Why Dems Should Forget About Mueller

Representative Brendan Boyle (D-PA) believes that if Democrats spoke more about topics such as the economy, healthcare, and legislation issues, the better they will do in the 2018 elections. He also stated Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Russia will not help them win.

Boyle stated, “[I]f you look at the last 15 months, Kate, where Democrats had their largest majority on the generic Congressional ballot was during the healthcare debate. I believe that the more we’re talking about health care, the fact that the Republicans attempted to take away health care from 30 million Americans and impose an age tax on those over 50, the fact that premiums are going to go up this October, in part because of changes to the healthcare law that Republicans did successfully push through, I think when we talk about health care, taxes, the kind of bread and butter issues, we open our biggest leads.”

“[W]hen I’m engaging with constituents, yes, I’ll talk about the Mueller investigation. I’ll say that we need to protect the integrity of it, but then that’s up to Mueller and his career prosecutors to investigate this. What I spend most of my time talking about is what I’m actually working on, health care, raising living standards, opposing extreme legislation from this majority. I think, as Democrats, the more we talk about those issues, the better we’ll do this November.”