger says:

            I’ve tried to be “nice” and pointed out the errors of your thought process to NO AVAIL and all you do is counter Bush, Bush, Bush! So heres a “NEWS FLASH”!! Hey stupid, Bush HAS NOT BEEN PRESIDENT FOR ABOUT 6 AND A HALF YEARS”!!!!! You still keep avoiding the facts! The Housing Bubble “EXPLOSION” WAS CAUSED BY THE DEMORATZ AND OBLOWHARD!!!!!! News Flash: “Had the Housing Bubble NOT BURST then the Massive, Debt accruing, MASSIVE BORROWING WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN NEEDED”!
            “YOU” DemoRATZ keep blaming Bush for EVERYTHING but didn’t he have a CommieRAT controlled Congress?????????? If so how is everything Bush’s fault????? A CommieRAT controlled Congress are the one’s making the Bills/ Laws. Even if Bush veto’s the Bills they just go back and over ride his veto!! So sidestep ALL you want BUT Bush hasn’t been President for some time now and the DemonRATZ still are SCREWING THE COUNTRY!! Fast& Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, midnight appointees to key positions when Congress is STILL in session and the list goes on and on and on!! Repeat of the News Flash, Bush hasn’t been President while all this Bull Shit is happening!!!! Or are you going to try and blame Bush BECAUSE HE’S NOT THE PRESIDENT?????????????
            You REALLY need to step outside your cocoon and take a look at the “REAL WORLD”!!! Living in your cocoon with the lies pasted on the inside is “past history”!! The Real World is Obozo and the DemonRATZ/ Socialist elite SCREWING THE COUNTRY!!
            Another News Flash: “6 and 1/2 years later IT IS NO LONGER BUSH’S FAULT”!! It’s the DumboRATZ!!!
            Good God George step away from the Kool-Aid and sober the [email protected]#K up!!! Another News Flash: “We’re in 2014 NOT in 2004 or so”!!! Your Messiah and the DumboRATZ are STILL SCREWING UP THE COUNTRY!! Bush may have not been a Saint BUT OBLOWZO IS THE DEVIL REINCARNATE along with his DemoRAT/ CommieRATIC Senate!! But in your eyes OblowHard being a POS and the Senate being Communistic is Bush’s fault as well! Further more I’ll bet you’re one of those that CAN’T see the forest because the trees are in the way and I’ll bet that that’s also Bush’s fault!

          • George Sedares says:

            AS long as people are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan without a Bush successful resolution, he still has a hand on all the B.S. and the blood of thousands of U.S. casualties from his phony wars. The collateral damage continues and he is still complicit there and responsible for the broken families which will linger for many more years. What is your answer to these folks ? This mostly came about on his watch. Is this why he hides out most of the time in his bunker in Whako, Texas ?

          • George Sedares says:

            BTW- housing bubble- look up bank deregulation and see who created it, who pushed for its passage, and who sold it to the country. Then consider why and thank the Repugnants for their major role in fostering this upon the country. Bet you do not have the backbone to address this one !

          • old codger says:

            Oh “El Stupido” as per usual you only point out your misguided NON factual facts!! Check out this link:
            It PROVES it goes all the way back to Carter! Yet again you spout half truths CLAIMING they are in fact truths! You are so Hell Bent on blaming Bush that you can’t see the forest for the trees!!!

          • George Sedares says:

            How does the Keystone pipeline make us more energy sufficient when its chief purpose is to export to Europe and the rest of the world. This only enriches Big Oil which has been screwing all the U.S.citizens. AS we speak, Big Oil is trying desperately to get an exemption to export our own surplus oil and we will not benefit whit cheaper prices at the pump. Regulators are expected to turn them down. That is a good thing ! Too bad you are so thick ! You die hard revisionists never give up. How sad !

          • charles johnston says:

            As usual, Georgie, you’re as full of it as a Christms goose, but then you always are. For your information, although you have no clue anyway, Reagan butt-kicked the economy into Willie Clinton’s supposed surplus, although Willie raided social security to do it. (There ain’t no lockbox, dummy) Anyway, here’s a short history lesson to illustrate how clueless and of short memory you libs are:

            “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”

            –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

            “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”

            –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

            “Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.”

            –Madeline Albright, Feb 18, 1998

            “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.”

            –Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

            “[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs.”

            Letter to President Clinton, signed by:

            — Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others, Oct. 9, 1998

            “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”

            -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

            “Hussein has … chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies.”

            — Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

            “There is no doubt that … Saddam Hussein has reinvigorated his weapons programs. Reports indicate that biological, chemical and nuclear programs continue apace and may be back to pre-Gulf War status. In addition, Saddam continues to redefine delivery systems and is doubtless using the cover of a licit missile program to develop longer-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies.”

            Letter to President Bush, Signed by:

            — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), and others, Dec 5, 2001

            “We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and th! e means of delivering them.”

            — Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI), Sept. 19, 2002

            “We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.”

            — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

            “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.”

            — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

            “We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.”

            — Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002

            “The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October of 1998. We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons…”

            — Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV), Oct. 3, 2002

            “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”

            — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9, 2002

            “There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years … We also should remember we have always underestimated the progress Saddam has made in development of weapons of mass destruction.”

            — Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, WV), Oct 10, 2002

            “He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do”

            — Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA), Oct. 10, 2002

            “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

            — Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

            “We are in possession of what I think to be compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has, and has had for a number of years, a developing capacity for the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction.”

            — Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), Dec. 8, 2002

            “Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime … He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation … And now he is miscalculating America’s response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction … So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real…”

            — Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Jan. 23. 2003

            All dempcrats, all singing the same tune, so get off the, “It’s all Bush’s fault,” rant, because, not only is it tiresome, it’s a lie and you know it.

          • George Sedares says:

            Go cherry pick a bunch of statements made by your fellow repugnants. You have proved nothing, and still ignored Bush and Condi’s failure to act upon 9 months of intelligence just prior to 9-11. You will never get by that one- as it is fully documented and recognized by the investigative committees.

          • charles johnston says:

            Ain’t cherry picked, dunce. You’re so determined to blame Bush that you can’t see anything else. Clinton dropped the ball long before Bush had a chance to touch it. That is true and you will never change it, so just sit in you puddle like a good little lis frog and croak to all the other dummies.

          • old codger says:

            Hey “El Stupido”!!! Take a close look at the “D’s” after ALL the names!!!!!! Those D’s means DumboRATZ!!!!! A–WIPE!

          • George Sedares says:

            And I could produce a list as long as anything you have with bad qoutes from the Repugnants/ T P side ! I did not have tpo resort to phony cherry-picking …. There is nothing of any consequence to any statements made and presented. Much of it was speculation and based on projections and conjecture. Do you know what conjecture mesnts ? You are really ignorant if you think you can make a point of quotes from either side. This is why I deal on what is known, facts and documentation and reports from experts charged with analysis. Do you know what analysis means. You should quit as you and Johnson are over-matched and Bush is the biggest culprit on the face of Earth; responsible for most of today’s problems. Just think what we could have if we stayed out of his phony war in Iraq and delivered the jobs he promised in exchange for passage of his tax cuts ! Still no answers for that. Just cut and run- that is what you do best !

          • George Sedares says:

            Do your minders realize what a flop you are, and that you will not stand up and discuss the issues ? I am beginning to see why the T P is in a state of collapse. No one with backbone to account for their errors. All the T P does is cowardly wait in the weeds to bushwhack all others, and does not stand up and support any events. You can run but you can’t hide. Perhaps the hit and run tactics you T P’ers use can better be identified as the Terrorist Party. No wonder the GOP no longer embraces you !

          • Chandler says:

            Putting down the legal citizens that are in distress will not help a damn thing.
            After you are part of the problem , what have you done to change what is happening???
            What are your plans to help save our country. If you are so intellegent and so far abouve the masses. Whay did you not work at stopping what was happening.???

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Hey Chandler, who are you addressing? Because what you’re asking should be referred to your State Rep or Senator. That is exactly what I am saying. Our govt. has actually created this scenario and that is where we must demand answers. No one person can change this up to a positive thing, but they can get people to look at all sides if this debacle…not just what the media wants you to know because it is biased toward the govt. I don’t pretend that I have all the answers, but people need to look at events such as this from outside of their normal thinking patterns. Out present govt wants you to think that our society had caused the death of that Black kid…we didn’t do that. The policies this govt came up with killed that kid and there will be more riots because the Missouri riots opened up a whole new page for the poor blacks.
            Yes, there are innocent Blacks being swept away in this violence, but if you do any research on black violence, you will discover that most of it is done right inside their own neighborhoods to their own race…except when it becomes a riot situation and then the violence extends to other neighborhoods.
            Like I said before, when you take away a person’s ability to provide for themselves and loved ones, you take away their dignity and pride and turn them into a criminal. That’s what is happening in the Black areas across the Nation…rampant crime because of this govt’s policies of feeding and not teaching them how to produce that food.
            Capice Chandler? We know what part of the problem is, now how do we find a solution except by contacting our Congressmen…or physically change our govt’s structure?

          • Chandler says:

            Yes there is far more black on black violence than any other race. It is the fault of there leaders and not holding themselves accountable for there community that they represent. Sharpton, Holder, Jackson and others are poor community leaders we all know that. We all have said what you have said at one time or the other. Still nothing is done nothing is solved.
            You do realize that at some point there has to be a action not just talk. Not just discussing???

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Of course I do realize that there will be a time when talking will no longer be viable, but action will be the answer. I am praying that this doesn’t happen soon, because no one in this United States has any idea of what true Revolution entails.

            This is not a movie or rerun…this is our lives and our loved ones we are talking about and battles of any kind hurt so many, even children. Look at what is happening on the Gaza Strip and the children that have been maimed…and died. Do you want this on your front door?

            No, any action needs to be considered long and hard…it will be putting our loved ones in dangers way. But on the other hand, should our loved ones be tucked away from harm, then YES, we would need to make our voices heard anyway we can. I’m just not ready to do that right now…but I am aware that this may come down to that.

            I am a realist. I believe in TRUTH and I believe in God and that without HIM, we are just spinning our wheels. Before any mass altercation, there must be a “leader” and that person hasn’t surfaced at this point. But you will know when he/she does…because their words will be strong and inspiring, but their actions will be deadly.

            Pray that this doesn’t happen immediately, because most people are not ready to fight for their country. They talk BIG, but when reality hits, they will back away in horror. They are pissed off, but not enough to take up arms. But eventually they, too, will come around to seeing that words no longer mean anything and actions are the only avenue.

            I hear you Chandler…and I understand.

          • Chandler says:

            Oh yea just keep talking and writing your little book blogs. I do not see any solution in your blog not one.
            You are like so many others that want to be a want a be, Talk talk talk talk, talk.
            I am so glad our forefathers had the guts to act and do what they had to for our future and our countries future. Our country is eroding and going away illegal after illegal, corruption after corruption, and still nothing but talk. No marches no demands just talk.
            I grow tired of people that all they can do is talk, and nothing else.
            You are a realist, well I am a mountainous, I believe in the mountains the trees the animals, nature and the very breath we take. so what.
            I also believe in keeping what is mine, and the protection of family and friends.
            How did you take the jump from talk to firearms like there is nothing in between, what ever happened to demonstrations? A show of force without force.I tire of this , out.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            I never said I have the solution because I don’t. Why are you looking elsewhere for a solution? Why don’t you make an action yourself? A demonstration? Why don’t you create a group of people willing to stand up for our country? Why do you expect everyone else to make an action when you can do this yourself?

            Of course you’re done with this. Let me give you a word of advice. I have been blogging abt this snake in our White House since 2008 – 6 years trying to warn people about this demon and getting slamned so many times in the process. Don’t you think I’m tired doing this? But when people start thinking abt what you are saying and start to see the light, then you keep on doing it because IT’S JUST THAT IMPORTANT!

            Talking about the issues this country is going through is tiresome, even defeating. If you do not give yourself a “break” from this stressful discussion once in a while, it will literally make you ill, not to mention raise your blood pressure. You need to walk away from blogging…give it a rest…do something different…anything to get your mind and body off of these topics and back on to sonething concrete and touchable. You become isolated when you become so involved that you can’t think of anything but the issues facing all of us from this govt. It can become damaging to your body…and mind.

            Chandler, I know how much you want our Nation back like it was before obama. I know that you feel there is nothing you can do at this point to change things. You are wrong. You have already changed many people’s thoughts abt what is happening…you have kept the information flowing, encouraging people to think about standing up for their rights. These are good things. You have helped us through the discussion part and when we need to go a step further, you will be there too.

            Right now you are tired, tired of seeing no one “reacting” instead of talking. I hear you about that. You are angry because obama and his henchmen are stealing your country right under our noses. But do you know that the House of Representatives has hired a law firm to try obama for overstepping his presidential authorities? Do you know that this trial can lead to Impeachment proceedings? Do you know the enormous amount of legal suits filed against obama and his administration? Do you also know that if a Conservative President happens in 2016, he can repeal or revoke obama’s destructive legislation and rebuild our Country again?
            Nothing is forever my friend. Change is right around the corner – and I’m not talking abt bho’s change. What bho has done can be undone. The American people are stronger than the snake in the Oval Office. We will bite back. That you can depend on. But for now, let’s watch obama squirm in Court as he tries to talk his way out of his lies and deception. It will feel good watching him on the hot seat for a change. And please walk away from this blogging for awhile or it will eat you up inside.

          • Chandler says:

            I fought and worked for this country for over 40 years it is time for you know it all blow hearts to stand up and do something. You need to do your duty to God and country, and family.

            Are you a complete half wit. I probably know more than you will ever know about the government, Stop the idiot games. Quit wasting my time with your incoherent blabber.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Chandler, you are losing it. What’s going on? Why are you so disrespectful? No one’s yanking your chain, we’re just trying to help you and you talk to us like we’re idiots? Sad Chandler. How can we respect you when you are so disrespectful of us. You ARE losing it. Get some help. Or quit blogging for awhile…you are going to rupture a blood vessel. No one wants that to happen to you.

            When a person’s behavior changes radically like yours, that’s a red flag something is physically wrong. Please talk to your spouse because something is wrong. These words aren’t your normal blog — they are signaling a physical event. Please get some help! I don’t care if you need to vent at me. I’m very concerned abt the venom in your words because this isn’t the normal way you talk…something is going to happen to you. Get some help dude!

          • Chandler says:

            Kiss my ass, you really are a idiot. What a looser you think you are so smart. the only thing wrong is you and your mouth. I am not going anywhere so give it a rest. I will post what ever I want and you can post your crap.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            There you go again giving out compliments to your fellow bloggers. Aren’t you the gentleman. Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m superior, but you obviously do. So have at it. Enjoy your blogging while everyone sees you as a rock of emotionsemotionsnd when something hapoens physically to you, think of me and my concern for you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it or perhaps you’ve already done that with something stronger like peyote mon ami? Have a great life on whatever plain you are inhabiting…I’ll not waste my time or concern on you again…got better things to do! Ciao baby.

