Why Saudi Arabia Isn’t America’s Friend

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated in light of the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, the U.S. needs to “not sell arms” to Saudi Arabia.

Paul stated, “This latest episode, killing a journalist, is just proof, you know, that we need to not be arming them.”

“In Pakistan, they fund over 20,000 madrasas that teach hatred of America and hatred of Western ways and hatred of Christianity. They have polluted Indonesia, which used to have a much more mild, mainstream version of Islam. They are polluting the Philippines with Wahhabism. They are bad actors. We don’t need to sanction 15 rogue actors that they send over here. Fifteen thugs are 15 thugs. We need to not sell arms to the regime because the regime is a bad actor worldwide.”

“I did speak to the president this weekend and I told him that we need to cut off arms to Saudi Arabia. I try to use any powers of persuasion I have to let him know they are not our friends and that really, the war in Yemen, he talks about how the war in Iraq was such a mistake, he has been very consistent and strong on that. The war in Yemen is exactly the same way. It’s going to lead to chaos and lead to be another festering ground for terrorism.”

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  1. Robert Augeri says:

    I totally agree with Ron Paul, they were also responsible for the 911 terrorist attack on the NY, Washington. The terrorist came from Saudi Arabia, selling arms to them is not a responsible thing to do. I am sure they will get arms from some other country, but I do not know the politics involve. There are a lot of nations that we sell arms to but and in the end take advantage of America. Just look at what is happening at our borders, why do we send money to counties that allow their people to violate our laws. Also Mexico can put a stop to what is happening.

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