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Would You Vote at an NBA Arena?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020

4 replies on “Would You Vote at an NBA Arena?”

Nearest NBA anything 100’s of miles from where I’m at. I won’t drive that far for it and I don’t watch Pro sports so they can knee all they want.

It’s right here and now that we people of the United States 🇺🇸 Of America stand up and demand no more back door lobbyist giving bags of money to those that took a oath to protect us no more lying & cheating and the ones that do this lose their titles ( House Speaker, Senators, Congress, ) their pension, free healthcare free college student loans and spend time in prison

Yes I will vote in person. Whether it’s at an arena or wherever, it’s better than voting by fraudulent mail. Keep in mind the dems don’t do anything for anybody unless there’s an angle for them.

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