          • old codger says:

            Chandler, bud, pal, ally. I read both sides of the exchange between you and M. In my reading I didn’t see him taking pot shots at you or your thinking! With but few a “minor” things he was in TOTAL, 100%, agreement with you! M. actually thanked you for your stance and perseverance in putting your thoughts out there to educate people!

          • hankthetank says:

            Our government is run by the New World Order,They back 2-4 people running for office, that way no matter who wins,it is their person,they had Romney to lose, they know they could more done with liar in chief !! they knew Romney would not do some of the things they wanted done ,just like JFK, he wouldn’t do what they wanted, so they had him killed !!

          • W.C. says:

            I think that over the years our education system got lazy and spineless somewhere along the way. I don’t mean that to impugn good teachers. What I mean is this: in stead of kicking these lazy kids’ butts up over their shoulder and demanding them to rise to the standard that was in place, the standard was lowered to the lazy, undisciplined hooligans who just flat out don’t give a dang. The top brass in the education system should have stood up with courage and said, “Look, if your kid doesn’t want to do the work and learn the material, he or she is NOT going to pass. You can cry and rant and rave all you want, but your kid will not pass unless he or she EARNS IT! The idea of ‘social promotion’ is a crock. Now you have parents that are as juvenile and immature as their kids. One fact sums it up. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix sorry and lazy short of cutting off the welfare money cold turkey and saying, “If you want money, get off your lazy sorry self-entitled butt and earn it because the free hand-outs stop right here, right now!!!”

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            I so agree 100 percent! This country’s government has made tons of excuses for people who refuse to do the work to achieve things…they just want it handed to them. That’s not how our Country was built or how it became strong…it took hard work!

            When did we accept that it was okay to look the other way and let things pass? Our country is now classified as being “Disabled” because we no longer function at full capacity –people are NOT supposed to use their brains or invent things because that would mean they are better at something than someone else. OMG! Where is our exceptionalism that brought America out of the Dark Ages?
            We cannot as a nation allow our people to be brainwashed into thinking they cannot be exceptional.
            Encourage your children to excel, same with grandkids. Teach them to reach for the stars, show them the knowledge out there that they can achieve. Do NOT let this clueless govt tell you that you cannot achieve brilliance because it would make someone else feel inferior. That is complete B.S. That someone else can achieve too…if they work hard enough!


          • W.C. says:

            For kids to learn, common core needs to be trashed and the simple, straight-forward way of doing things needs to be taught. Why make kids go through 15 steps to solve a math problem when they can solve it in 2 or 3 steps? Why fail a kid who came up with the right answer, but didn’t use the common core way? That’s not right either.
            If a kid uses the old method and gets the right answer, that should be what matters and not the convoluted methods that common core demands.
            Why would any teacher with a brain fail a kid with the right answer just because he or she used the simple, good-old common sense method?
            It seems to me the unrealistic demands of common core will be enough to make even good kids get frustrated and give up.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Common core teaching is fundamentally flawed. I agree, if a kid came up with the correct answer, he got the problem correct. Any GOOD teacher would get that. It’s the teachers that refuse to accept that there is any other way to do things but what they were taught that lose many student’s attention and desire to learn.
            When I taught and a student came up with the correct answer by doing it “his” way, I always gave him the opporyunity yo show me how he got his answer. Amazingly, his meyhod usually worked and was much faster than the standardized method.
            If I had any say, I’d remove this new complicated form of teaching and bring back the simpler methods. More students would understand more easily, and we would be gradusting kids that can count instead of relying on calculators and they could tell time on an analog clock instead of referring to a digital. It is sad how many young adults never really learned anything in our public schools…

          • hankthetank says:

            It is to teach them communist way’s !

          • George Sedares says:

            miss guided fool- so sad !

          • old codger says:

            W.C. AND M. Molnar, “IF” it were mathematically possible, I know it isn’t, I would agree 1000%!!!!!!!!!!
            Common Core is in fact Common Horse crap!! Why do 15 to 20 steps when 2 or 3 gives the desired result???? “TOTAL UNMITIGATED BULL SH!T, PERIOD”!!!!! WTH over???????????

          • George Sedares says:

            Because it is job security for the Administrators in the Education Industry !

          • George Sedares says:

            You have a point. Now go do battle with the, “heady snobs” with three or more degrees, who ignore anyone outside the “Education Industry” ! Your school committes don’t listen to us any more than the dipsticks in Congress ! It is not the undereducated that cause these problems. Think it through….

          • W.C. says:

            You know that the school boards don’t really want any input (especially critical input) when they have rules that arbitrarily limit any one person’s speaking time to a paltry 2 minutes. Do you remember when a father was arrested at a school board meeting because he violated the two-minute rule? He was incensed because the school board put a smutty novel on the required reading list without notifying parents or seeking parental input.


            They are trying to maneuver the laws to where the school system has more authority to determine what the child is taught and how than the parents.

          • George Sedares says:

            You are largely correct, but we need to look a bit beyond in many cases to see who else is dictating to these school committees.

          • W.C. says:

            Who else could be involved? Good question. The state dept. of Ed.?

          • thebearded1 says:

            Could not disagree more; kids today smell this rat and want it exterminated, and that is why a large part of the Ron Paul moment was taking momentum away from the Dems. Yeah, there are some that amount to slightly better than dust, but many see (like we in the 60s saw) the condition of things, the wrong decisions made for the convenience of racketeering and profiteering, and – having substituted in a few schools over the years – I’ve found more kids come to me to ask the hard questions no other adult would dare teach. Simple things like how to properly tell time off a wall hand clock to why people are so mean all the time. They are HUNGRY for the truth, and if the adults aren’t supplying answers, many of them are discovering things on their own. From my parents generation to my own baby boomer crowd, we are the entitlement generations, and we are the ones most out of touch with reality…with little chance most will ever find fault because ‘they paid for it’ or ‘it was promised’. Empty is empty; forget entitlements, we should all – young and old – be supporting each other with every bit of strength to promote one another, build systems and networks together, and leave off the ‘middlemen’ who have sought nothiing better than to plunder and control what was given for them to administer.

          • George Sedares says:

            Education’s chief mission is to train you how to reason and think- anything else is discovery and part of the continuing education we all need to experience during and after formal schooling. It is still part of the growing process…. Can you follow that ?

          • thebearded1 says:

            ‘To train you’…accurate, I’ll give you that. Their training is Common Core in grade school and Eugenics in college (not to mention every dirty trick in finance to massage numbers any way they want). I ascribe to the wisdom of the 60s: QUESTION AUTHORITY; they work for us – or at least, used to. Who made them absolute? What we surrender to makes itself stronger than ourselves, and in the end, we all must account for the things we ourselves refused to care for, carry and deal with. This nation is where it is because we are ‘trained’ to accept and uphold the corruption of the day because ‘they take care of us’; duped people created the monster. This is CARE? Not by any rational standard. I’ll follow this truth, believe what you wish.

          • George Sedares says:

            I think we are mostly in agreement here and I do thank you for your post…. I do think what drives these “new” programs are ambitious school administrators, concerned with job security and maintaining an edge over outsiders. They do not hesitate to throw the Baby out with the bathwater ! That Baby is your child and mine; you you know that.

          • old codger says:

            AMEN W.C.!!! Give’em Hell!!

          • Lefthandedcigs1 says:

            Good post! The standards got lowered in the 60’s and then along came no child left behind.

          • W.C. says:

            Another question: What changed in the minds of parents to where they started thinking their kids are so perfect they crap marble? Many kids act like little snots in the class room and yet mom and dad want to ball the teacher out when she calls the kid on his or her disrespectful/distracting/inappropriate behavior. When did mama or daddy taking a belt to the backside of their lazy, unmotivated child for piss-poor school work become such an evil thing? When did punishment that kids actually feared become evil? I say start tearing that butt up with a switch or belt and for heaven’s sake get the video games out of the house!! Kids get so addicted to games and computer that they say to heck with school work in favor of constant electronic entertainment. Look at kids today; even little guys. They have their eyes constantly glued to a smart phone either texting or playing some sort of game. Parents need to man up, take the toys and demand top academic performance. What happened to the days when parents had the balls to actually be parents and give kids the ultimatum: No outside play time, no computer, no smart phone, no video games NOTHING FUN until all homework is done, checked, and corrected? I think these factors figure in to.

          • George Sedares says:

            Many fine and thoughtful points… I think a lot of this started when, “time outs” entered the picture. I do favor corporal punishment with rigorous guidelines of course. Not everyone knows when to cut back or stop. It is difficult.

          • W.C. says:

            I support corporal punishment as well. I believe there is a vast difference between abusive beatings and “wearing them out” when kids disobey or are insolent. You don’t want to injure, but you definitely want it to sting and smart enough to draw copious tears; you want to be sure you have their attention and that you’ve made a lasting impression in their mind to the extent they’ll obey and be respectful because they don’t want it again any time soon.

          • George Sedares says:

            Another ignorant fool. Just like fleas- you’re everywhere and bring nothing intelligent to the table except back-biting and criticism !

          • rwdodgerblue says:

            It’s not just the low info voters, but the illegals voting, and many people vote many times. We need voter ID and a way to stop ballet box stuffing.

          • M. MOLNAR says:

            Yes, that is a huge issue for our country. However if you will google Judicial Watch, a legal organization that has filed many suits against obama and also against states that had questioning results from the last presidential election. This organization has forced several states that had questionable voter results to clean up their voter databases by removing duplicate voter names and all dead voter info from their files. They also had to remove criminal’s names as well.

            Judicial Watch has a very informative website. You can read abt the other cases they have procured for the American people. It will give you a better idea abt the fight that is going on to keep obama’s unconstitutional overreach from happening. So there has been something done abt our voter databases in many states…at least that’s one area that is better controlled for the next elections.

            I agree, obama didn’t win the last election legitimately…it was fixed. He never should have been in office for the 2nd term.

          • George Sedares says:

            Too bad you are so clueless ! We all came to this country with limited means and limited education, and for a couple hundred years did awfully well ! You blame all the ills on immigrants and the uneducated ? You win the prize. Seems to me the bomb-throwers like yourself are the ones who need to reexamine your attitudes. You are as I said clueless. Did I say clueless ? You wear it well !

        • Chandler says:

          I do not know how many ways we have to put it before the legal citizens wake up and do the right thing. If they keep voting them in for life nothing is going to change. They will keep forcint tax hikes and continue to dictate. They are not following the majority wishes, they are following Obama’s and the Democrat parties there own greed and selfinshness. Forced Term Limits and accountability from all our government or else.

          • hankthetank says:

            What the democrat’s, & Obama / H W Bush / Clinton / George Bush, were doing what the NWO told them to do, the N W O is running the world,they own all the central Banks; the one’s that have all the money run’s the world!!

        • patriot 86 says:


      • richard hutchinson says:

        not as long we have assholes like her what a bitch

        • disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says:

          Aren’t you being a bit kind?

          • Henry L says:

            You are right the word that adequately describes Pelosi has not been invented yet.

          • jerry says:

            The best I’ve been able to come up with is Witch.

          • old codger says:

            WAY, WAY, WAY to kind if you ask me!!

        • Well said to that Richard.

        • jerry says:

          I’ve owned several bitches, and they’ve all been sweet and lovable; unlike pelosi.

          • garry lafferty says:

            I bet you got a fat ugly wife on Medicare

          • jerry says:

            I got the bitches from the kennel.

          • Joseph Cordova says:

            Yeah…..she looks just like your wife you dip shit…!

          • garry lafferty says:

            ha ha loser

        • patriot 86 says:

          Yeah I hear you

        • George Sedares says:

          You are a little too tough on this dino !

      • ThomasJefferson says:

        I think the “getting something done” is the bulk of the problem now.We’d all be better off if they quit doing ANYTHING, (including drawing a check) until something comes along that is mandated by the Constitution for Congress to enact legislation on.

        • patriot 86 says:

          Agree 100 percent .just keep doing what they have been doing NOTHING.

      • R. Walter says:

        Oh gee, after 8 years they would have to get a job. Wonder what Pelosi could do.

        • jamesowens says:

          Bohner could get a glory hole booth at the tanning salon

        • She would probably fly away on her broom.

          • aveteran2 says:

            Only if she could con the Obomanator out of a B757

        • richard hutchinson says:

          that bitchs husband has billen of dollers

          • aveteran2 says:

            And doesn’t even pay minimum wages to their off shore minions. A real trouper here the “Lube Rack Girl” circa 1940.

          • richard hutchinson says:

            But people like can full in bucket of shill. Come out smelling like a rose

          • aveteran2 says:

            The only reason her dumb*ss hubby got her a job was because she couldn’t spell servant in their household. and the smell of stale fish has always enticed the males in Congress.

          • richard hutchinson says:

            Or maybe to just get rub of. Hher

          • richard hutchinson says:

            O by the way she is a bucket of shit

        • Chandler says:

          Who really cares what happens to Pelosi or Reid or Obama,Holder or any one of the corrupt A.H.

          • aveteran2 says:

            They could be greeters at Wal-Mart !

          • Chandler says:

            No because I would have to quit shopping at Walmart, I refuse to have to face them or even know that they work for Walmart.

        • patriot 86 says:

          That useless bitch would probably apply for public assistance rather than get a real job like you and I .All shes done is sit on her fat ass in the house and do nothing.

      • squeak says:

        Even 8 years is too long…four years should tell us if they have done
        any good for this Country, what kind of job, if they are Rinos, liars, If they are the person for the job, if so then get re-elected ,etc… four years is long enough, I think !

        • Tom Wittlief says:

          Any and everyone (including me) is just a frail, fallible, foolish human being. Allowing someone to be a career politician is just throwing temptation at them to Abuse what authority is given them. Power corrupts. The more time someone is allowed to hold office, the more tempted they will be to abuse that power. Term limits = less abuse of power = less taxpayer money squandered = less time wasted by the po!itician lying about it and trying to hide evidence = less politicians facing God and being ushered somewhere that Doesn’t have pearly gates.

      • Frank says:

        or find a job

      • Joseph Cordova says:

        Which asshole…the repubicans or the gop asshole guys…….

    • But once agqain, jumping off content of the article, but in consideration, actually, it’d be quite nice if Chandler had term limits on commenting…

      And actually again, Democrats were working on nonpartisan comprehensive immigration in 2009 & 2010…ever heard of the Dream Act…yeah, even other immigration reform along with the Dream Act was voted down or filibustered by the GOP.

