What Obama Told Congress In Secret Is NOT What He Told You

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.59.57 PMThe Obama administration is lying to someone, guess who it is? Congress is told one set of facts in secret and the public is told very different facts, both sets of facts can’t be true. Unfortunately for frustrated Sen. Tom Cotton the law doesn’t allow him to expose the exact details because they are classified.

From The Daily Caller:

Sen. Tom Cotton alleged Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s administration officials say one thing in classified briefings with members of Congress and another thing in public to the American people.

“It’s time that the administration came clean and told the American people exactly what they tell Congress in a classified setting,” Cotton insisted. Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Tuesday, Cotton said that he “became public enemy number one at the White House… because I’m telling the truth about the Iran deal.”

Here is an example of what Tom Cotton is talking about, check out the disparity of numbers related to the economic cost of sanctions on Iran:

Cotton continued, “President Obama has put the estimate at times well north of $100 billion dollars. But Hugh, now you’ve got flaks in the White House and John Kerry and other senior administration officials running around saying ‘oh, it’s only $3 billion, it’s only $5 billion.’ This administration has a pattern of telling the truth in classified settings, and then misleading or misinforming the American people in public settings.”

“I sit on the Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee. I have had repeated briefings about the Iran nuclear deal, some just a few weeks old. They come from nonpartisan, professional intelligence analysts. And I can’t tell you the number that they have briefed us recently, but I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot closer to $150 billion dollars than it is to $3 billion dollars,” Cotton claimed.

This entire Iran deal is wrought with allegations of trickery by the Obama Administration. Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security advisor, has been criticized for basically bragging about how easy it is to fool 26 year old journalists who know nothing about foreign policy.

At this point, it’s out in the open that the Obama administration was intentionally fooling the public with bad information related to the Iran deal. This is the turn progressive-ism has made, progressives expect Obama to do whatever is necessary to pass his legislation. If that means deceiving the public about some economic figures or hiding the facts about captured soldiers, so be it. Progressives never cared about the rule of law or the means to an end.