Will Gary Johnson Drop Out If His Candidacy Is Helping Trump? (Awesome Answer)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.39.13 PMSome of the only polls conducted on the subject show that Gary Johnson could take more votes from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. A panicked reporter at Rolling Stone wondered if it would weigh on Gary Johnson’s conscience if his candidacy helped Donald Trump win.

Gary Johnson didn’t hold back, this was his response from Rolling Stone:

No! Not at all. I don’t think anything changes under Hillary. The military interventions that are occurring right now in the world have a basis in Clinton politics. She has orchestrated this. Government growth: under Hillary, government is going to get bigger, and it’s going to tax more, and ultimately, that’s an erosion of freedom. I have issues on both sides. And when 50 percent of Americans right now are declaring themselves as independents, where is that representation?

Sorry liberals, Gary Johnson won’t drop out to just to help Hillary.

Of course, Gary Johnson doesn’t have to win the election to contribute to changing American policy and discourse. Just as Bernie Sanders forced Hillary to the left on issues ranging from the minimum wage to fracking, so too can Gary Johnson move the political needle towards economic freedom and fiscal responsibility.

If Gary Johnson carries even ten percent of the vote, both current and future candidates will be tempted to adjust their policies to attract his independent voters. Furthermore, Gary Johnson could serve as a spoiler or kingmaker even if he doesn’t win.

It appears that he despises both candidates and is in the election to bring about libertarian change not to help Hillary win.