      Marino’s thoughts on “doing something about immigration” is simply to send these Central American kids back to harm’s way…I know we won’t change the minds of certain Americans, but I don’t like to think that the nation as a whole would condone sending kids back to grave situations…still on the books there are laws of due process of immigrants seeking asylum and if it ever should apply it should be to children…

      Come on where’s your ethics…we are a nation of immigrants…it’s what spreads diversity that brings with it new ideas and technologies…it’s what made this nation…and in the beginning, colonists were the first of all illegal immigrants…

      • backlash says:

        You are part of the problem. We have an immigration policy, it’s people like you that have given illegals the green light to break our laws. Go back to your hole!

        • I can’t backlash, because the hole’s already filled by you and your dirt…

          • NY says:


        • Chandler says:

          Yes he is and no doubt he was also a illegal and still on welfare.

      • Chandler says:

        You are so dumb that you think asphalt is rectum trouble.
        Our country was founded on” LEGAL IMMIGRATION” not illegal immigration, Pay attention idiot.

        You are so dumb when they were handing out brains you thought they said trains, and said no I do not need any. Boy idiot that was a mistake.
        If you only had half the wisdom, smarts and understanding you think you have. You would be a half idiot instead of a whole idiot.
        If brains were dynamite you would not have enough to blow your nose.
        Infact if you believe the garbage that comes out of your mouth, it would be to late for you anyway. You are one of the most obnoxious creeps in the country. You are so dumb that when you walk we hear a bell ringing, nothing else can live in your head.

        • NY says:


          • jamesowens says:

            so do your beliefs

          • Woody says:

            As much as I agree with your posts, I think you need to quit using all capitals. It’s not necessary to shout (as it were).

            USMC 1970-1974

          • Chandler says:

            Who cares what you think.

        • impeachemall says:

          You’re obviously a miserably unhappy person and, despite my revulsion, I find myself pitying you.

      • dltaylor51 says:

        Once again T coach jumps in on the side of those who are hell bent on dragging the country down in the mud,have you ever had an intelligent thought in your entire life?

      • Debra says:

        Yeah but back then people came to the USA to work and help live off the land and make America what it is today now today they come here live off the system and we as tax payers have too foot the bill well I would like to retire some day but can’t because everything is going up in price helping to send grandkids to college and we have to care for kids from other countries you say are bad for them well guess what stupid they have been living that life since birth do you think their country is just now having problems no they have all grown up in this poverty country and now we are going to help them just wait when you see everything going up to pay for their life in America I say round them all up and fly them all home shut our borders and clean up the poverty America is in first we have no jobs etc and our government is not working vote them all out and let’s start over for the people by the people not golf playing fund raising look at me relax while the world goes to shit wake up America before we have another 9/11 here it’s coming and we have college students and others that vote and don’t have a clue who they are putting in office to run this country our great nation wake up wake up now

        • Pardon me Miss Debra but that’s absolutely not true…most immigrants whether legal or illegal come here seeking jobs…

          Your quote…”well guess what stupid they have been living that life since birth do you think their country is just now having problems no they have all grown up in this poverty country and now we are going to help them just wait when you see everything going up to pay for their life in America I say round them all up and fly them all home”…

          But aren’t ya something special…I would pres’pose that you are Christian, do ya ever wonder what your savior Jesus Christ would have to say about aiding poor children and if borders mattered if one would or wouldn’t…

          I hear your pain though, most all Americans economically are hurting, but we still have our dignity…no one or thing can take that away unless we relinquish it on our own accord.

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            Excellent ! When facing the facts doesn’t accomplish the goal of influencing others, resort to Guilt ! I’ve said it before. The individuals who want to tell everybody else how to live their lives, have such a NEED, an actual Addiction to do this, that they will perform ANY emotional manipulation to get their way. You really need to have a heart-to-heart with the man in the mirror. You will be much happier, and make your neighbors and community happier if you do Not beckon the needy to increase their numbers among you. And Jesus would want you to love your neighbors.

          • Jerry Oxendine says:

            Yes, love one’s neighbors—but keep them on *THEIR* side of the fence—er, uh, “border”.

          • Patti_Mi says:

            The Bible makes it very clear that those who don’t work… don’t eat! So get off you high-horse about Christians supporting illegal aliens.

          • impeachemall says:

            “As you do unto the least of mine, you do also unto me.” – Jesus Christ

          • Chandler says:

            I have seen your post, now you want to preach. If you want to quote scripture then , Build a church then find followers to fill your church. Maybe that will keep you busy and out of our hair.

          • Chandler says:

            Yea, and the more you bring illegals in, hopefully the less you idiots are going to have. You deserve what is happening to this country in fact you have aided in it’s destruction. That is why I am sure that you are also one of thoes here illegally mooching off the rest of us.. Can you spell coyote?

          • Jerry Oxendine says:

            But two wrongs do not make a right. Violating sensible law in order to achieve a goal, no matter lofty it may be still is WRONG. If I talk someone into robbing a bank, then ambush the thief so I can get the stolen money and pay for my son, dying from cancer, it is STILL wrong. The truth is, we CANNOT absorb this ILLEGAL flood of people into the country because, while I *may* have had “noble”(?) goals to save my son’s life, the consequences of allowing these people to remain is huge and unsustainable. We must think of the future consequences of permitting such a thing. First, our national security is at risk. There is nothing to prevent ISIS from slipping in to the country. These people are the most dangerous people we have ever seen in our lifetime! Then, what philosophy are these children bringing into the country? A flawed view of the treatment they received in their country? Resentment for ALL forms of government that can be molded by terrorists to endanger America? Kids who will grow up to take YOUR child’s job from him or her?

            There is the economic cost. WE *cannot PAY* for these people, to educate them, feed them for the short term and assure that they will have jobs as adults. What about OUR jobs and futures? WHY should they, perhaps, become “generational welfare” recipients? And the scale upon which this is occurring is so vast it can’t HELP but wreck the “ship” as we founder on the rocks of inaction and party politics! The “ship” is too HEAVY with dead weight we can’t carry.

            Has anyone stopped to consider WHY this is being permitted and has not been stopped at the outset, but permitting a flow of people of all sorts to flood in here with impunity? Could there be an ulterior motive by the current, feckless administration? WHY does Obummer himself not act to stop it, THEN debate the issue.

            It is difficult to refuse aid to children. No one would intentionally deprive them—unless what they were doing was wrong. A baby snake *may* be cute(?), it may also be deadly poisonous! Continue to fondle and ‘aid’ the snake, it WILL bite you!!!! This will BITE *US* if we allow our compassion to permit our destruction. If anyone truly believes we can permit this massive flood of people with no ill effects, then your “rose-colored” glasses are fogged!

        • Patti_Mi says:

          If you have any understanding of the educational system… you will not send your grandkids to college! They will be brainwashed very quickly. We should take out children out of public school… period.

          • impeachemall says:

            Yes!! Home school them!! Teach them that science is an evil plot, that evolution is a big fat lie, that Adam just emerged out of nowhere, that Noah’s ark was real, that Moses actually parted the Red Sea by simply raising his staff, and that, after dying on the cross and being buried in a cave, Jesus’ physical body sprang to life, nudged a mammoth bolder away from the cave opening and walked away!

          • Chandler says:

            Oh don’t be ridiculous, stop being a jack ass.

          • Chandler says:

            That is what the matter is with the last several generations. GIVE ME, GIVE ME ,GIVE ME. YOU ALL OWE ME.

          • Chandler says:

            Don’t bet your life on that statement.
            Apes are the closest thing to man in brain power and some times smarter in there own areas of responsibility.There was a woman that lived with the apes in the Kongo I believe and tough a female ape to speak in sign language when the Ape wanted something. I do not know about you but I do not know Sign language. The picture is not the person making a stupid statement it is the person who chose the picture that makes the stupid statement.

      • Tom Wittlief says:

        Soooooo, we can send them all to your neighborhood, and You’ll feed them, clothe them, shelter them, provide for their education and health-care needs and get them jobs ? Great ! Thank you ! I’ve gotta’ say it really warms my heart to hear of such acts of courageous unselfishness !

        • I’d certainly do what I could and you…

          • NY says:

            YOU WOULD DO SUCH AS???

          • joe says:

            you lying piece of shi7

          • NY says:


          • joe says:

            yes it is and it is also a free speech forum, I do not tolerate liars well nor do I tolerate people telling me what to do when I was not talking to them in the first place. If you are offended by what I say DON’T READ IT!!

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            …make the observation that its really, really easy to SAY that one would do what they could, IF … Yeah, that there thing called Reality can sure get in the way of ideals, can’t it ?

        • NY says:


          • Tom Wittlief says:

            Thanks. I’ve noticed all the “Do all we can for them” posts never say They’re going to contribute their next paycheck to any charities. Have a good tomorrow.

          • impeachemall says:

            What evidence do you have that those of us who approve of immigration don’t want immigrants in our neighborhoods and homes???

            That couldn’t be further from the truth.

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            So what you’re saying is that you are one of those miserable individuals with an addiction to the abuse of social discourse. One who actually Encourages and Thrives on pouring their verbal fertilizer on communication in order to harvest a crop of disagreement. Your ego is in such a state of near starvation that it perversely seeks highly emotional argument in order to gain a sense of self worth that can only result in an obesity of hatred. Get help.

          • Chandler says:

            I totally agree with your statement.
            I think that these that encourage illegal invasion of out country are in fact illegals themselves on welfare.
            The do not care who or what they hurt or destroy as long as they get what they want.
            It is time for we the legal citizens to stop this crap before it is to late. I keep advocating a mass invasion of Washington with millions of legal citizens, while Obama and his thugs and the congress is in session.
            Demand a stop to this illegal trafficking of our government in the illegal aliens child abuse trafficking, now not later.
            To secure our borders now not later or we will and they all will be out of a job toot sweet. We cannot let this continue or we will no longer have a country and we will be the slaves of the Communist and Muslims along with the illegal army’s from around the world. It is just that simple.

          • Woody says:

            There is, of course, no direct evidence. But, since you haven’t (so far as I know) made a public offer to help, I can reasonably assume that you don’t wish to do so.

            But, these illegal aliens (please don’t call them immigrants since that implies they are legal) need to go back to wherever they came from and set their own houses in order and NOT try to destroy ours.

            USMC 1970-1974

        • Patti_Mi says:

          Great post!

        • impeachemall says:

          What would Jesus do??

      • Chandler says:

        One thing about it, even a slug like you have the illegals applauding you.
        I am with Tom witlief, we are going to send them to your house via sling shot. But I would look out before going out side all your neighbors may not like what you brought to there neighborhood.

        • dltaylor51 says:

          Texancoach just got owned by Chandler,his balls are hanging from Chandlers chandelier.

      • John Stratemeyer says:

        The liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) were not “working” on any kind of immigration reform. If they had, it would have passed because the LSDs had control of the Oval Office and both Houses of Congress.
        The so-called “dream act” was nothing more than another of President Obozo’s end-runs around Congress.
        “Doing something about immigration?” True, we are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws. What part of “illegal” is hard for you? Do you know who these people are? I don’t. Can you vouch for them? I can’t. Not that I’d take your word for any of them anyway, because I don’t know you either.
        So, let me get this straight: “responsible” parents from Honduras, Guatamala, and other Latin American countries, for a price, put their children, some as young as 4 years of age, into the care of total strangers, members of drug cartels, and human smugglers. Then, for a piece of the action, the Mexican Government allows them to travel from Mexico’s southern border to the Rio Grande, then helps to sneak them across the border.
        Along the way, the children are subject to rape, molestation, and maybe even murder. Once across the border, the U.S. Government then transports them, at taxpayer expense, to be reunited with “family” members, who are themselves here illegally. But, “certain Americans,” I presume, including me, are the bad guys? You see nothing wrong with that picture?
        OK, then. How about this: many of those “unattended” children are already MS-13 gang members, or old enough to be. Have you not seen the pictures? Or are you as selective in your observations as this Administration is in enforcing the law? Including the immigration laws already on the books?
        “Ethics?” Give us a break! We live in a post 9-11 world, not 1492. Secure the border. Seal it. Build the fence. Deploy the National Guard along the entire border. Tell Mexico that its days of making money from human misery are over.

        • Ya see, John…that’s the hypocritical oath that Republicans always thrash out…always say “we are a nation of laws,” but only when it benefits them.

          Obama is following the immigration laws signed by W. Bush that except for Mexico all other immigrant refugees may have due process along with in placed due process laws in those seeking asylum to have hearings…

          • John Stratemeyer says:

            Wow! Should’ve seen that coming. Blame Bush. Very original…

        • impeachemall says:

          What a load of absolute bullshit!! Where do people like you get all that crap, and what causes you to believe it??

          “Do you know who these people are? I don’t. Can you vouch for them?”

          No, I don’t know who “these people are,” but I’d much rather have them for neighbors than a hate-filled sicko like you, who is so insecure about his place in this society that he has to blame others for his misery.

          Do seek professional help, John, before your hateful rage kills you.

          • John Stratemeyer says:

            Um…I read the news, and avoid the liberal/socialist/Democrat Mainstream Media (LSDMSM).
            I’m sorry that you’re offended by the truth, Mom.

          • John Stratemeyer says:

            Wow! Judging by your picture, there is now proof positive that, if you give a monkey a keyboard, and let him type long enough, he’ll eventually compose the works of William Shakespeare!

      • CHABSENTIA says:

        Are you really that clueless? The Republicans demanded that they first secure the border. They did not want a another Fiasco such as 1986 when Reagan granted Amnesty but did not secure the border. Not only that but parts of the Dream act granted Amnesty by putting illegals tot he front of the line in many cases. The main sticking point was the border. The Republican House provided for it. The Republican House has passed over 300 pieces of Legislation and the Senate controlled by the Democrats won’t allow even an up or down vote on them. They will not allow the Republicans in the Senate in most cases to draft an amendment . The Democrats in the Senate passed the Nuclear option so that the Republicans could not object to any of their appointments . You are either one of the mindless low information voters that marches in lockstep with the propaganda or being untruthful to further an agenda.. As for the Children. Bush executed an executive order TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF SOUTH AMERICA WHO WERE BEING KIDNAPPED INTO SLAVERY and Obama corrupted it and used it to allow all children from South America to enter the U.S which has proven to contain children who are a member of gangs etc. The ones that should be ashamed of themselves is low information rumor spreading people such as yourself,

      • joe says:

        There is no harms way that is all a bunch of damn lies I have heard interviews from a dozen people that either live down there or visit on a regular basis and all this death zone crap is just that crap. You care more about these law breaking punks and I say punks because only 15% are under 18 than you do American kids which makes you a piece of shi7. And hey sparky they ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS they are criminals breaking LAWS to get here. You are a witless sucker you want them you pay for the and get the hell out of my country when you do it

        • Well joe…I’ve worked down there in Belize just across the border from Guatemala and seen firsthand, so don’t give me your bogus third hand accounts…

          • joe says:

            You are a damn liar shut your mouth until I allow you to speak. Making up lies is typical of your type weak minded uneducated and spineless

          • Patti_Mi says:

            Are you kidding? You are not an American citizen, or even live in America and you pretend to tell us what to do about the illegal aliens invading our country? Who in the hell do you think you are?

