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Are You Sick of Nancy Pelosi Blocking Aid from Getting to Americans?

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7 replies on “Are You Sick of Nancy Pelosi Blocking Aid from Getting to Americans?”

I am Sick of Nancy Pelosi in every sense of the word, she has wasted America’s time and tax dollars way to long. She has a personal agenda and it doesn’t contain anything for the American people, she is wasting our tax dollars trying to get our President Trump out of office (fighting a loosing battle) 4 years of waste is long enough already, Remove her now, the sooner the better to save American tax dollars.

demo-communist china virus 19, this VIRUS money to the AMERICAN CITIZENS, 1st and corporate america last.

That’s all Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the demarat party has been doing for years. Waisting the tax payers money, just to live high on the hog. While there are people and cities falling apart. Pelosi and the demarates wants TRUMPS economy progress to fail. That way they can try, “like their failed impeachment did”, to blame him for the economy failure. They would blame Trump if Schumer stubbed his toe. Get rid of these worthless people and stop Waisting the tax payers money.

The failed “impeachment” was nothing but a “cover-up” as 13,000 chi-coms (more than likely pre-infected to be used as a BOUGHT and PAID FOR DEMOCOMMUNIST “bio-weapon”) that were reported sneaked in through our southern border as the FAUX “impeachment had the American people distracted. (this was reported by Dick It was also a “cover-up” for the BIDEN CRIME SYNDICATE to take the “attention” off all the out of country ILLEGAL “deals” the biden family was doing (again) while everyone was distracted by the FAUX “impeachment”… Remember this as you cast your votes this November of who are REALLY the “crooks” here. By their own admission, democommunists do NOT care about this country, our U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, OR her citizens, all they care about is complete POWER, CONTROL, as many taxpayer dollars they can steal, to continually fund their cushy “elite’ lifestyle and do their damnedest to turn this country into a communist-controlled CESSPOOL, and the people into controlled “subjects” they will be free to use, abuse, tax to death, regulate beyond belief, or “ELIMINATE” any, and all that do not kowtow to their liberal-communist “agenda”

As you can see “WE THE PEOPLE” have spoken. Loud and clear remove Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the corrupt, slimy, democratic trash ASAP.

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