What Was More Explosive? The Terror Coverage Or The Bombs?

In a rational world, we would interpret the inept crimes of accused pipe bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami as evidence that 15 years after the big one, the terrorist threat in America is akin to a brush fire—the kind of thing that inevitably flares up and causes some damage before the experts put it out. Instead, thanks to the cable news channels and some in the Web and print space, we’ve turned it into a mighty conflagration. Donald Trump, ever the opportunist, sounded this alarm Saturday shortly after the bomb went off in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. “Nobody knows exactly what’s going on. But boy, we are living in a time—we better get very tough, folks,” Trump said, when the shrapnel was still sizzling.

The cable news channels jumped on the story in a galvanic fashion for a number of reasons. First, the story happened in their New York backyard. It is an unwritten rule of assaults, murders, natural disasters and other injurious acts that their news potential is inversely proportional to the distance from the news organization’s headquarters. For example, if a pipe bomb went off in Kansas City, the news response of the New York-based networks would be middling. But if a New York City cop broke his toe kicking a suspect in the butt, we’d be just a few chyrons away from a breaking news alert.

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source: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/09/terrorism-nyc-bomb-media-coverage-news-214263

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  1. Dennis B Anderson says:

    You know whats discusting is that piece of scehit that has taken us down this road. He has his last speach at the UN still talking bad about our government.?? Well lets just take a ride down the last 8 years of memory lane.? Our country hasnt been this screwed up since its beginning. Im not interested in looking into the face of another muslim. These 13 century barbarians need there ashses kicked back into this time zone! The world has grown up we dont need people who are coming in from the mid east telling us how they are going to act. Either assimilate or get the hell out of our country. Im ready to start killing every pile of crap muslim I see! Obama first.

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