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Is Pelosi Trying to Protect Biden?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020

7 replies on “Is Pelosi Trying to Protect Biden?”

Last I knew that DISPICABLE HAG doesn’t dictate policy! President Trump should tell the lying Communist to mind her own business and do her job instead of lying and stealing from AMERICA! Frankly she should be charged with TREASON AND THROWN INTO LEAVENWORTH FOR HER NUMEROUS CRIMES! SHE IS THE DISEASE AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE CURE!

When she ripped up the SOTU speech on National TV she broke FEDERAL LAW, and should have been removed , fined, imprisoned and never be allowed to ever hold public office again. HOWEVER apparently if you have a “D” after your “title” the “LAW” doesn’t apply due to the “double standards” of so-called justice enjoyed ONLY by DEMOCOMMUNISTS.
BTW PRESIDENT TRUMP would BURY sleepy joe in a “debate”. joe doesn’t know WHO he is, WHERE he is, what office he is “running for” (unless someone reminds him several times. He cannot even complete a full sentence. Actually, in a way I feel sorry for him because the corrupt scum from the democommunist “party” apparently FORCED him to “run” because they KNOW he will only be a “puppet” they will be able to CONTROL….THAT IS IF he lives very long after……. IF and that is a “BIG IF” he is “elected”, and if so, it will ONLY be achived by RAMPANT voter fraud, threats, and endless cheating.

I’ll give Deadbeat Trump credit when pays those he stiffed and paid his debts he ran up causing others to take serious hits for our pampered punkass, president

Deadbeat Trump the loser is the criminal. How many did he stiff? Where are my Trumpass Steaks? Still Waiting.

ALL GREAT REPLIES and COMMENTS and I agree 100% , And nazi pigglousi and nowhere old joe biden-in hiding, are both going to be the BIG EMBARRASSMENT to the now demo-communist party.

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