          • Well, if “YOU” as “YOU” say have seen it first hand, why don’t you just box up your stuff and go back and fight it down there and let the sh%t happen there and not here. I carry “SHRAPNEL” from Vietnam. Defending our,”AND NOT YOURS” WAY OF LIFE. So if you want to take care of the poor misguided children then go back to where they came from and take them with you. OH YEA, HAVE A NICE DAY AND TRIP.

      • Jerry Oxendine says:

        I don’t see “diversity” here. And that word that sounds soooo good to liberals also has other meanings. It means ‘divided” in other senses. And in THAT sense, it creates walls between other cultures and OURS. In the past, people came here because they WANT to BE *Americans*. They wanted to WALK, TALK, LIVE, WORK, LIVE like Americans! They didn’t simply slip, sneak, swim across our borders, violating them at will. This group only sees *ITS* culture. It wants US to become THEM. Speak THEIR language, TALK their talk, WALK *their* walk.

        If another nation wants to “Invade” another, THIS ‘invasion’ is truly ingenious! WHO would dare object to an invasion (and that is what it iS) of children? If the Mexican army were to amass on the border with tanks, guns, troops, would we react differently? I would think so–at least under a less “spineless” so-called ‘president’. But send the children and AAAAAAAH! Si Senor! We can follow right behind and join them later. And the el pinko, bleeding hearts would only ‘bleed” even more for the ‘poor, poor immigrants’ and open their checkbooks with dreamy-eyed tears and rose colored glasses.

        There is NOTHING wrong with the immigration system we have now! I have NO objection anybody who comes here, *contributes* to society as most immigrants do, and become…… AMERICAN who wishes to BECOME ‘US’, and share that dream and ideal. I object to those who slip across the border without permission, take jobs from native-born and naturalized citizens and vote as a bloc for a dictatorial fool who signs ‘executive orders’ he KNOWS the majority of citizens object to!

        At some point we MUST face facts and reality. This flood of children, no matter how noble the thought, cannot be sustained. What about US who happened to have been BORN here and their families here even before America was founded? Now we are VILLAINS in our own native land because we object to this ‘invasion’. This invasion was CAUSED BY THE ACTIONS OF THIS…THIS… FOOL OF A ‘president’ WHO *ENCOURAGED* IT WITH SUCH INSANITIES AS “THE DREAM ACT” AND OTHER ACTIONS THAT SAID, “COME RIGHT ON OVER”.

        There is nothing wrong with immigrants. You are correct that many, many ideas and technologies were founded BY immigrants..some of whom I knew personally &t made MAJOR breakthru’s in technologies. But there must be laws to control the flow, filter out those who may present a danger to us, infiltrate (spy), subvert us.

        When we become so blinded by compassion that we cannot see danger its like finding a cobra frozen from cold. We bring the cobra back by warming the snake by the fire, thinking that it will appreciate our efforts and pity for it. Thawed, it then BITES us! Shocked, we then recoil in horror that the snake isn’t grateful for our compassion! But we should have known that a snake is a snake, it is dangerous, and snakes do what they do!

        This illustrates what is happening now. Yes, it is SAD that those children, beautiful children, came all this way because of LIES told by an fecal ‘president’ and his impotent congress. In reality, this beauty in the form of children, like the snake, is a poison that is dangerous to the Nation and the people HERE who are just as innocent as THEY are of a crime. Facing reality, these kids HAVE to be sent back. We simply cannot absorb this flood so quickly, and that is why there has always been *enforcement* and limits on the numbers of people who can come in.

        • impeachemall says:

          Uh… Did you sleep through history class, where the other students paid attention and learned that white men from across the pond landed on these shores, slaughtered native peoples and later herded (remember the Trail of Tears?) the remnants into “reservations,” abducted their children, stripping them of their native names, traditions and religions, dressing them in white-folks’ clothes and teaching them that their people were less than human. And, of course, those same white men from across the pond brought abducted Africans to this “Land of the Free” and enslaved them.

          What a history to be proud of, right??

      • Oreisha says:

        Immigrants who are here to find a better life are okay. But with open borders it is some that are coming here to destroy our life. The borders should be secured, so we can separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m afraid that our country has already been infiltrated with scores of the “bad guys” who are just waiting for the “go” sign!!!

    • W.C. says:

      Amen, brother!!

      • gary says:

        Pelosi is lucky any other man in the united states would have thrown a fist in her face and shut her stupid mouth , and she needs to get punched ,the olny more stupid politition in Washington is boat anchor biden and choosing whitch is more incompetent Pelosi or biden is really hard they are about equally stupid

        • impeachemall says:

          “olny…”whitch”? Did you pass third grade??

    • DJTX says:

      And get rid of the ‘pay for life’ retirement scheme they voted themselves. They should live on Social Security just like everyone else.

    • LCpl says:

      You are absolutely right all a congressman has to do is spend ONE term in office and he’s got a retirement check coming in that would put most of us to shame not to mention all the other benefits they get. As for Nancy Pelosi It’s just to bad that she didn’t have a heart attack or die from choking on her false teeth ! Her and Harry Reid should be married to each other because maybe they’d kill each other. It would be a huge party in this Country if they took Eric Holder and Obama with them. I’m sure you’d see fire works people dancing beer and wine flowing I know I’d be one of them.

      • The Mighty Ape says:

        Obama was reelected because your opinions are in the minority. The majority of Americans are educated adults and understand the gravity of the situation and the direction the US should be heading in the future. Fortunately for us, there are less and less of your hateful kind. The cities are swelling with smart, young, community-oriented Americans, and they’re spreading out into the suburbs more and more every year. And thankfully, they’re voting for the Democrats because the GOP is on the wrong side of every social issue, not to mention most environmental and economic issues as well. America has a bright future, though we will always have a few ranters like yourself on these “Comments” threads.

        • Chandler says:

          And I would say you should not insult the military with your red rick crap. Unlike you our military that are brave and patriots.
          Do not insult the Apes they are so much smarter than you.
          You are just a illegal piece of trash that invaded our country and brought many more with you. When all is said and done you creep piece of trash, will pay for invading our country. Obama will give it to you in the end, but not what you expect. You know he is a illegal, professional liar, he is a Muslim/Communist and is no better than you illegals.
          We are going to get our justice and you people that came here illegally will not get what you think you will.” Obama out , honesty and laws back in.” And like Obama You pieces trash out.

          • LCpl says:

            Right on !

          • impeachemall says:

            Why does this website not screen out insane rants like the ones above??

          • Chandler says:

            Specify just who you are talking about and I will answer you.
            But for a short answer is “I will say this is still a free society and no one has the right to stop freedom of speech.

        • LCpl says:

          Hey your name is correct because you are an “ape” you are a dumb azz Democrat that couldn’t think his way out of a SH-T house and yet they allow you to vote. It’s not that Obama won the election it’s because of people like you that are criminals and vote 6 times. That along with criminally fixed voting machines, felonious criminals, illegal aliens, dead people and what ever else you criminals can think of. You also trash all the votes of our over seas military who 75% are Conservative Republican’s. We have a Muslim in office that’s trying to destroy this Country and if that’s what you want why don’t you move to the Middle East where you can live amongst your ISIS friends Idiot !

          • impeachemall says:

            Appalling, isn’t it, that people like you can slip through the insanity net and actually get accepted into the US military?

          • LCpl says:

            That’s a great photo of you ! I know that you are a dumb azz “spook” that never even spent a day in the military you were probably rejected because you’re a FAGGOT and to stupid to pass the exam ! I enjoy having conversations with Idiots like you because you don’t have an ounce of brains and when thing’s go wrong for you, you instantly change the subject just like you did here. Instead of coming back with your BULL SH-T trying to prove that I’m wrong you change the subject what an IDIOT ! YES I served in the Marine Corps and Vietnam and to think it was a waste because I was protecting SH-T Heads like you !

      • Chandler says:

        Semper Fi Marine.

        • LCpl says:

          HOoooorah ! Semper Fi
          LCpl, 12-1961 until 4-1966, Cuban missile crisis & Vietnam

          • Chandler says:

            1954 to 1975 end of Korea and Vietnam era.

          • LCpl says:

            Wow and I thought that I was a Geezer Ha! Ha! hey the both of us were in when they still had serial numbers 🙂

          • Chandler says:

            Yes we were, now ain’t that a hoot.

          • LCpl says:

            I have my own saying that I made up “I was once one of the Marines but now all that’s left is the remains” 🙂

          • Chandler says:

            Sorry but I like the sayings, ” ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE “,
            Even through eternity you will be a MARINE, There is no going back.

          • LCpl says:

            Oh yeah I’m still a Marine just not the Marine I once was hence the remains 🙂


          • Chandler says:

            We do , but we also greet our fellow marines, nothing is going to stop that. Just so you know in my days the Semper Fi was a greeting from one marine to another that will never change.

          • I under stand the greeting, I have had and still have friends that or “MARINES”, They greet me with “SEMPER FI” and I reply “URAH”. It’s just that we all, that have served, have the right to be thanked.

          • Chandler says:

            Old post sorry about that.

      • impeachemall says:

        If the military failed to provide you with treatment for your PTSD, please seek it now.

        • LCpl says:

          Yes you are a monkey who’s pissed because you couldn’t pass the military exam to even be in the military ! Why don’t you stick to the subject instead of trying to change it ? Is it because you know damn good and well that if you did you’d go down in flames like the IDIOT monkey that you really are ! I’ll bet that you’re one of those dumb azz BLACK rioters in Ferguson, Missouri who like starting riots by burning down his own house. What a Moron. You can say what you want because you won’t stick to the subject and I’m tired of wasting my time so F.O.

    • huntermoonsong says:

      That would also free up a goodly sum of money as we would also not have to offer them retirement, which sucks up an incredible amount of money every year.

      • Chandler says:

        Yes it would. Originally the founding fathers said get in do good , get out and return to your original jobs.
        I do not know about you , but I feel that not even a president should get a retirement after only 4 years or even eight. The Congress and the President is the only ones I know of. Even in the real world of business. Do you know of any that I am not aware of?

    • George Sedares says:

      Mr. Chandler- this is the most sensible thing you have taken a stand on. I am in total agreement with you for once.. If term limits is good enough for the office of POTUS and most governorships, it should do nicely for all of congress; and while we are at it- lets take a close look at all judges terms. I salute you on this post !

      • Chandler says:

        Thanks I think !
        I am totally shocked to see your post, my mind keeps saying this is not happening.
        Could we actually be in agreement for the first and probably the last time.
        Most of the judges are permanent, I do not know who changed there jobs to permanent, but someone had to, and I will bet it was the congress was behind this, over the years for one reason or another.
        Our forefathers said that in reality no job is for life in the government. For people to come in serve the people then get out and return to the jobs they had before the entered the government. So what would be your guess, for me it would be the congress over time, as they are the law makers.

        • George Sedares says:

          Your last paragraph is in agreement with the intent of our founding fathers in that; gentle citizens would come forth making a sacrifice to serve the country and then return to their homes…. I do regret I cannot furnish the exact quote, but I am sure we bracketed it reasonably well.

          • Chandler says:

            Sounds good to me. We the People should of never of let it get this far out of hand.
            We must return to or laws and Constitution and every thing we stand for and have stood for science the beginning of our Nation. This is not right what our government evolved into a corrupt lying cheeting mass of inhumanity. That is not what America is all about. It is not our job to feed,clothe,house school and protect them. We are but one government that can’t even secure our borders that is how far we have fallen.

      • Chandler says:

        A garded Thank You,
        I have always suggested Term Limits for all politicians. Think that the judges to include the Supreme court should also have term limits.But think the congress over time have made most of the judges especially the Federal judges a permanent position. As the Congress makes the laws, so who is responsible the Congress. as they have virtually done for there positions. Jobs for life . Our foundfather did not in-vision the jobs for life, but to serve for a short time and do the peoples business and return to there jobs that they had before serving in government. But then there you go corruption abounds.

  6. Rollin Schwab says:

    Check out the voters who have repeatedly put her in office and you will then fully understand why she is what she is. Uninformed and naive.

  7. Honest Abe says:

    “The truth”? Who is it that cant move on immigration? Boehner’s ferile box of insane cats.

    • Hardcore says:

      Both parties have been in charge at one time or the other and nothing has been accomplish. If you have a IQ above 10 you will understand both parties have let the country down for years. The law is on the book to stop people from crossing into the United States.We need some body in charge that will enforce the law.

      • The Mighty Ape says:

        Yup, they’ve both failed in the past. But who’s the bigger party that will step up and lead when we actually have an immigration issue at our doorstep? Apparently not the GOP. We’ll have to wait for the Democrats to get back in there for any real change to occur.

        • joe says:

          Not going to happen chuckles just not you are done you have no say in it you are a meaningless little annoyance that is all you ever were or ever will be

        • Hardcore says:

          You are off course again. Not long ago the Democrats had the house, senate and white house and the only thing they passed is Obamacare.We don’t need lip service about my party is going to do this or that and the other party is no good We need both parties to set down at the table and come up with the answer to our problems and then move the laws forward. Obama has tried to be a dictator , how has that worked out for the American people?

    • joe says:

      Working together does not mean my way or no way which is what that stinking filthy ape in the Whitehouse always says. He is a traitor a liar a murders and a total failure as both president and a human being.

  8. Lester Peoples says:

    The ‘witch’ could have crossed the House Isle quicker had she rode her broom instead of her finger! Idiot in action fore shore!! haha. Six month time limits would be too much for this nitwit!

  9. Steve B says:

    This is old news, we all know this penthouse granny with tits that would drag the floor bitch is all about consternation and anarchy just like her lover Obama.

  10. PoorWhiteMan says:

    Pelosi is such a waste of oxygen.

  11. Wolf Roman says:

    term limits… Senate & Congress is looking like the UK Parlament

  12. James Maxwell says:

    Twisting a dimbobimbos tail is always fun especially when they don’t know what they

    are talking about or doing the majority of the time.

  13. Gea says:

    When one has a gold spoon in her mouth and never had to deal withconsequences from drugs from Mexico or Jihadists whoo are a,lso coming through South border, her white guilt errupts and she goes beserk. Obama, Pelosi, and most of the Democrats who had allowed Islamist Obnama into the White house, meed to be tarred and feathered as the enemeis of Amerca were in `1775. If she were sent to Saudi Arabia together with Obama and Holder, she would not have to do any face lifets sine she would be covered from head to tow in black niquab ;-)!

    • Dawn Harsley says:

      She looks like she bought more than enough of the drugs though. Check out her eyes when she’s speaking. The eyes tell it all. She’s juiced.

      • ThomasJefferson says:

        To the contrary, I think that’s what she needs! If there is a brain in her head (admittedly in doubt) a good “joint” and a few minutes honest reflection on reality MIGHT do her some good. This of course hinges on whether or not she has any trace of what might be considered a brain. Otherwise, its just a waste of something that there are a lot of people in Congress who would (as would their constituents) benefit from.

