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Is Nancy Pelosi a Hypocrite?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020

10 replies on “Is Nancy Pelosi a Hypocrite?”

She’s always been a hypocrite! Dispicable and disgusting! Privileged Nazi Commie! She had the unmidigated gall to say that poor salon keeper owed ” HER” an apology! The uppity old hag owes AMERICA AN APOLOGY! SHE IS A DISGRACE TO THE NATION!

Not only is nancy peeloosly a hypocrite but she knew from the start the covid pandemic was a fruad.

The cdc is finally now afmutingvthat their guiding sent out in February grossly over exaggerated the covid desth numbers. Add to that the lab test approved by the cdc over exaggerated covid cases by 1000% in many cases. The result? Covid was less of a virus run the yearly flu but the hype allow democrat hovernors to shut down our economy to try to ruin trumps reelection.

That right the semocrats paid for the development of covid, paid fod it to be released from the lab and had a plan to declare a health criss and shut down our economy all in an effort to win N election.

If you are smsrt you will never vote democrat again

She needs to be pulled out of her elected position for acting in 1000% BAD FORM, she is a TOTAL MENTAL WRECK. VOTE OUT THE BLUES in 2020, VOTE a 1000% RED BALLOT , and in PERSON. Mail in ballots are replacements for the soros fraudulent ballot boxes .

She will be a bald face liar if she ever sits in that salon again. What a disgrace, Goebbels has nothing on her.

Democrats are entitled to special privileges (abuses). If this was a Republican, the Democrats and Liberal Media would be allover scream “Impeach, Impeach, Impeach !!!)

I would expect that by now everybody in the USA would know that Pelosi is a political hack and one of the most disgusting slugs in Washington D.C. !! The fools in California that continually vote her back into office should really be the ones that are ashamed of themselves. As far as Pelosi is concerned, I have already wasted more time and energy just writing this post than she will EVER be worth, SHE IS NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF WORTHLESS/USELESS HUMAN EXCREMENT AND WILL NOT BE MISSED WHEN SHE FINALLY DIES AND GOES TO HELL WHERE SHE BELONGS WITH THE REST OF THE DEMOCRAT SCUM !!!

So nancy pelosi blames thd salon owner and donald trump for Nancy going to the salon.

You liberals/progressives/democrats are sure quick to blame someone else for your decisions and behaviors.

How about we just drop that whole covid bull schiff lie and go back to normal so we can stop ruining peoples lives? I know i know you liberals love ruining lives but just this once lets tell the truth and stop the covid lie.

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