What Hillary Did to Wheelchair-Bound Seniors

Hillary Clinton’s book tour for “What Happened” is well underway, and it promises to be every bit as embarrassing as that Charlie Sheen comedy tour after he got fired from “Two and a Half Men,” or that Depeche Mode tour where lead singer Dave Gahan was taking so many illicit substances that he had a heart attack on stage.

For those who can’t attend any dates on the “Bernie Done Did It/Basket of Deplorables Tour 2017,” the New York Post recently caught up with the former Democrat candidate and found her in rare form — namely, getting her staffers to shoo away a group of wheelchair-bound seniors who were in her way.

Published Tuesday, the article details what it was like for those waiting at the Barnes & Noble in New York City’s Union Square that morning. Given that it took place in the most liberal area of one of America’s most liberal cities, there was unsurprisingly more interest in the event than Clinton is likely to gin up elsewhere.

“Hillary’s advertised arrival time was 11 a.m., which came and went,” the Post’s Maureen Callahan wrote. “Hundreds of people were penned in on a top floor, with thousands more waiting outside in 80-degree heat. All bags had to be checked, so people didn’t have food or water. Yet most retained their excitement: If they couldn’t have Hillary as president, this was the next best thing.”

Let me tell you something: as a former Gotham resident, I’ve been in that Barnes & Noble, and it’s not “the next best thing” to anything but, maybe, hell. On the other hand, they’re talking about the possibility of a Clinton presidency, so.

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source: https://conservativetribune.com/hillary-did-wheelchair-bound/

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