        • Dawn Harsley says:

          If you look at her eyes and the way she flails her hands around when speaking, she’s far past the “joint” stage.

          • ThomasJefferson says:

            lol OK I’ll concede the point. Unfortunately, I think you are dead on RIGHT on this one!

          • Dawn Harsley says:

            My husband and I began noticing it when she was still Speaker.

  14. longtail says:

    You certainly can understand Pelosi’s frustration since the Republican led House refuses to even consider any immigration reform.

    • thebearded1 says:

      She doesn’t care to understand the 96 million Americans trying to find employment being taken by unlawful entrants who she favors over present and former taxpayers. All the reform we need is at ICE…send them back, keep them out, build the fence and empower the border patrol to do their civic duty. All other nations do it, it’s not racist or unfair, it is how you protect and secure your nation. Legal immigrants have done right by following the law, and to them, this whole matter is a giant slap in the face.

    • Arizona Don says:

      That is absolutely not true. All any conservative has said is close the border first. Close the border and then we will consider the comprehensive immigration reform and something can and no doubt will be worked out. Consequently, it appears the conservatives could say the same thing you just did.

    • glenn47 says:

      So you want open borders and take in any and all illegals and God knows what else? And you want us to take care of these people,before Americans have jobs?
      We just want the border closed and made safe from all those that want to do us harm before we consider letting in the dangerous. Why should illegals get to cut the line when others come in the correct way?
      We don’t have enough industry to support the numbers.

      • longtail says:

        You are going to have to pay one heck of a lot more taxes if you plan on completely sealing all the borders. Frankly, that much money would never be available.

    • joe says:

      You are just plain stupid not even worth the time it took me to type this

      • longtail says:

        Did it take you a whole day?

        • joe says:

          OOOH good one now who told you to say that, because you are not smart enough to come up with it on your own, no dumbocrat has the brains to speak on their own. You only parrot what you are told to say because you lack self respect and a backbone you also lack any facts that would back you up on anything. You are all the same breed, sheep baaah bahhh I could lead you around by the nose if you gave me one week to train you. Two weeks I would own you and everything you own, three weeks and you would be a robot at my complete command

  15. pissedoff says:

    In my opinion,(which is sometimes wrong) the problem is not term longevity, but the corruption of the congress by the lobbyists who throw money,women,drugs,men and anything else they can think of to get what they want from the person who they are attacking at the moment..Be that person man or woman as long they have the political pull needed to achieve their objective.

  16. thebearded1 says:

    The ‘country lawyer’ is an ‘insignificant person’? Pelosi once more shows how she thinks she’s better than anyone else and ALWAYS acts on ‘the voter’s behalf’…LOL yeah, how many MILLIONS of us didn’t want abortion on demand, ACA, Dream Act, Common Core or any other concoction which we know destroys this country and everyone who worked hard to preserve it! She reminds me of that other screaming hater, Madelyn Murray O’Hair(brained). The only difference: the latter originated the killing of the unborn as a law; even the Catholic Church will not give that woman communion because of her anti-life antics. I say let’s elect all the insignificant country lawyers, farmers, religious hayseeds and honest mom & pop business owners we can and show the elite the I-95 off-ramp…or just wall off the beltway and make the insiders play by their own rules. Time to make extinct the career politician.

  17. Ken says:

    I have the Spirit of Gladness upon me, These things must come to pass, and the Glory of My Lord will be reveiled. The Wicked Waves of the Sea of People, Nations and Races will be destoryed Shortly. Satan has Deceived the Whole World, that includes Christianity and Islam and Politicians. Christ came only for the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Christ came Not to bring peace, but a SWORD and Division. Father YAHWAH’S plan is working PERFECTLY. The Devil Jews have deceived Christians that they are the Chosen people. They are Wicked Vessels that Yahwah Made to be Destroyed, The ISRAELITES are the Chosen People and will be in the First Resurrection, through their SEED all Nations was Blessed, and the people who was Blessed will be in the Second Resurrection. Obama is one of the Wicked Vessels and will be thrown into the LAKE OF FIRE, where he belongs, a JUST END.

  18. rightsright says:

    Term Limits, absolutely! Let’s not forget Term Limits for the White House, also. I know, they already existed, but then do they still, because we are talking about Obama, and if he wants it, he will get it by hook or crook! I don’t believe he EVER won an election, but the cheating mechanisms are all in place for 2014 and 2016.

    • ward says:

      Cheat & lie just like muslim, commie crap of a wannabe totalitarian dictator over the U.S.A. to destroy Freedom & U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights…!

    • CHABSENTIA says:

      You will never have term limits. Florida and Texas tried it and the people in Congress took it all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. They claimed that they were limited to terms ,however, the other 48 States did not limit their people in Congress and this is true. The only way you can get term limits on a Federal level is by a Constitutional amendment which not only calls for the approval of 3/4 of the States but also the approval of 3/4 of Congress. Do you really think that Congress is going to limit their own terms? Wake up. SCOTUS in that decision stated that we have term limits in the form of VOTERS. The problem is that we have a multitude of low information voters. Seven out of ten single women voted for Obama in the last election. In other words 70% of single women are brain dead and think the same as texan coach

  19. What does this which/bitch pelosi think she is. Isn’t she the moron who said we have to pass obamacare so we could see what is in it! MORINS MORONS.

    • Jack Adams says:

      I have other names for them….But they won’t publish them here!!!

    • impeachemall says:

      Uh…I think you mean “witch.” Check out the real meanings of “which” and “witch” in your dictionary. Oh — silly me! You don’t own a dictionary, do you?

  20. edward says:

    Crazy old bat! This is the so called LEADERSHIP put forth by the demon craps

  21. Cindy says:

    U are done too pelosi.

    • ward says:

      “Hope” for that “change” that CA sees the light for “hope” in a new representative …!

  22. jim scaggs says:

    She has a job for life a nutjob from a nutjob district. We must make certain that these crazy anti Americans never have control again.

    • ward says:

      Right but CA people still have their far left head up & locked to vote her back into screw the U.S. Citizens out of Life, Liberty & the Freedom to escape her type of deceit …!

  23. robertmccabe says:

    It’s hard to believe that people listen to this incoherent piece of trash.

  24. John Stratemeyer says:

    Who in the world does “Botox Nan” Pelosi think she is? Preston Brooks?

  25. dltaylor51 says:

    Pelosi is a mad woman that needs to be institutionalized,worst case of mad cow disease i have ever seen.

    • ward says:

      ….51; One thing for sure she needs to be fired from any U.S. government job & her wealth given to the U.S treasury to pay for all her past damage to U.S. Citizens lives..!

      • dltaylor51 says:

        I wouldn’t care if she took her millions in ill gotten gains a spent the rest of her miserable life living in the lap of luxury as long as she was kept away from politics forever.

  26. marilyn says:


    • Chandler says:

      A big waste I must say,
      Far bigger than her size don’t forget Reid they both are brain dead.

    • jbftskj says:

      Liberal elitists are the scourge of humanity, and working to bring the US under the heel of the evil UN and into the 3rd World, with the help of a corrupt media and the puppeteer, Soros. They all march under the banner of Mental Illness.

  27. DPMP says:

    Pay for performance would be good. If you don’t perform extremely well you don’t get paid and are subject to dismissal with no benefits.

  28. apzzyk says:

    The GOP position on immigration and ‘border security’ with prosecution and deportation are totally unrealistic. There are about 12M illegals in the country; criminal prosecution and/or deportation cost, just for the prosecution, cost the government about $500,000 each; the actual total cost to the Federal Govenment for incarceration costs the Govt. about $100/day. You do the math. Then there is the cost of building the new Berlin Wall and staffing INS. That would take the entire discretionary budget. Let those who insist on this pay for it. Insofar as I am concerned, relative to other monetary problems, such as fully funding VA health care, this is just a blip on the screen. If we will remember, even with mine fields, the Berlin Wall, etc., people from Eastern Europe still made it into the West – can we expect a different outcome with the wall?

    • The Mighty Ape says:

      Not to mention terrible long-term PR for the US. We are a country of immigrants. These people are “Americans” as they’re from Central America or even Mexico (North America). Leading the free world by building walls to keep CHILDREN seeking safety out is absolutely wrong. As long as they are under 18, they’re kids in the eyes of the world, and we have a duty to protect them. Plus, if we were proud of our education system, and if we adapted it and improved it as we should be doing, then we should have nothing to worry about by letting these kids in. Let them go through the education system and come out as the next smart, proud, grateful generation of Americans.

      The Pope even came out and basically said, “America, what are you doing not letting these kids in? We thought you were trying to be the good guys?”

      • conservativeindependent says:

        Why is it that the U.S. has to be the country with open borders? None of our critics, are volunteering to allow these people to come to their countries. Last time I checked, the Vatican has it’s own borders pretty well secured. Are the home countries of these Illegal immigrants going to pitch in, to help supporting them. No, they aren’t. If we don’t start turning some away and, stop other countries (like the countries you mentioned) from sending their people our way, our country will become just as bad as the countries they are fleeing from. We are not getting the cream of the crop, in most cases, despite what the left wants to spin. We are getting a lot of gang members and even some Middle East extremists.
        The bottom line is we are a nation of laws, as well as a nation of immigrants.

        • The Mighty Ape says:

          No, we’re getting kids. Children under the age of 18, many without legal guardians. This is exactly the ones we should be helping. If a 23 year old crosses the border and expects asylum, well then we’ll deal with that with our laws. But for young kids coming to America’s border seeking refuge, we NEED to let them in, care for them, try our best to reunite them with their family members or provide a safe way for them back to their home countries. We have to be able to walk the walk. We are a righteous country and we need to show it by allowing the KIDS in. Look at the language you used to describe these children in need: “Illegal immigrants,” “gang members,” “Middle East extremists (though these kids are form our own continent, thousands of miles away from the Middle East).

          Helpless children get their own set of special laws, moral law, and it’s our duty to do the best we can for them.

          • conservativeindependent says:

            These kids are being sent here. They are not coming on their own. We have verified this.
            What has also been verified is that some do have ties to gangs. Are you living in a dream world where, only people 18 years and older are in gangs? If the countries of origin will help with funding the assistance these people are getting, then fine. Right now though, the U.S. taxpayers are the only ones on the hook, for the cost of us providing day care for every nation in Central America. Don’t give the spin regarding our moral obligations. Their home countries are the ones with that obligation.
            When you say ‘reunite them with their families’, can we do that to reunite them with their families, in their own country or, are you going to promote the further extension of chain migration so, they can have their parents, grandparents, cousins, etc… come in and, live off of the U.S. Taxpayer?
            We have to stop the open border mess, at some point.

          • The Mighty Ape says:

            We’re the wealthiest country in the world – we’re not allowed to complain about money, especially when it’s paying for the care of children.

            Our taxes won’t get raised – the money that we already pay will be taken from something else (ie. $700,000,000,000 of military spending per year or the $3,150,000,000 we give annually to Israel). Or, if we made them US citizens, they’d have to pay their own taxes.

            And sure, some were sent here and some may be in gangs. But those, hopefully, are the exceptions, not the rule. We can’t generalize that all 50,000+ children are gang members. Regardless, they each deserve a review with a judge to hear their side of the story rather than saying all are bad.

            Unfortunately, we have a huge border with Mexico and we’re never going to build a wall. So what’s a pragmatic solution?

          • conservativeindependent says:

            The pragmatic solution certainly isn’t the continued amnesty proposals or, turning a blind eye because it’s kids sneaking in. Our taxes don’t have to be raised. Our tax dollars are diverted to care for these Illegal immigrants, taking funding from other programs. You mention the money we give to our ally, Israel. What you don’t mention is the money we give to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and, the rest of the countries in that region. Countries which aren’t acting as allies, by sending and encouraging their people to sneak in to the U.S..
            By the way, the richest country in the world, as you like to refer to the U.S., is going broke. We have plenty of homeless people here, who are U.S. Citizens. I don’t see you calling for these people to get the help, they need.
            We pay these countries to care for their own. When they do not and, their citizens sneak in to the U.S., you say we need to pay more. This crisis is not going to be fixed, if we just continue to let this happen. By the way, these poor countries who are sending us these Illegal immigrants have some of the strictest Immigration laws on the planet. They also have some of the most secure borders, around their own nations. Take a look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws, before you criticize the U.S. border policy.

          • jbftskj says:

            God, are you stupid! The US isn’t “the wealthiest nation in the world”, it’s BROKE, and limping along a day short of BK with worthless printed green paper, thanks to the spendaholics in this corrupt leftist administration. The chickens will soon be home to roost, and it won’t be a picnic in the park! Give up the KoolObamaaid!

          • jbftskj says:

            Get ready to enjoy your new life in the 3rd World; it’s only an election away, if the Dimrats stay in power i n the Senate!

          • joe says:

            Wrong again you don’t even know the facts less than 15% are teenagers LESS THAN 15%. The fact is many may be over 21 but since this spineless government just lets them cross we will never know. They need to stick them back in Mexico let them deal with it. You should really shut up now since you are doing nothing but spreading lies and misinformation in fact GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU TRAITOR.

          • Mighty Ape::::::: I don’t know what you are trying to say, but if you can really think with that so called mind of yours, think about this!!!!!! All of those 18 year old’s will soon be taking your job, just like they took mine. They work cheaper than you do and your boss will see that and you are gone and they are in. Don’t think that it will not happen to you, because it will, I can’t tell you when, but it will. They live cheap, 10 to 15 per household and can afford the rent that you can’t. Pool all their money and buy a new car that only you can dream about. But, I guess that the way that you are talking you must be very wealthy and really don’t care about anything. We have “CHILDREN” right here in the UNITED STATES, that don’t have a home or a warm place to sleep, but all of you “bleeding hearts” want to take care of all the children, but your own back yard. WAKE THE HELL UP AND SMELL WHAT YOU ARE SHOVELING!!!!!!!!

          • jbftskj says:

            Moron, most of these “helpless children” have relatives already here, a large portion of them illegals. Two wrongs cannot make a right in this world. Get the hell off this forum!

      • joe says:


      • joe says:

        and who cares what the fucking pope says it means nothing

  29. Dwimby says:

    Pelosi is insane and should be removed from office. She is a disgrace to public service. She would fit in perfectly in Somalia. So would Obama. So would Holder. So would Reid.

  30. ward says:

    Too bad CA is so indoctrinated with illegals that they will not fire Pelosi & her far left example of a dictator attitude for her own policies of whims & ways to deceive the U.S. Citizens …!

    • Dawn Harsley says:

      The Governor of CA, Jerry Brown told the Mexican president that all immigrants are welcome in CA, both legal and illegals. I guess we can start shipping them all to CA. The fools keep electing Brown, Pelosi and Reid. Let them deal with it.

