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Will There Be Less Violence in America If Trump Is Reelected?

5 replies on “Will There Be Less Violence in America If Trump Is Reelected?”

I beleave the violence will continue just because President Trump was reelected. You see in their minds he has already committed the biggest crime of the century he beat Hilary & if he were to beat Biden they would go ballistic.

get rid of the shot callers and financiers of these riots and these domestic terrorist . Then and when they don’t get paid or are bused and then left out there in these demo-communist controlled cities, and no way home. What are they going to do, no money no ammo, and then they will get what they have coming to them, a grave or a cell. And that is every last F$%KING ONE OF THEM, man or woman. And those can still walk, they can grab a broom or shovel or paint brush and start cleaning up their TEMPER TANTRUM. While in jail serving their sentence, 5 yrs min. The more charges the longer the time. AND ABSOLUTELY NO PAROLE NO TIME OFF for good behavior .

The only way the violence will cease is black LIES matter, and “antifa” need to be labeled a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, then the National guard can send a few (or many) to a permanent “dirt nap”. The “financiers” (like the DNC , billionaires., and the soros familly) (the heads of the snake) all need to be rounded up, arrested, charged, and their assets seized. No MONEY, NO FUNDING for weapons, No “transportation” to be taken all over the country. Once these rioters realize that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are not worth losing their lives, they will retreat back to their parent’s basement “safe space”, their video games, coloring books, crayons, hot cocoa, and continue screaming at their “moon god” again.

The problem with locking down George Soros money is! He has it banked in a country that can’t be touched. They would have to follow the trail to this country and then block it. However, in stead of the money. Cut the head of the snake off and it will die.

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