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Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg Be Replaced Before the Election?

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12 replies on “Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg Be Replaced Before the Election?”

In 2016 eight months before the presidential election, McConnell refused a President Obama selection to the Supreme Court, saying, the nest president should have that right to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. Now, here we are in 2020, 45 days before a presidential election, and McConnell, one of the biggest racist hypocrites in the Senate is trying to go full speed ahead to appoint a Justice….How pathetic can this man get!

It is critical that a conservative jurist be chosen to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
The nomination of a replacement and confirmation by the Senate should take place as soon as possible.

Wow only 80% of the alt right think Moscow Mitch should fill the seat. Clearly 20% of Repl voters do have some morals.

Morals have nothing to do with keeping communist liberal so called judges off the supreme court, take your liberal communist ways and go to Moscow with them, we will follow the Constitution and seat a conservative judge before election day, count on it, comrade !!! MAGA and KAG !!! 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!! FOUR MORE YEARS OF FREEDOM FROM LIBERAL CRIMINALS !!

Yes, Yes, and Yes…
President Trump need to do his Job… The speaker of the house need to go home and SHUT UP… People are tired of her!!!!

if the shoe where to be on the demo-communist foot, they would do the same, so as they say, NO LOVE is LOST in WAR, and this is WAR. They demo-communist against the WE THE PEOPLE .

Yes immediately we need a full supreme court justice panel, and President Trump should be the one to nominate the person to fill the position and the Democrats can poke their corrupt slimy scummy noses out of it.

A SCOTUS without the full compliment of judges would cause Constitutional; crises if there is a “contested” election. Biden’s “handlers” are ALREADY lining up over 100 crooked lawyers to fight if he loses, (and he should)
The man is NOT capable to form a complete sentence unless someone helps him. I actually feel sorry for him as the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are making a FOOL out of him by shoving him down the throats of the American people (just like they did with FRAUD OBUNGHOLE.) His “running mate (“heels up, headboard banging harris ” is NOT even eligible to BE VP, as she is nothing but an “anchor baby” born to two FOREIGN Parents.) I guess the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want to AGAIN ignore the U.S Constitution, (just like they did with FRAUD obunghole) and SHOVE another ineligible POS in our faces.

Finally, the old liberal bat kicked the bucket, now she can rot in hell for what she has done !!! Now if Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and a few dozen more dam communist liberal would follow her to hell, maybe we could actually have a FREE country !!! Put another conservative on the bench before election day !!! MAGA and KAG !!! 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!! FOUR MORE YEARS OF FREEDOM FROM LIBERAL COMMUNISM !!!

As Obama has said, “Elections have consequences.” That’s how the ACA was passed and people have suffered because of it. Karma is a bitch, I’m told: the D’s have created their own demise by pushing for more power in their own hands over the needs of the PEOPLE of the USA. Hopefully there are enough loyal Americans to put them where the belong…the dust heap of history.

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