  31. Jack Adams says:

    Pelosi should be in a damn mental asylum along with the “snake” Reid from the senate!!!

    • Tom Wittlief says:

      You know of a mental asylum crazy enough to accept liberals ?

      • Jack Adams says:

        Not down here in AZ!!!

        • Tom Wittlief says:

          I hear theres a LOT of fantasy world folks like Pelosi & Reid in Iraq. Maybe a free plane ride over there, and shove ’em out the door at 30,000 feet. I’d be happy to give “em a reassuring pat on the back on the way out.

          • The Mighty Ape says:

            Seriously, I’m embarrassed you’re an American and even more embarrassed that you find it necessary to write your immature opinions on the Internet for the world to see. You’re just one person, but you’re giving Americans a bad name.

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            Ahhhhh ! So. You proclaim you are an American. Upon what foundation do base this hypothesis. That you live here ? Doesn’t that mean that Anybody occupying space here can call themselves American ? The guys who highjacked the jet-liners that brought down the WTC on 9/11 were in American airspace ! Are you an American because you were Born here ? News- flash for ya’, the Flood of illegals were NOT ! Are you a taxpayer ? The illegals are NOT ! I Could go on, but I suddenly realize you are a brainwashed liberal/leftist/socialist/communist, and I’d be wasting my breath. I’d better go outside and go through my Cane-Fu excercises, and meditate on where I’d place my hickory hook if we ever meet. Until then…

          • disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says:

            I will give them a assurance from the toe of my boot. Just after you pat them on the back.

          • Tom Wittlief says:

            I reckon some of ’em just Might need a little more encouragement to take that first step. You haven’t seen how hard I can PAT somebody though. ; )

          • Dawn Harsley says:

            You’re embarrassed? An American calls himself “The Mighty Ape” and you don’t find that embarrassing to all Americans. Go climb a banana tree.

          • joe says:

            You want to be embarrassed about something how about your lack of self respect, intelligence and common sense. You are a plague on this great nation that should be eradicated through some sort of spraying program like they use for mosquito’s. You are nothing but a drain on society you serve no usefull purpose you are meaningless as all left wing dumbocrats are nothing but blind sheep baaah baaah

      • disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says:

        I here Kim dong IL will take her. Nancy you should visit N K and do one of your rants at him. PLEASE

        • Tom Wittlief says:

          L-O-L ! O-M-G ! Just picturing how the dictator of NK would react to Missy Pelosi wagging her index at him in front of his politboro ! WOW !

      • jbftskj says:

        Yeah; it’s called New York City!

    • The Mighty Ape says:

      She’s got a heart and she thinks of the people as she leads. That’s more than can be said about the GOP that’s making this a huge issue primarily because they only appeal to old, white men and can’t get a Hispanic vote to save the future of their party.

      • Jack Adams says:

        Your “name” says it ALL….Go eat a banana!!!!

      • Dawn Harsley says:

        A “heart”? This woman has no heart. She’s a classless shrew on drugs. Finally they’ve fried her brain. If the only way the GOP can get the Hispanic vote is to close their eyes and ignore immigration laws, don’t bother. This is a huge issue. If she had a heart, she would be concerned about the burden this influx of illegals is placing on middle class and poor families. Middle income families can’t afford to clothe, house and educate the tens of thousands of illegals crossing our borders. Those who depend on social services for their basic necessities are being pushed aside by illegals. The very people the Democrats profess to champion are the ones hurt the most by illegal immigration. I guess she’s got you fooled.

        • ThomasJefferson says:

          Do away with whatever program it is that you are referring to that creates “the burden this influx of illegals is placing on middle class…” and the ones in place for the poor should be restricted to the ones that are English speaking,( because if you are an American citizen you should be fluent in it) with a bonafide American birth certificate. Might not be perfect but no system devised by man ever is but it would be close enough.This makes a lot more sense than $600 million plus dollars spent on “border security”

          • Dawn Harsley says:

            Are you nuts? Money spent on border security is money well spent. Should we simply allow anyone to waltz into the US unimpeded? The greatest danger to the US is our relatively open borders. How many of these so-called “innocent refugees” are actually members of a terrorist organization? If anything, we need more border security, security that actually works, that doesn’t give people a court date and send them on their way throughout the country never to be heard from again. In a perfect world, your suggestions re: birth certificates would be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Schools are not allowed to ask for immigration status, landlords aren’t permitted to ask for immigration status.

          • ThomasJefferson says:

            I got to stand by this one Dawn. #1,The concept of “terrorist” coming across the Mexico/U.S. border is GREATLY over blown. I could type all day on this point but let it suffice, YOUR research into the path (and the perks) that all the known previous terrorist have entered the country. You can “what if” until hell freezes over and the most PROBABLE outcome will be to create an evermore police state. #2. as to the landlord and school issue,that is doable and wont’t cost a dime.Just a return the rights of citizens to do as they please with their property. As for the school issue, I’m hard pressed to see how any illegal can enroll in school with current policies. Besides,this is a problem for the state dealing with said issue to decide.Finally in answer to your question,”should we simply allow anyone to anyone to waltz into the U.S. unimpeded” my answer is this. It worked for 200 plus years. The only exception I would concede to this Is MUSLIMS. Its discrimination YES, but unfortunately, they have brought it on themselves.Again, a less than perfect solution perhaps but it’s a good policy until a better (i.e. non taxpayer funded) solution one is presented.

          • Dawn Harsley says:

            “Up to the states to decide”? You are so wrong. The Federal government decrees that every child is entitled to a free education and that includes illegals. Look it up. I don’t know about you, but in Ohio, property owners pick up most of the tab for their local school districts. 57% of our property taxes go to our local school district. What about the cost of added interpreters, added classrooms, added teachers, books and computers? We’re tapped out. These so-called “children” are being shipped throughout the US. No state is immune. Did you see any photos of these so-called “children”? The ones with tattoos covering the entire upper half of their bodies? These are clearly gang members, yet they’re given a piece of paper with a court date and never heard from again. Under the Obama Administration, there is no such thing as “states’ rights”. One by one, every right of the states has been eroded in favor of the Federal Government. We have immigration laws on the books yet they are ignored. I read an article in today’s USA Today, stating that wages have fallen in every category other than the lowest paid individuals. If that is the case, how are we expected to take on the extra burden of housing, clothing, feeding and educating these individuals? Unemployment in the black community among the 18-24 age group is extremely high yet these are the jobs the illegals are taking. How about some consideration for our own citizens who are struggling? How about putting Americans first?

          • ThomasJefferson says:

            Dawn, Dawn Dawn, how can one be so right but so wrong? Yes the federal govt. “decrees” They decree a bunch of shit that is not within the framework of the constitution as it was originally written.As far as states rights,they have been in the crapper long long before Obama. In fact, they went down the drain with a Republican president over 150 years ago.The ones in the meantime have only compounded the problem. As far as the interpreters etc. etc. solution covers that completely! Read it again. As you stated, their are immigration laws on the books. Put the bastards in jail hiring them and that will solve THAT aspect of the problem. Know why THAT’S not going to happen? To many well connected businesses well connected to politicians on both sides of the aisle. As for the community and age group you refer to being deprived of jobs because of illegals, I’ll bet any amount of money you wish to bet that you could remove every illegal you want from the equation and it wont change the number’s three percentage points.As for the rest of them, we need to elect representatives that are #1, going to repeal ANY legislation currently in place to feed house and clothe these individuals and,#2 make sure, THEY makes sure, none is enacted in the future. In short, when Ohio and everyone else gets over the idea that the Federal Government should be involved in ANYTHING other than powers enumerated by the founders, the bulk of the problems in this country (this one especially) will take care of themselves. Those coming here for a handout will dry up by tomorrow.The rest,, well, do you believe in the principals this country was founded on or not?

          • jbftskj says:

            For 200 years, aliens came here LEGALLY. Now all they want to do is hop the fence, pick up their check, and vote Democrat. Pathetic.

      • joe says:

        You are not really very smart are you that woman is insane and has always been a liar and incompetent just like ALL LEFT WING DUMBOCRATS. Does your mom know you are playing with her computer junior?

    • jbftskj says:

      Reid is overdue for the Old Folks Home; a senile old fool with scrambled brains.

  32. W.C. says:

    Woweee!! I just watched the video. Good for Tom Marino!! It’s about time somebody stood up and told the unvarnished truth. And good for the man there in studio talking. He told the truth. It’s all about pandering to pad a voter base. Nothing to do with what’s right or just. Illegal immigrants help big businesses, which in turn pad the pockets of politicians.

  33. Maria castro says:

    Can you imagine what must be to work for the “Godmother”?

  34. Leo Sebastian says:

    Hey apzzyk what are you talking about ??? How can germans deports thousands of illegals with no problem and we cannot ???And it’s not cost them 500 000 each ! They put illegals on buses and drop them on the Poland border , where they came from .That’s it . I saw that in 90’s .
    GOP demand ” insane ” things : SECURE THE BORDERS ! Do you realized how stupid this sounds ? And yes , in Europe people from EAST still make to the WEST , And guess what : THEY GET DEPORTED ! They get ARRESTED on the streets if they got no immigrations paper . If they have been send to the refuge camp in Wurzburg they have to stay in Wurzburg , If they cross city line they get ARRESTED ! And send back !

  35. lindylou says:

    I vividly recall Senor Cruz getting unhinged on the Senate Floor. AND he never go rehinged again as far as I know.

  36. Phil says:

    I’d have bit her damned finger OFF and spat it in her face.

    • The Mighty Ape says:

      Lovely. Way to be an adult.

      Is that what these forums are for? Immature one-liners filled with hate? Or a sensible discussion with well thought out opinions?

      • joe says:

        Your opinion is a lie we do not speak to liars

  37. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012 says:

    The dream Act Amnesty did not pass in Dec 2010, it was voted down with a Democratic controlled House and Senate. They tried to rush it through before the new Congress took over which was a Republican controlled House.

  38. joe says:

    Crazy bitch should be locked in a rubber room she is perfect example of senility gone wild. That guy should have just jingled his car keys in front of her it would have confused her and calmed her down. Hopefully she will die of ugly/stupid syndrome soon enough

    • The Mighty Ape says:

      Hater. Try to have an honest discussion here rather than a trolling rant hidden behind anonymity. You’d get a broken nose from a gentleman if you’d said that in person. Show a little respect for your fellow Americans.

      • joe says:

        SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE I did not give you permission to speak to me little man.
        You are not an American you do not meet our standards.
        Now you sit there and keep quiet until I give you permission to speak DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!! yea I thought you would.

    • The ones who voted for her has got to be as stupid as her and they keep voting this ugly hag back in.

  39. EDWARD MIKAN says:


  40. brabbie2002 says:

    What is it like to have some rich old hag wagging a finger and calling names because you had the audacity to tell the truth? I personally would have told her to STFU! Not very lady like, but maybe the old bat would have had apoplexy and croaked. There you go! One less libtard! Or maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and vote in term limits without reading what is in the bill! Works for me!

  41. bbnnmm says:

    IMPOSSIBLE for her to become ”unhinged”——–you have to be hinged in the first place to be able to do that. She needs serious help.

  42. disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says:

    Two terms Only!

  43. The Mighty Ape says:

    That was barely a wag. Exaggerated headlines and a childish group of hosts on Fox. They’re selling their souls in hopes of one day getting some cash from the Koch brothers. Unfortunately, they are on the wrong side of history and will soon be forgotten.

    • jbftskj says:

      You’ll change your tune after Nov. 4, idiot!

  44. Truth Seeker says:

    Marino should have bitch slapped the ugly hag known as Nancy Piglosi. If not Marino, then someone with a little backbone to put to knock the witch off her high broom.

  45. jamesowens says:

    yep lifetime perks onlt people that can get that is those that reward themselves and they did

  46. Gea says:

    I spent many hours watching Senate and US House of Representatives in action, as well as veious Congressional and Senate hearings regarding some of the dastardly policies of the Obama adminstration and his incompetent helpers who are playing, race, gender and wealth division cards to maintain themlseves in power.

    As an Independent, with a bleeding heart, I was appaled who Democratic party is using their incompetent pllikcies to seduce massas to vote for them and create even more disfuncational society, which is living on the work of fewer and fewer Amerricans. This immigration disaster if a direct consequence of the rich dudes pretending to represent America, when in fac t they only represent THEMSELVES and us power to gain money and more power. They ALL stink…Democrats and Republicans, but with Obama in the White hosue it had been disaster, because it is the Democrats who had pushed this Islamist to destroy US. We must get them ALL kidked out…anybody who supports Obama’s inance, incompetent and pro-Islamist policies! They can retire to Kenya and Saudi Arabia, since they do tno belong to America.

  47. John Wayne says:

    I have not only lost my country but now my neighborhood too!!!
    My wife and I have lived in a suburb for 8 years now. We loved our small neighborhood for quite some time. Unfortunately there were a couple of neighbors who lost their jobs due to business going to China and these good people lost their homes. These homes went on the market CHEAP. (I should have purchased them and been the bank for these good folks) Up to this point we had never had a break in or any type of vandalism. Since these home have now new tenants, thanks to our government, we see the police now on a weekly basis, which we rarely ever saw, maybe a drive by once a month. Police are in our court sometimes 3 times per day. We both work and on the side have purchased some rental properties (I know I messed up not buying these) and now due to the once per week break ins of homes and sheds to steal our stuff we worked hard for I have had to purchase a security system costing me more money along with moving most of our tools and other types of toys and such to three of our rental homes garages and did I mention I had to contact my insurance agent to add more coverage to my rentals since they were being stolen while we were at work? I am so not understanding what some of you do not get…
    Did I mention these new neighbors, all of the same descent, approximately 15 in two homes come from the southern border? It is not about hungry children or anything. I would like to know how they are living in these homes because NONE of them work. I am so confused… do you not work and get a home and every month go to the grocery store and come back with vehicles loaded down with steaks, pop, candy, all of this on the first of the month. Hint Hint lady who said feed their kids….WE ARE. It is not about feeding the kids. Should I add up all the insurance increases, replacement of my stolen stuff and much much more.

    Sorry to rant guys…Not only replace Nancy and these other idiots but YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN if you simply state stupid stuff like, I believe in feeding a child regardless. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!

  48. impeachemall says:

    This rant is further proof that you just can’t underestimate FAUX GNUS talking heads.

  49. John Wayne says:

    When she said “We will have to pass it to see what’s in it” is the day this country should have been taken back!

  50. mac12sam12 says:

    Off topic, is Nancy Pelosi turning into Michael Jackson?

  51. taliesin319 says:

    This performace gives new meaning to the phrase, ” crazier than an outhouse rat. ” Outhouse being a euphemism for the other word starting with S which if used would not be accepted in comments.

  52. Joseph Toth says:

    I believe she is trying to work her way up to an insanity plea deal.

