Couple Racially Abused By Three ‘South Asian’ Men

West Midlands Police are appealing to the public to help track down three “Asian men” who shouted racists comments and violently assaulted a 34-year-old white woman and a male companion in an anti-white race hate attack last December.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that the woman, who was wearing a short dress and thigh-high boots, was racially abused by three men of apparently South Asian extraction after a night out at the Coventry Skydome on 11 December, 2016.

When she tried to stand up to her abusers, she was struck so hard in the face that her nose and cheekbone were shattered.

CCTV footage, which the police have been slow to release, shows the woman stumbling into view clutching her broken nose, followed by a white male presumed to her boyfriend, staggering backwards from a forceful shove.

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