Watch: Trump Asks Crowd If He Can Flip-Flop On Immigration

Trump decided to ask the crowd during an episode of Hannity if he could change his position on immigration.

The crowd gave him his answer:

Uhhm, that sounds like a yes. Most of the crowd is totally cool with Trump flip-flopping on immigration and let’s be clear, this is an enormous flip-flop. Marco Rubio was shredded by both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for taking a position that was probably STRONGER than Trump’s current immigration position.

During the debates Trump made it sound like he was so hard core that there would NEVER be permanent legal status for illegals, even after the border was secured.

Marco Rubio was hammered for saying “It’s not amnesty because you pay serious consequences for having violated the law.” Yet, Trump is now making the exact same claim. The reality is that Trump is now advocating AMNESTY. Trump can deny it all he wants, but that’s what this literally is.

Marco Rubio wouldn’t even entertain the idea of permanent legal status until after the border was secured, he refused to even talk about it. More importantly, Rubio constantly stressed the need to punish employers who hire illegals, a topic Trump almost totally ignores. Ted Cruz  had an even stronger position than that and a rock solid history of consistency to back it up.

Trump is more liberal on social issues than either Rubio or Cruz; he is way more liberal on economics; he’s liberal on entitlement spending (refuses to make ANY cuts to major entitlements); he even once praised socialist healthcare; he’s weak on the deficit and so forth. The ONLY issue where Trump took a hard line was immigration.

Polls showed Rubio and Cruz crushed Hillary by five points or more. Those exact same polls show Trump getting beat (often by double digits). Supposedly, it was worth it, for the sake of immigration, to support the less-electable candidate. Now many of these same people who pushed Trump’s immigration policies above all else (including elect-ability) are cheering his flip-flop, it’s unreal.