    • Tom Wittlief says:

      I figured there must be Somebody who isn’t already convinced.

  53. Frick says:

    She is an overpaid idiot!

  54. Rick says:

    Nazi Piglosi should have just hopped on her broom and flew across
    the room and zapped him with her wand! How dare he insult her with the truth!

  55. kkc003 says:

    her face can scare anyone, put her face on the border!

  56. southie55 says:

    If Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown aren’t two good reasons not to ever go to the land of OZ I give up.

  57. gunnygil says:

    Our illustrious leader in a speech in Germany, June 2014, actually stated…”And for the international order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.” Seems he has been proven right by the continual voting for an elitist bitch such as Pelosi and others of his and her ilk, and giving up their rights but more than that, their responsibility to themselves, their families, and their freedoms as a responsible citizen of the fast declining Constitutional Republic

    • Chandler says:

      First off Semper Fi Gunny
      I will say that I believe that it is not just a few that hold this country hostage and dictate instead of lead.
      It has taken most all the Democrat party and a foreign government to literately take this country to here knees.
      And lack of action real action to gain back control of our country. That has taken years of abuse from the corrupt government for us to become complacent and ignore as to what corruption is going on in our country.
      Of the rights that have slowly been taken away by our corrupt government. with out firing a shot. The Communist have infiltrated our government as well as Muslims, once upon a time the Communist said that they would take down America with out firing a shot and they have. The Muslims have promised bruitality of untold horror’s, and that also has started..
      The illegals are but part of the army that is taking over our country. They can be easly intimidated and controlled by the communist and the Muslims so where does that leave the legal citizens?
      In a whole allot of trouble if they do not band together including the Democrats that have aided in this . Do they think that they will be the last standing yes they do . But for sure no they won’t they will go down with the other legal citizens. So it is get up and fight for your life and freedom or lay down and die.

  58. The Mighty Ape says:

    Obama is the best thing that’s happened to this country in a long, long time. History will look back on it as the era when the racist, super conservatives voiced their opinions thinking they had the majority of Americans on their side, only to realize they were the minority far and wide.

    Keep crying out to your beloved Tea Party because it neatly organizes all the old-thinkers into a group for the next generation to ignore.

    • Chandler says:

      You are like a blooming onion fried crisp , your are a idiot without a doubt.What do you want to bet guys and gals this is a idiot illegal and a welfare recipient.

      • alex connery says:

        Well, you’re right, the idiot’s user name (The Mighty Ape) is quite self explanatory and pretty much says it all about his totally incoherent position,,,what else is new,,, same ole’ story right?

        • Chandler says:

          OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!in the famous words of Louie Armstrong

      • jbftskj says:

        Apes aren’t noted for their intelligence!

    • Rick says:

      If you are not a liberal before age 30 you have no heart, if you are not a
      conservative by age 30 you have no brains! The trouble with our liberal friends
      is not so much that they are ignorant it is that they know so much that isn’t
      so! Conservatives think liberals are stupid because they are! Liberals think
      Conservatives are stupid because liberals think stupid things! Liberals are way
      too stupid to comprehend.

    • Rick says:

      I will never understand how libtarded “geniuses” can think spending 7 .5 trillion
      dollars can somehow pay off the national debit. Or how drawing fake “red
      lines” will put a stop to chemical weapon attacks. Or that by bowing to
      our enemies will somehow make them respect us. Or how they can possibly think
      trading 5 high level terrorists for 1 traitor is a good deal. Obama
      administration gives thousands of guns to drug dealers “fast and
      furious” to say “see we need to ban guns because they are going to
      Mexico.” Or putting an election before saving the lives of 4 American’s in Benghazi all because it makes a joke about his “Osama bin laden is dead and GM is alive” slogan. Or how the government’s 2.8 trillion takeover of healthcare is a good thing when 62%
      of the country did not want it.

      Oshitforbrains giving 200 Abrams tanks and 16 F-16 fighter jets to the
      Muslim brotherhood in Egypt so they can use against our ally Israel! Carter did
      the same 89 F-14 Tomcats to Iran! Obama is worse than Carter! Or how having a
      president who consistently lies to the American people I can think of 43 times
      off the top of my head alone how is any of this a good thing?

      said “read my lips no new taxes.” That one lie kept him for
      re-election. I guess conservatives simply have much higher standards than

      is 2 countries in one divided up by Obama into Red and Blue States. I am an
      American citizen living in Texas a red Free State! Obama is NOT my President
      and never will be.

      is no longer the “United States” we are now the “Divided

    • Rick says:

      23 Million Unemployed, 110 Million on Food Stamps/Government assistance –$716 Billion in
      Medicare Cuts

      $1.9 Trillion in New Taxes in Obama’s Budget.
      2.8 trillion in new obamacare taxes. 1.6 Trillion in spending every year in
      office with nothing to show for it pushing the National debit from 10.9
      Trillion to 17.5 Trillion! Adding 6 trillion in his first term, he will do the
      same this term pushing the debit to 22- 24 Trillion! America is done! No
      country could ever recover from this kind of debit!

      Ovomit wants to infringe on our second
      amendment rights and at the same time let our enemies develop nuclear weapons!
      America is in its death throes right now. DemonRats are killing this country.
      And it will die with Obama at the helm.
      What a shame.

      Liberal logic is an oxymoron. Heavy on the
      MORON! Socialism/Communism sucks! “two more years of this! “You’ve
      got to be kidding!”

    • Rick says:

      A challenge to all Ovomit worshipping Dump-a-Craps.

      I have posted 45 things Ovomit has done to hurt the country
      and that is just the tip of the iceberg. What good has ovomit done for this
      country? If you can’t think of anything don’t you think it is time to reassess
      your beliefs? I will make it easy, he has been president for 6 years, think of
      6 GOOD things that Oshitforbrains has done for the country. That is only 1 GOOD
      thing a year. Good luck! And remember he promised to be president of not just
      blue America but of the United States of America.

      Obama father was Muslim his mother was a communist! I am not
      trying to be funny these are facts! He grew up learning an ideology that was
      completely anti-American and Anti-Christian.

      Obama is the worst president in the history of the USA!

      Dump-a-craps love to call me a “liar.” Conservatives have
      all the intellectual ammo! I do NOT have to make up lies about Oshitforbrains
      or the Dump-a-Craps! They lie, cheat, steel slander and commit scandal after
      scandal on a near daily bases. They are the gift that keeps on giving!

      Attention Libtards! You are way too stupid to comprehend any
      of the following! It is all truth about Obama! You might want to have a center
      right democrat read and explain it to you. Do not try to read it yourself your
      head will likely explode! Frustrated with all the Obama facts can be
      overwhelming! It is not your fault that you are retarded and drank the Obama
      kool aid. You were not smart enough to vet Obama the first time and were a
      victim of his Jedi mind control tactics. You silly simpleton!

    • Rick says:

      Can’t hide the truth, DemonRat ideology has
      FAILED America

      A quick
      look at what Ovomit and his fellow Dump-a-craps have given the USA

      1….7 Trillion deeper in debit!

      5 mastermind terrorists realest to kill a lot more Americans for one traitor!

      A completely destabilized middle east and Iraq falling back into Islamic terrorist hands! And he heavily
      armed the Muslim brotherhood!

      112% higher fuel costs! Soon to go much higher with a now destabilized Iraq.

      My health care costs have gone up over $5,500 a year!

      A heavily emboldened Vladimir Putin who on 6/12/12 send bombers 50 miles off
      California and Alaska!

      … A wide open border allowing illegal immigrants to flood our once great

      Unfettered access to “FREE TAX PAYER FUNDED abortions!

      Homosexual marriage in 17 states now!

      has turned to executive orders issues 23 actions sidestepping Congress to
      trample 2nd amendment rights on Gun Control.

      Obama added 3 more country’s to NAFTA. South Korea, Columbia and Panama, outsourcing
      even more of our jobs and taxpayer dollars!

      Ovomit lies every time he opens his mouth, and libtards believe him!

      … A Syrian government that thinks Ovomits red line is a joke and uses Saddam
      Husain’s chemical weapons on his citizens.

      Horribly damaged the DemonRatic party! Insomuch as Dian Feinstein is turning
      against him!

      has horribly damaged our leadership role and the reputation of the USA to the
      rest of the world!

      Can’t hide the truth, DemonRat ideology has
      FAILED America Reason 16 through 30

      Ovomit has earned the title “worst president in US history!

      Ovomit has shrunk United States Army to its smallest force since before the
      World War II.

      In June 2011, U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said that Obama had
      violated the Constitution when he launched military operations in Libya without
      Congressional approval.

      Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton worth as much as $568 million after the
      Justice Department had said it would pursue a lawsuit accusing the
      Houston-based company of taking kickbacks from two subcontractors on
      Iraq-related work.

      Ovomit has an administration full of lobbyists Ovomit promised that, unlike
      Bush, he would not have any lobbyists working in his administration. By
      February 2010, he had more than 40 lobbyists working in his administration.

      Ovomit supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout. While
      Senator, Obama voted for the $700
      billion TARP bank bailout bill.

      Ovomit looked the other way at tax cheaters, Ovomit nominated Timothy Geithner,
      a repeat tax cheater, to head the
      government agency that enforces the tax laws.

      Gave tax dollars to AIG executives Ovomit had said, “when I’m president, I will
      go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.” However,
      after reading “line by line” and signing the stimulus bill that protected the
      AIG bonuses, Ovomit pretended to be
      shocked and outraged at the bonuses, and said, “Under these circumstances, it’s
      hard to understand how derivative traders at A.I.G. warranted any bonuses at
      all, much less $165 million in extra pay…

      Ovomit increased the national debt the national debt increased more during
      Obama’s first three years and two months than it did during all eight years of
      George W. Bush’s presidency.

      supported indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges In
      December 2011, ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero criticized Obama for
      signing a bill that gave the U.S. government the power to indefinitely detain
      U.S. citizens without any charges being filed or any trial taking place.

      supported warrant-less wiretapping.

      had U.S. citizen killed without judicial process.

      ordered Boeing Company to fire 1,000 employees because the factory was

      Ovomit supported the release of a Muslim convicted serial killer In 2010, Oshitforbrains
      supported releasing Lockerbie bomber
      Abdel Baset al-Megrahi (who had been
      convicted of murdering 270 people) from prison.

      Ovomit Illegally put thousands of guns into hands of criminals In Operation
      Fast and Furious, the Obama administration ordered gun storeowners to illegally
      sell thousands of guns to criminals.

      hide the truth, DemonRat ideology has FAILED America Reason 30 through 45

      Ignored constitutional requirements for appointees In February 2009, U.S.
      Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia)
      expressed concern that Obama’s dozens of czars might violate the U.S.
      Constitution, because they were not approved by the U.S. Senate.

      Ovomit gave some employers special exemptions from health care reform In
      October 2010, Obama gave McDonald’s and 29 other organizations an exemption
      from some of the requirements of his health care plan. Over time, more than 1,300 organizations were
      granted waivers.

      Ovomit gave tax dollars to campaign contributors and lobbyists, and falsely
      claimed that the money was for “green” energy. The Obama administration gave
      $535 million to Solyndra, claiming that it would create 4,000 new jobs.
      However, instead of creating those 4,000 new jobs, the company went bankrupt.

      had “off the record” meetings with lobbyists In June 2010, the New York
      Times reported that Obama administration
      officials had held hundreds of meetings with lobbyists at coffee houses near
      the White House, in order to avoid the disclosure requirements for White House

      had armed agents raid guitar factory and seize guitars without charges being

      had armed federal agents raid the Gibson guitar factory, order the employees to
      leave, and seize guitars and other property from the factory – and all of this
      happened without any charges being filed.

      Made recess appointments when Congress was not in recess.

      Gave tax dollars to corrupt private contractors.

      Used tax dollars to glorify murderers. The Obama administration spent $1.6
      million to restore graffiti that glorified communist murderers Che Guevara and
      Fidel Castro.

      Ovomit proved that he’s the least intelligent President in history. Despite
      having taught constitutional law at one of the most prestigious law schools in
      the country, in April 2012 Obama falsely
      claimed that the U.S. Supreme Court had never overturned any laws that had been
      passed by Congress.

      #40…Ovomit doesn’t care about taxpayers’ money. As part
      of his economic stimulus, Obama spent
      $205,075 of taxpayer money to relocate and care for a single specimen of
      Arctostaphylos franciscana, a shrubbery which nurseries sell for $16.

      made the TSA more abusive and more ridiculous giving a very invasive patdown to
      a three-year-old boy in a wheelchair, which caused the boy to tremble in fear.
      The Obama administration gave an aggressive patdown to a seven-year-old girl
      with cerebral palsy. The Obama administration said that a four-year-old girl was a “high security
      threat.” The Obama administration placed an 18-month-old girl on its no fly list.
      The Obama administration gave a patdown to Henry Kissinger.

      Ovomit gave the middle finger to Vietnam veterans, their families, and their
      friends. On Memorial Day 2012, Oshitforbrains prevented Vietnam veterans and
      their friends and families from visiting the Vietnam memorial for seven hours,
      so Obama could have his picture taken.

      Ovomit Took ownership and control of General Motors Ovomit fired the CEO of
      General Motors, had the government take 60.8% ownership of the company, and
      ordered the company to close some of its dealerships.

      Ovomit started the false rumor that he was born in Kenya. Although Obama was
      born in Hawaii, in 1991 he told his book publisher that he was born in Kenya.

      fined public school $15,000 for selling soda to students during lunch. DemonRat
      policies have always failed America

      hate for people to know this FACT about their failed ideology.

    • Rick says:

      Fleas, Ticks, Leaches, parasites call them what you will they are all DemonRats!

      Sucking a living off the backs of hard working conservative taxpayers!

      The problems America faces today exist because the people who “work for a living”
      are outnumbered by those who “vote for a living.”

      DemonRats do not love this country, they hate this country! All they care about is
      getting “FREE health care “obamacare.” FREE food stamps. FREE Obama phones.
      FREE section 8 housing FREE welfare checks. FREE schooling for there kids. FREE
      utility’s. FREE unemployment checks for 99 weeks. FREE cash for there clunker.
      FREE drugs and contraceptives etc.

      The problem is none of this is “FREE,” Tax payers have to pay for all this! I am a
      tax payer, why should I buy you anything? I do not even like you, what makes
      you think I owe you a living?

      DemonRats voted for Obama not because they believed he would be the best leader for this once great country, but because they believed he would be the best provider!

      What else has Obama provided for our children, our children’s children and our
      children’s children, children etc? Let see?

      When he took office we owed 10.9 Trillion and now 6 years later we owe 17.9
      Trillion! He still has 2 years to spend even more! How much more? Next year he
      wants to spend 3.9 Trillion!

      Will he do the same in 2016? Probably!

      If so he will have spent 15.8 TRILLION! Pushing the national debit to 25.8
      trillion having spent more than every president from George Washington to
      George Bush combined!

