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Should the Mueller Team Be Held Accountable for Wiping 22 Government iPhones?

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6 replies on “Should the Mueller Team Be Held Accountable for Wiping 22 Government iPhones?”

Let the arrests, trials , convictions , and HANGINGS begin. NO POTUS of either “party” (and anyone associated with them) should have been subjected to the scams, schemes, “midnight raids”, by these treasonous traitorous SCUM, their “financiers”, “handlers” and their “henchmen” doing their “dirty work for them. (ALL FOR NOTHING except a waste of time, and OUR taxpayer dollars for a “witch hunt that turned up NOTHING)

good post and I agree all party,s should be help accountable and charged under federal law,but scum will be scums to create division,s and There are a lot of ” A. O,s” in every party no matter what Party you associate are claim to be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of DC is corrupt ALL!!!! How many times has information been deleted, erased, destroyed .. by all politicians, Dem, GOP, Libertarian, Green Party ..? If common citizens really knew what happens in DC we would all be amazed and shocked.

If wiped from phones I am sure with investigation the information is stored in the “cloud” somewhere.

We should all be concerned as to what happens in DC, but most citizens just don’t care.

It’s pretty funny that today many people want to go after Mueller and his team for doing what they were told by their bosses, the criminals Hillary and Obumass for their criminal enterprises. What I don’t understand is? Why people didn’t protest and burn down cities after losing their healthcare. If you remember, it was supposed to be affordable. But, no! People were find a thousand dollars a year for not having healthcare. Because, if you remember. The prices went through the roof. Therefore, Obumass lied to the people and today hippocrates didn’t do a dam thing. And guess who’s running for president? Loser Biden. If you remember. Biden was Obumass vice president and he didn’t do a thing for this country. You take it from there.

The mueller crew was a farce and corrupt from the get go, and yes they are libiale and should be indicted and arrested , jailed until trial and the sentenced to the maximum allowed by law.

Just another dog and pony show that the criminals in D.C. pulled off for the amusement of the ignorant public !!! When are you people going to learn that liberal criminals NEVER go to prison for their wrongdoing, NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL, they are not subject to OUR laws !!!

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