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Are More Indictments Coming in the Durham Probe?

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8 replies on “Are More Indictments Coming in the Durham Probe?”

Even though I say “yes” I am STILL skeptical of how SLOW this so-called “investigation” is going. It seems when there are corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS involved, the “investigations” slow to a crawl, and time after time after the “hearings”, many walk out after “pleading the fifth”, lucrative pension in hand, smiling at the TV cameras, with their “middle finger” extended towards the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, that are forced to “foot the bill” for the “show” that NEVER seems to provide results.
BTW if it is a CONSERVATIVE, that was raided in the middle of the night by SWAT TEAMS, and hauled out of their homes for a “process crime” (Roger stone) in front of waiting TV camera crews, that already KNEW about the “raid”..DOUBLE STANDARDS ANYONE???

I agree, with Cliff ^, the democrats always walk away Scott free. like Hillary, Stozk, Page, Susan Rice, and Obama. If you are not pressing charges, just stop all the pompous crap and save money.

Durham had better , GET ON THE STICK here and produce some indictments, or he will be the laughing stock of the USA, all talk and NO DO. WE the PEOPLE want to see some RESULTS, or is this another multi-million dollar mueller type of [email protected] story again. I believe Durham is looking to make sure some people are out of harm’s way 1st, there is enough evidence to indict the BIG POCKET SHOT CALLERS.

This is taking so long that nobody believes (for real) that they will pay for what they did, we hope but we are not holding our breath.

I want to vote yes but after all this time and after seeing the government do NOTHING about Hillary reaking federal law, I said no. I just think it is all a shsm because the investigators are covering for themselves. Barr, Durhsm.. etc. Marco is a favorite of mine but he can’t see corruption well.

Could we believed that the swamp will attack itself? No way! This is being slow walked until after the election is stolen. The FBI, DOJ and the Federal Judiciary are packed with what we are calling the deep state that leak, lie and resist. They know how to move the levers of power.

All of these so called “investigations” are actually a big waste of time and energy, You can be sure that no liberal criminal will EVER be put in prison where the belong, Hillary Clinton is proof positive of that !!!

yes it is all going much to slow, makes one think ummmm, who are they protecting, but if it finally gets off the ground and the indictments are there, make sure that pelosi and schiff and nadler and schumer, are on the guest list besides soro,obama, clinton.

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