      Bush added 4.9 Trillion in 8 years! Obama said what Bush did was
      “Unpatriotic” I call what he has done “Treasons!” And what
      do we have for our 7 Trillion dollars?

      we more respected as a country? NO! How about a stronger military? NO! How
      about less people on food stamps? NO! How about less unemployment? NO! All we
      got for our money is a lot more debit and a considerably weekend dollar!

      What has obama done that is any good for this country? Absolutely NOTHING!

      Obama added 35 million participants to the food stamp program.

      From 9/11/01 until Bush left office we were never attacked. Since Obama took office
      we have been attacked 4 times on US soil. Unemployment under Bush 5.1% Under
      Obama we have 23 million unemployed or underemployed.

      By adding all the Trillions he has and will continue to add to the debt America and will never recover from this! No nation
      could! The dollar will collapse we will become Greece and have nobody to bail
      us out.

      The 55 million Americans dependent on food stamps 30 million added in the last 6
      years under Obama! Will riot in the streets angry because they are starving and
      they cannot get any more food stamps from the federal government because it
      will be broke! No nation could ever recover from this kind of debit! America is
      done! And it deserves to die. The DemonRats
      Leeches killed it when they elected and then re-elected Obama the community
      organizer and chief!

    • Rick says:

      You’ve re-elected liar-in-chief Obama for another term as
      your US President. Let’s celebrate this insanity by looking at some of the
      blatant lies he has told you to your face!

      “There is not a smidgen of corruption against conservatives
      at the IRS.”

      “America is no longer a Christian nation”

      “I promise that I support traditional marriage-1 man-1 woman.

      “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”

      “I believe in the Second Amendment.”

      “I pledge to build a twenty first century VA.”

      “I promise to strengthen the VA and that promise has been kept.”

      “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”

      “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”

      “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”

      “I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.”

      “You didn’t build that.”

      “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”

      “I will bring our troop’s home within ONE year.”

      “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”

      “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”

      “I’ll close Guantanamo.”

      “I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”

      “I’ll unite the people of this great country.”

      “If you like your health care plan you can keep it.”

      “If you like your Dr. you can keep him.” “Period.”

      “The Benghazi Attacks Were Fueled by That YouTube Video.”

      “Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration that coincidently happened on September 11th”

      “It is all Bush’s fault.”

      “It is all Republicans fault.”

      “It is all the rich peoples fault for not wanting to pay their fair share.”

      “Al Qaeda is on the run.”

      “Your healthcare costs will go down $2,500.00.”

      “The recession is over.” Tell that to the people who are still out of work.

      “Al Qaida has been decimated.”

      “The Republicans are hurting the middle class.”

      “The Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit and save money for the economy.”

      “We want to insure the 30 million people who aren’t insured.”

      “Global warming is manmade.”

      “The Keystone Pipeline will hurt the environment.”

      “This will be the most transparent administration ever.”

      “I will eliminate entirely” income tax for seniors making less than $50,000.”

      “My father served in World War II” Yeah, the communist Kenyan father that was 9 years
      old when the war ended.

      “Make it “Impossible” for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects.”

      “I Promise to Cut Deficit in half by the end of my first term.”

      “I Promise Illegals will not be covered by Obamacare.”

      “Republicans hate me because they’re racist.”

      “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully
      execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of
      my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United

      Obama asserted that “the Constitution is a charter of
      negative liberties in that it states what the State and Federal government
      could not do to you. He asserts that it is flawed in that it does not state
      what the State and Federal governments should be obligated to do on your

      The Constitution was drafted to protect US citizens from Government!

      Maybe you should stop drinking all that obama brand kool aid!
      Spit it out it is poison!

      If folks knew, like I knew, just how bad Obamacare was going
      to be, there would have been a different outcome to the last election.

      Everybody that voted for Romney should be given an exemption
      from Obamacare! DemoRats want it I say
      give it to them. We should be free to accept it or not! That is the way it used
      to work in “free America.”

      Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History!

  59. Nolan Ashman says:

    It’s just a matter of time, folks. Pelosi is ready to erupt and when she does it will be hilarious. She has already lost control of her emotions and her cognitive capacity is diminished to the point she will need an administrator to help her spend her millions. She will undoubtedly start some kind of protest march in the old folks home. That is if she can find one that will take her.

  60. kat-dis says:

    Pelosi Galore must be nuts throw her out put her in an assylm

  61. kat-dis says:

    Send her y o Iraq

  62. kat-dis says:

    Remember her saying this last herd of illegals were like baby Jesus

  63. Sandra Lemley says:

    She is a loose cannon!!!

  64. Ibcamn says:

    pelosi is a cow!all these seats need to have a limit!this “no term limit”just begs for corruption to run rampant!..oops,too late!

  65. The Mighty Ape says:

    This is barely news worthy. Document every one of them. Let the kids in. Give them an American education and show the world that US still has some decency left. We have to do the right thing here.

    • alex connery says:

      Hahahahaha,,you are so funny it is extremely sad, you are obviously a total hand-out recipient huh?

    • pateboo says:

      The only reason we shouldn’t turn our backs on them, is because they will STAB or shoot you in it if you do. Watch your necks people.

  66. D Eiland says:

    Well, looks like Morino has recovered some of his spine. Hopefully, it will rub off on the other conservatives in govt.

  67. Joe the Nobody says:

    Pelosie is and out and out FLAKE and is not fit for office! I don’t know how anyone one would vote her in. WOW!

    • gearbox says:

      They are called liberals ! this is the brain dead garbage that votes in IDIOTS like
      pelosy , reid , schmer ,grayson ,boxer ,crowley , obama & etc. who are all bent on
      destroying America ! for what reason ?

  68. Michael R. Osborne says:

    all of this was planned along time ago. J.D. Rockefeller, supposedly said nothing in politics happens by accident, this should tell you something about the current state of the nation!

  69. jbftskj says:

    The nut ward is saving a special room for Nancy-get the net!

    • Chandler says:

      Don’t hold your breath, for anything to happen, All that is ever done is talk , talk ,talk.

  70. Gregory A Garofalo says:

    Somebody shoot that bitch Pelosi and put her out of our misery. I hope some police agency arrests Pelosi for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident (do a Ted Kennedy thing). She would drive the patients in an insane asylum nuts. Pelosi is an extreme virago, and that description is perfect for her.

    • Chandler says:

      It would be nice to get re-leaf from some of the fruits and nuts, I will admit.

  71. John Chambers says:

    If you believe that you are entitled to free birth control and need help in choosing the right one, do what my wife and I did to prevent pregnancy. Hang a poster of Nancy Pelosi on your bedroom wall.
    It works every time!

    • Chandler says:

      Love it and welcome to our own not so private insane asylum, the site whee you will hea and see almost anything. Good and bad.

      • John Chambers says:

        Thank you. I am trying to post a photo to my profile, but having a problem. I am not that computer savvy!

        • Chandler says:

          I am not sure how to post a picture, but I would not use my picture on the internet anyway. But you can use any picture you want. I would suggest you find any picture you like and use that. there are allot of savvy people that if you want to post you picture of any picture ask one that has a picture. WC comes to mind. Post under his post and ask him I am sure he would help you.But think twice using your own picture on the internet.
          Good luck

    • gearbox says:

      with a poster of hillary next to it !

      • John Chambers says:

        Hi Gearbox:

        You are 100% correct. Pelosi is a total idiot!

        Johnny Chambers

  72. Bobby says:

    It strongly appears that demonic spirits have taken more over her. How can California vote these evil women in? And a false demon god muslim follower, foreigner in the highest office. Illegal by being a foreigner and his father. This nation needs to repent and return to God, through the Son, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is quick to forgive, give new, true and everlasting life by inviting Him in you; who died for our sins, buried and rose from the dead after His finished work for us on the Cross. He fills with love, power, peace and joy, as personal Lord and as Savior. God made it so easy for us to receive Jesus as Lord at a heavy price out of love for us.To transform and make something out of your life. Then you are made new, His love light comes in and is turned on, as ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear.’ Then ask and receive being filled up to overflow with your helper, comforter, guide to all truth, power, love, peace, joy, supernatural gifts in Jesus Name!This nation has rapidly turned from the answer. People now and forever, and His awesome benefits in this life. No matter what else goes on around you. Psalm 91. He is coming very soon, in an atomic second for His people. Before the 7 years of close to hell on earth. Before one world gov’t of antichrist, the satanic one world harlot religion. Deception, death and destruction. Return with the and our Creator in Rev.19 on, Zechariah 12-main 14. 2nd Thessalonians 2. Matthew 24, Isaiah, Daniel, Luke 17, 21:8-36. The only hope for this nation to return to. Trouble is coming to this nation, but the greatest, miracle filled Revival is coming very soon. Acts 2:16-21! Better to call on the Lord now, not only for eternal destiny sealed, to be an anointed vessel He loves to work great things, miracles for and through for many others!New true life, then a way above and beyond forever, after!Your spirit comes alive. You see things the doomed enemy has blinded from.Transformed from and authority over, in Jesus Name, from the doomed and sentenced kingdom of darkness into the now and everlasting Kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God in you and for you. Pelosi and all the others from the God booing and hissing party, unrighteous laws and decrees. Anyone, none is good or bad enough to be turned down for this greatest gift ever. Who asks to be totally forgiven of all sins.To come into your heart,live in you, make you new, be your Lord, your Savior. The only who came to die to pay your price in full, then God your perfect loving Heavenly Father who sent glad to go, Son Jesus and raised Him from he dead, calls you a saint, righteous, beloved, through Christ in you! His righteousness given to us for our sins. A joint heir. Then ask and receive the Baptism with and to be filled up to overflow with God the Holy Spirit!Peace, power, joy, love and much more in Jesus Name!Son Lord Jesus is the way, and the fullness of the Godhead, Triune God, bodily.Your, my Creator came to suffer, die, rise to be your best friend.A now and forever growing love relationship. All are invited and after saying the prayer, indescribable! Relationship not religion and traditions of men. A New or Old King James Bible.The true word of God. The New and better Covenant, Test, first. The Gospel of John. and all of God’s alive supernatural word for you. His love letter written on the Cross. Many great things will be revealed to you. 100% accurate Bible prophecy, God, who cannot lie, promises to you, family and all offspring. And so much more comes alive to you. I hope to see all of you and your loved ones in Heaven. Not because I’m good, my Lord, my God, my Savior and best friend Jesus is so good and great! We have all eternity in our new, young,limitless, perfect, indestructible, not corruptible, recognize bodies. Eternal bliss.1st Cor. 15:50-58, 1st Thessalonians 4:15-18. 1st and 2nd John, the Gospel of John and many others. Return with our and the King, Rev.19 on! As for politics now, pray for this nation,leaders, vote for true Christians, or those closest to God’s principles.Social-communism is satanic. Isaiah 5 Woe to them who write unrighteous laws and issue unrighteous decrees. Who call evil good and good evil. Also Nations blessed by leaders blessing Israel or cursed for coming against them and their land in word or deed. A Choice God gives and is individual, also.Gen. 12:3. God keeps all of His promises. Those in office from the top and his party are way over, on the wrong side.

  73. Hi impeachemall. You know when I say anything about her and her cronies I get a lot upset and pissed so lets give a guy(me) a little break. Just a note to you and all others any time I type any of the dems or terrorists or imam’s names I NEVER CAPITALIZE THEIR NAMES OR THEIR POSITION IE potus or flotus or obamma or harry the reid it’s a small insult to them, but anything I can do to rock their boat or upset them I do it.

  74. sasquatch1313 says:

    She is a walking tribute to the embalmer’s art.

    • Chandler says:


  75. jukie says:

    A whole new meaning for the word looney, Pelosi?

  76. Penelope I. says:

    Pelosi is more dangerous than a slippery rug in a rest home

  77. thumper79 says:

    she should follow her own advice and EMBRACE THE SUCK!

  78. John Redmond says:

    the question is who is the house representing we the people of the Republic or themselves inside their 10 square mile corporate domain of D.C… How many Americans have studied our history in the 1800s through the archives and not the biased and spun media controlled by the criminal global elites. the act of 1871 was unnecessary as provisions in the first act were already in place. So the only purpose of the act of 1871 was to transform D.C. into a private corporation and not a municipal so Grant and his colleagues can deal directly with the Rothschild’s of England by creating a private constitution of the United States. Yes D.C. cannot enforce laws or anything on we the people outside the 10 square mile domain of D.C. but we the people have been allowing it since 1871 because most of us believe D.C. is under the Constitution FOR the United States when in reality D.C. is under the private constitution OF the United States. The word FOR and the word OF have two separate meanings.

  79. Rick says:

    Nazi Piglosi should have just hopped on her broom and flew across
    the room and zapped him with her wand! How dare he insult her with the truth!

  80. Bill says:

    Fuckin bitch needs to be hung for treason

  81. phishing4men says:

    Someone with a backbone should have got up and ko’d her.

  82. librtyship says:

    I think 6 years would be more than enough for Reps and 12 years for the Senate. Looking at California one sees Senators and Reps who have been office for 20, 30 and 40 years. Too many state senators and reps have been in office for 20 years or more and during that time (20) years this state has gone from first place in nearly every regard right down to the very bottom THANK YOU DEMOCRATS!

  83. Girlie58 says:

    She should be fired! Another traitor! Member of the elite group constantly making decisions that hurt the middle class while she lives in luxury.

    • gearbox says:

      The woman is NUTS ! a total loonie-toon ! I think shes half in the bag all the time !!
      just to looking at this bitch makes me cringe , that deer in the headlights look . omg !

  84. oldfool says:

    We not only need term limits but also 4yrs military service 4 years of running their own business 4 yrs of economics 101

  85. Gbear says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised by that psycho Pelosi.

  86. girlofObecse says:

    I love M. Molnars comments! Are you Hungarian by any chance? Your knowledge is great, and helpful in our desert of knowledge and truth!

  87. MIKE6080 says:

    it really would have been great if she would have jumped on her broom and flew over there

  88. garry lafferty says:

    Marino still has Benghazi up his ass . ACA past those first two years idiots. Pelosi should have slapped him like a bitch who Marino Republicans think women in power are anyway..

    • pghpatriot says:

      anyone who gives a crap about this country and our slaughtered countrymen, because of the gutless ineptitude of clinton, obama et al., ‘still has Benghazi up our ass.’ I guess that excludes you.

      only the sluty ones like pelosi; waters;boxer; clinton; feinstein; and wasserman-shultz.

  89. Lefthandedcigs1 says:

    Just as Dennis Miller said- she is BAT SHIT CRAZY! Does someone put acid in the water in her voting district?

  90. curtmavi38 says:

    She is showing her age, despite all the facelifts and botox injections her body is aging right before her eyes and ours. Pelosi needs to retire and let someone younger have a chance, she has had hers. meh

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