Zuckerberg Wants Facebook Regulations

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told CNN that he somewhat believes there should be regulations placed on Facebook. He stated he would “love to see” regulations on ad transparency.

CNN Senior Technology Correspondent Laurie Segall questioned Zuckerberg, “Given the stakes here, why shouldn’t Facebook be regulated?

Zuckerberg replied, “I actually am not sure we shouldn’t be regulated. You know, I think in general, technology is an increasingly important trend in the world, and I actually think the question is more, what is the right regulation, rather than yes or no, should it be regulated?”

Later Zuckerberg was asked what the proper regulations would be.

Zuckerberg replied, “Well, there are some basic things and I think that there are some big intellectual debates. On the basic side, there are things like ads transparency regulation that I would love to see, right? If you look at how much regulation there is around advertising on TV, in print, you know, it’s just not clear why there should be less on the Internet, right? You should have the same level of transparency required. And I don’t know if a bill is going to pass. … But we’re committed and we’ve actually already started rolling out ad transparency tools that accomplish most of the things that are in all the bills that people are talking about today. Because we just think that this is an important thing. People should know who is buying the ads that they see on Facebook, and you should be able to go to any page and see all the ads that people are running to different audiences.”