What this Democrat Is Doing to Tea Party Members Is Illegal!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.44.47 PMDespite protests from many in his community, and despite the fact that Mike Dickinson’s actions have already gotten him into hot water, the controversial candidate has vowed to continue to intimidate Tea Party members.

Recently, he publicly asked his supporters to take pictures of Tea Party supporters and their license plates in an effort to harass and belittle his political opposition.

Dickinson, who isn’t even on the ballot in his home state of Virginia, is seeking to unseat incumbent Eric Cantor. He believes that his tactic of publishing pictures of Tea Party members’ license plates will somehow help drive himself into office.

But Dickinson has either forgotten — or doesn’t care — that the activity he is encouraging is illegal. The Examiner reported:

The Virginia DMV said on Twitter it is “looking into” allegations that Dickinson may have violated state laws regarding the privacy of license plate information. Dickinson’s actions would also appear to violate federal law.

Dickinson, who was recently banned from Twitter for a short period of time for saying he wished to “decimate and eradicate all things Christian and Tea Party” has unrelentingly tried to agitate people he doesn’t agree with politically.

A recent tweet said:

Been busy today. More tea party plate photos coming soon and photos of tea party members at tea party events. Let’s ID these idiots.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Dickinson has ruffled some feathers and brushed up against the law.

A few months previous he issued an online threat to Republican Delegate Robert Marshall who is running in another district, and even went as far as to encourage his supporters to violate Virginia law by calling police to harass Tea Party members.