Woodward Disqualifies Self To Evaluate Trump Mentality

When questioned about “concern about Donald Trump’s well being mentally,” Watergate journalist and author Bob Woodward said he was “not a psychiatrist” and would not “dig into that.”

Woodward authored “Fear: Trump in the White House,” which depicts the “harrowing life” within the Trump administration based on numerous interviews and more.

“Did you hear when you interviewed all of the people that, the staff members and acquaintanceships and people that were close to his orbit any concern about Donald Trump’s well being mentally or do they just believe that he’s got a deficient personality that can’t handle the truth?” posed Scarborough.

“Happily, I’m not a psychiatrist and I don’t dig into that,” Woodward responded. “What matters to people is the performance as president. And when you dig into this and excavate it, again, you find people are worried about the performance, the inability to grow, the inability to listen, the inability to change his mind.”